An Index Of Stranger Things Series 1 and 2

December 4, 2022

Seasons 1 & 2 Index Of Stranger Things.

You have heard the wonderful soundtrack and seen the adverts but have you started watching yet? Here’s a very quick overview of what you’re missing out on. Welcome to Stranger Things. Sit back and enjoy.

1. “The Vanishing of Will Byers”
The first episode of Stranger Things introduces us to the town of Hawkins, Indiana, and the disappearance of Will Byers. Will’s mother, Joyce, is frantic with worry and enlists the help of the town’s police chief, Jim Hopper, to find her son. Meanwhile, Will’s friends Dustin, Lucas, and Mike are determined to find him on their own. They are soon joined by a mysterious girl named Eleven, who has strange powers and may know something about Will’s disappearance.

2. “The Weirdo on Maple Street”
In the second episode, “The Weirdo on Maple Street,” the search for Will continues. Joyce begins to suspect that Will may be communicating with her through lights and electrical appliances. Jim Hopper investigates a possible lead in Will’s disappearance, while Eleven grows more attached to Mike and his friends.

3. “Holly, Jolly”
It’s Christmas time in Hawkins and everyone is getting into the holiday spirit…except for Joyce, who is still desperately searching for her son. Eleven tries to fit in with Mike and his friends at a holiday party, while Hopper makes a breakthrough in the investigation.

4. “The Body”
Will’s body is finally found in the fourth episode, “The Body.” But Joyce refuses to believe that he is really gone and continues to search for him. Eleven reveals more about her past and her connection to Will, while Hopper confronts someone with information about the night Will disappeared.

5. “The Flea and the Acrobat”
In the fifth episode, “The Flea and the Acrobat,” Joyce becomes increasingly convinced that Will is still alive and tries to communicate with him through Morse code. Eleven sets out on her own to find answers about what happened to Will and where she came from. And Hopper makes a deal with someone who may have information about the Upside Down.

6. “The Monster”
The sixth episode, “The Monster,” reveals what happened to Will after he was taken by the creature from the Upside Down. While he was there, he saw something that no one else could see: The creature’s true form. Meanwhile, Eleven sets out on a mission to destroy the creature once and for all. And Joyce finally learns the truth about what happened to her son.

7. “The Bathtub”
In the seventh episode, “The Bathtub,” things take a turn for the worse as Hawkins begins to experience some strange weather phenomena. A storm is brewing and it seems like something is coming for Eleven. Meanwhile, Mike tries to come up with a plan to rescue Eleven from wherever she is before it’s too late.

8. “The Upside Down”
In the eighth episode, “The Upside Down,” we finally get a glimpse of what exactly The Upside Down is and what its creatures look like. Eleven faces off against the creature in a final battle that will determine the fate of both worlds. And we learn more about Eleven’s past and how she came to be in Hawkins in the first place

Stranger Things Track Listing From The Netflix Original Series

The following is a list of episode titles and summaries for the second season of the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Don’t forget to check out the soundtrack here, but let’s continue;

1. “Madmax”

As the town preps for Halloween, a high-scoring rival shakes things up at the arcade, and a skeptical Hopper inspects a field of rotting pumpkins. Dustin adopts a strange new pet, and Eleven grows increasingly impatient. A well-meaning Bob urges Will to stand up to his fears.

2. ” Trick or Treat, Freak”

It’s Halloween and Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, and Max are out trick-or-treating. Meanwhile, Joyce is trying to contact Will using Christmas lights. Hopper heads into Hawkins Lab while Nancy and Jonathan confront the force that took Barb.

3. “The Pollywog”

Hopper and Joyce uncover the truth about the lab’s experiments, while Mike and his friends stumble upon a mysterious creature in the woods. Nancy and Jonathan attempt to help Will, while Eleven looks for someone from her past.

4. “Will the Wise”

Will makes contact with Joyce as the boys and Max uncover a secret in the lab. Eleven goes on an adventure to find her long-lost sister, and Hopper and Joyce delve into the dark history of Hawkins Lab. While Hopper digs for the truth, Eleven unearths a surprising discovery.

5. “Dig Dug”

Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Will break into Hawkins Lab to save Eleven. Nancy and Jonathan swap conspiracy theories with a new ally as Eleven searches for someone from her past. “Bob the Brain” tackles a difficult problem. Hopper has a terrifying encounter in the tunnels beneath the lab, while Joyce and Nancy come face-to-face with the force that took Will.

6. “The Spy”

Will and Eleven have a heartfelt reunion, but things quickly take a turn for the worse when their reunion is interrupted by agents of Hawkins Lab. Meanwhile, Dustin and Steve form an unlikely alliance as they search for a missing friend. Hopper and Joyce uncover the truth about the lab’s experiments, while Nancy and Jonathan take extreme measures to protect Will.

7. “The Lost Sister”

Eleven sets out on a dangerous mission to find her long-lost sister, and psychic visions draw Eleven to a band of violent outcasts and an angry girl with a shadowy past. Nancy and Jonathan team up with a new ally as they search for Will. Hopper digs deeper into the events at Hawkins Lab, while Mike worries about Eleven’s safety.

8. “The Mind Flayer”

As the town is gripped by a dangerous conspiracy, Eleven and her friends battle against an sinister force to save the town. Eleven struggles with her powers and the Mind Flayer starts to invade Hawkins Middle School. The gang comes up with a risky plan to stop it once and for all. Hopper and Joyce uncover an unsettling secret and must make a difficult decision that could have devastating consequences. Mike and his friends are forced to confront their greatest fears as they search for Will.

9. “The Gate”

With time running out, Eleven and her friends must make a desperate attempt to close the gate between their world and the Upside Down. As they race against time, Hopper starts to uncover more secrets about Hawkins Lab and the terrifying force that threatens their world. Nancy, Jonathan, and a new ally must brave their darkest fears as they take the fight to the Mind Flayer. Will’s fate is finally revealed, and the battle against evil comes to an explosive climax. Eleven makes plans to finish what she started while the survivors turn up the heat on the monstrous force that’s holding Will hostage.

second season of the Netflix series Stranger Things.


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