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So we’re in the UK and yes it’s raining. Doesn’t bother me as I’d rather not venture outdoors in the cold and wet. Needless to say though, her indoors needed to go out and realised her brolly was too big and bulky. Granted she’d make do with it today, but she asked me to find her a smaller, portable travel brolly instead. So I did and here is what I found and ordered;


Newdora Windproof Travel Folding Umbrella – Product Review





Most of us will undoubtedly require an umbrella at some stage during the rainy and windy months. In the UK it can seem like the rainy season never ceases to end! However, many retail umbrellas can be far too clunky which makes them difficult to travel with. Additionally, they can be hard to handle and may often get stuck when they are needed. In this product review, we take a look at a portable folding umbrella that is built to withstand a number of weather conditions; as well as being comfortable and easy to use.


Build & Design


One of the key aspects of any umbrella is the design. This umbrella has a strong stem which is made out of triple chromed metal. The sturdy metal frame provides excellent protection against strong winds. The unpredictable weather of the UK means that a wind storm can usually occur without warning. Another key design feature of this umbrella is how easy it is to tidy up and put away. The included bag is water absorbent and very convenient to use. This is an umbrella that is truly portable. The non-slip handle makes it easy and stable to hold in all conditions. The small build of the umbrella makes it very easy to pack and to store for travel. We’ve all had experiences with umbrellas that were simply too large to pack away easily or others where we may have spent unneeded time trying to open and close them. Thankfully, this is an umbrella that is designed to be used efficiently and packed away effectively.




There are some core features that separate the Newdora Umbrella from others with similar price tags. One of these is the automatic switch which operates with a simple one hand solution. It takes less than a second for the switch to work. The instant open and close will make sure you can keep dry. The fast drying mechanism means that the umbrella can be kept ready for use. There are rare occasions in the UK where the sun is particularly strong. The umbrella has you covered even for sunny days, as it provides protection against heavy sunlight. The flexibility of the umbrella and its high-quality features make it suitable for hiking, camping, hunting, and many other outdoor activities. It is a reliable umbrella that you can sure to rely on in even the most adverse conditions. It is an umbrella that is built to last even through the mayhem of the UK weather.



Standout Benefits


– Highly Portable


– Superior Wind Resistance


– Excellent Value for Money


– Easy to Use


– Flexible and suited for different purposes


– High Build Quality


– Easy to Put Away and Tidy Up




 At its modest price point, this is by far one of the best built portable umbrellas available to purchase. It can also make a great gift. This umbrella has a range of standout features which combine well with its general ease of use. If you are looking for a cheap yet reliable umbrella to guard yourself against the unpredictable mess that is UK weather; then this is amongst one of the best. Does it deserve the title of best travel umbrella? Sure it does.


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