864511320 The Hidden Meaning

864511320 And Donald Trump

“Donald Trump is president of the United States.”

I read it in an online publication, one that bills itself as “the internet’s most viral news source”, and my first thought was… what?

Now I’m not so sure. Let me explain. Let’s start off with background into how things unfurled with Trump coming into the White House, what was being rumoured at the time both for and against him. Then we’ll look at where 864511320 came about.

864511320 & Donald Trump Pre WhiteHouse

This whole thing started – or at least, was brought to my attention – with a tweet from New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo on August 27 2016 . It had ten numbers in it, but more importantly this text : “The election of Donald Trump is something that can’t be made jokes about yet.” Which makes sense given the events of this week. And his follow-up : “But holy hell does the Simpsons have a lot of great material.”

Now, I had never seen the following before today. Yesterday morning, though, some friends began sending it to me over and over again. It was a clip from The Simpsons episode “Bart To The Future”, originally broadcast on March 19 2000 , fifteen years ago this week. In it we’re shown a future in which adult Bart is unemployed and his sister Lisa has been elected president. Here’s how Wikipedia describes what happens next : “In the year 2030, Biff Tannen is President of the United States after winning an election which Homer Simpson lost. When arriving at Capitol Hill… President Tannen crashes into Mr. Burns’ limo after given the finger by Mr Burns. Upon seeing Bart and Milhouse, Biff demands the Secret Service to seize them. As they were walking away, Homer tells Lisa that she has made a terrible mistake but Lisa would undo it after winning the next election. President Tannen is briefed by his aides about his agenda to cut taxes for the wealthy, drill for oil in Alaska, and build a Death Star with China before starting a war with Mars.”

Now however much truth there might be in this clip – even though it was written by Simpsons writer Michael Price – I want you to take it at face value as an item of satire. Because if you do then something interesting begins to happen. You are left wondering how accurate this future vision might actually turn out to be. And that’s a question that – at the very least – requires some serious consideration.

Because start thinking about this stuff and you begin to realise just how much is going on right now that seems to have been foretold fifteen years ago by The Simpsons.

There’s a great documentary called #Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump, which I watched on Amazon Prime, but it’s worth checking out.

Anti Biden Trump 2024

Trump Coming To Power Was Surely Never Going To Happen?

Nobody who claims to be acting in America’s interests wants Donald Trump as president of their country. In fact, nobody with any sort of moral compass whatsoever wants him anywhere near the White House. For months now they’ve been saying he can’t win , he won’t win , so let’s move on from here and maybe even nominate someone sane . But because Hillary Clinton seems incapable of closing out this election it looks like we’re stuck with him. And so, the rest of us are left with the same question. What on earth is going to happen next?

Here’s one answer that nobody has yet properly considered. Maybe something like what you see in this clip could actually come true. Because if it does then, well… who knows? Yet here are some examples of stuff happening right now which might give us some clues : First of all, there’s this . A story I first saw at The Daily Beast about how Breitbart tech writer Milo Yiannopoulos had organised an army of Twitter users to harass Leslie Jones with racist and sexist abuse following her opening stint as a performer in the new Ghostbusters movie.  As reported online, Yiannopolus – whom Gawker had outed as gay three years ago – was subsequently banned from Twitter. But what I found more disturbing about this story was how Yiannopoulos appeared to pick up his army on the alt-right forums of Reddit, where he had already been organising them on 4chan and 8chan.

Then there’s this : The revelation that – even as Donald Trump has espoused a politics which seeks to exclude people of colour from the United States – many of his most vocal supporters have been doing exactly that . It turns out that they spend their time mocking Mexicans , Muslims and black Americans every day online, before voting for someone who embodies everything they claim against him in real life. And now we’re learning just how bad it might be getting. There’s this story about a Ku Klux Klan rally being planned for December 3rd in North Carolina . And this one about a neo-Nazi group from the UK setting up a US headquarters in Atlanta. Then there’s this , about how the National Policy Institute – an organisation which espouses white nationalist views – has been granted permission to hold an event at Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center downtown next month.

It’s definitely not all good news , though. There was also the bad news that Donald Trump will be appointing his campaign CEO Stephen Bannon as his senior counsellor and chief strategist come January 21st . The man who turned Breitbart News into what he himself described as “a platform for the alt-right.” As if that wasn’t enough, Trump then went on to appoint Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama as attorney general , having earlier tapped another senior member of Congress, Mike Pompeo of Kansas, to be director of the Central Intelligence Agency . Both men are well-known supporters of the most right-wing faction in American politics.

 864511320 Explained

If you know anything about how this scene operates then you’ll already have guessed that all three – Bannon, Sessions and Pompeo – are members of the Council For National Policy (CNP) . Probably its best-kept secret too. A collection of some 1,700 people who meet regularly for dinner to discuss their incredibly conservative views on everything from abortion rights to gay education. That story was broken last April by The Intercept after being leaked by Christian fundamentalist Samuel Wurzelbacher AKA “Joe The Plumber” .

Which tells you all you need to know about this bunch. Namely that they really do think like the villains in a James Bond film . A shadowy network of billionaires and religious zealots plotting together to control the government and run the affairs of their own country behind closed doors …

Except that in this case it’s not fiction. And because we’re talking about President-elect Donald Trump here it means that these people now have his ear and can influence his political decision-making like never before. Yet if we turn our attention back toward The Daily Beast article I mentioned earlier , there is something else which has been bothering me about Leslie Jones’ treatment at the hands of Milo Yiannopoulos – namely how he was able to enlist so many other Twitter users to harass her with disturbing memes and Photoshopped pictures .

Because what that story doesn’t include is any mention of how Yiannopoulos was able to organise his army of trolls on Reddit or 4chan/8chan. Or even who he enlisted to help him do it. But I’ll tell you one thing – I’ve done my own digging since reading about Gamergate, The Fappening , Donald Trump’s “alt-tech” support base and the rise of alt-right groups like NPI … And if there’s one thing which unites each and every faction within this movement then it’s their love for sharing everything they know about how these practices work with everyone else who thinks the same way. Which means that online attacks like Leslie Jones’ are now being planned almost like military operations .

Which means that there is now a clear precedent for what happened to Jones in the weeks leading up to her Twitter ban. And that anyone who wants to attack someone in the same way will be able to find out how by reading through alt-right websites and online forums to learn exactly how it was done.

The people involved are known as ” Chaners “, after the website 4chan which gave birth to them, and their aim is simple – namely, shutting down their targets with orchestrated campaigns of “militant harassment” carried out across every social media platform imaginable. Which if you think about it sounds exactly like what happened not just to Leslie Jones but also Zelda Williams , Guardian writer Lindy West and writer/director Lexi Alexander .

All of whom experienced sustained campaigns of hatred which targeted their every move on Twitter , Instagram and Facebook . And all of whom were also abandoned by the companies’ moderators for far longer than was reasonable. Which brings me onto my final point – namely that until social media companies can guarantee that they will treat attacks like these with the same degree of seriousness as an act of terrorism, this problem is never going to go away.

Fast Forward To Biden Vs Trump

Biden versus Trump, 2020 – who ya got?

Oh, and one more thing …

This site is independent. I repeat, this site is independent. I write about what interests me and that’s it. There are no billionaire owners, no corporate executives or government lobbiests here (well not yet anyway). And I haven’t been paid a single cent to write any of this.

Biden versus Trump in 2020 was going to be a close race, on paper. On paper, the democrats have a better chance of winning.

But then Donald Trump proved that theory wrong when he won in 2016 — against all odds. A lot was said about Hillary potentially becoming President, but I think it’s safe to say at this point that she doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of ever being president. And as someone said to me in a bar; “if Joe Biden wants to run for any office in 2020, he needs to revamp his image completely by keeping his mouth shut on every single issue including racism. Because if you want to continue the Obama legacy, keep your name out of anything controversial breathing new air into old conversations can be your worst enemy. Go find something else to talk about that will get people’s attention and bring us together instead of dividing us.”

Some of the most controversial Joe Biden moments from over the years:

However, there’s one downside to this approach – and that is that no matter whom you vote for in 2020, if someone told you that they could predict the result right now – with 100% accuracy – would you be interested? What if I also added that they could also tell you who will be elected as Japan’s next Prime Minister and which football team will win the next World Cup. Any takers?

Yes, we’ve all seen those articles which claim to know who will win future elections based on a fortune cookie reading or some other mystical method of divination.

1# 86 meaning

In SMS and internet slang, 86 is meant to represent Get Out. It has been used as a reply to an undesirable statement, similar to the usage of “Get out!”

So you see, the term has been used in a slightly different context many times. Let’s see what the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) has to say. According to the OED, 86 can be used both as a verb and as a noun. If you use it as a verb, it implies: “to eject or debar (a person) from the premises; to reject or abandon.”

2# 45 meaning

Now, take a guess who is the 45th President of the USA. Donald Trump, of course. So instead of using his name, he’s was simply referred to as 45.

3# 11320 meaning

As we know, the elections happened on 3 November in 2020. Now put this thing in digits, you will get: 11.3.20, which accounts for the whole riddle solving.

864511320 In A Nutshell

So this is the meaning of 864511320 is one line – Get rid of (86) Trump (45) on 11 November 2020, i.e., election (11320)


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