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Yorkshire Slang – Ey Up Lad
We all speak differently, or do we all talk differently? I'm not meaning accents alone, but the local phrases you[...]
Makes Me Sick
Yes another rant, you bet your arse this is a rant. Had that been one of my relatives and I[...]
Philips Series 3000 Hair Clippers
When you've had your head shaved in a crew cut for 35 years, you're never going to feel the need[...]
Best Travel Umbrella
Best Travel Umbrella Suggestions So we're in the UK and yes it's raining. Doesn't bother me as I'd rather not[...]
Suits Season 9
Yes, it's been confirmed that Suits Season 9 will be happening however, this will be the last series ( so[...]
Jack Reacher Short Stories
  Oh dear God, what have you done? There’s fiction and there’s fiction….. I enjoy reading the Jack Reacher books,[...]
Motorbike Rental Phuket Idiots
It’s 33 degrees, 2pm so the blazing sun is at it’s hottest and trying to undertake on the hill is[...]
Amazon Prime For Students – Student Gift Ideas
So it's back to school/ college/university and you're stuck for a gift or something useful to buy. Yes, they may[...]
Blue Iguana
Disclaimer, this film came on tv while I was busy reading some emails, and it was on in the background[...]