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Soap2day Plus Other Movie & TV Streaming Alternatives

Soap2day is a free streaming service. But is it safe to use?

We investigate Soap2day as we have looked several times at these types of services, looking to see which are good, which are safe, which are legal, and are there any to run away from. This is another along the same style as TVmuse which we looked at Pluto TV was another site we looked into, as well as DrogonTV. But why are these sites so popular?

There are a lot of free streaming services out there. Soap2day is just one of them. But is it safe to use?

That depends on your definition of safe. Soaptoday ( a nickame of the platform )does not require you to create an account or provide any personal information. However, the site may contain ads and links to other websites that are not affiliated with Soap2day. These links could potentially contain malware or viruses.

Soap2day also streams movies and TV shows without permission from copyright holders. This could get you in trouble if you’re caught using the service.

If you’re willing to take the risk, Soap2day is a great way to watch movies and TV shows for free. But if you’re concerned about your safety, there are plenty of other free streaming services to choose from.


Soap2day is it legal to use?

Soap2day is a legal streaming service. However, the site does not have permission from the copyright holders to stream movies and TV shows. This could get you in trouble if you’re caught using the service.

Soap2day Alternatives

If you’re concerned about your safety or the legality of Soap2day, there are plenty of other free streaming services to choose from. Here are a few of our favourites:

• Netflix: Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the world. It offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows, and requires no registration.

• Hulu: Hulu is another popular streaming service. It offers a limited selection of free movies and TV shows, and requires a paid subscription for access to its full library.

• Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime offers a huge selection of movies and TV shows for free with a paid subscription.

These are just a few of the many free streaming services available online. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find a service that fits your needs.

Possible Risks of using Soap2Day

As with all streaming services there are risks to consider

Malicious software

The biggest concern from using Soap2Day is the fact that you may end up with a ton of malware software on your computer. This is because the site contains a lot of ads, many which are not affiliated with the site.

Illegal content

Soap2day offers a lot of TV Shows and Movies without the copyright holder’s permission. While this may be great for those looking to watch content for free, it could lead to some legal troubles down the line.

Copyright infringement

Along with the previous point, streaming copyrighted content without permission is a big no-no. Soap2Day could lead you into some legal trouble if you’re caught using the service.

These are just a few of the risks to consider when using this platform. As with anything, it’s important to weigh the risks and benefits before you make a decision. Soap2day is a great way to watch movies and TV shows for free, but it’s not without its risks.

Soap2Day Movies

popular movies include the following:

  • American Horror Story
  • Brooklyn 99
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Descendants
  • Frozen
  • Gossip Girl
  • Home Alone
  • Instant Family
  • Jumanji The Next Level


Tips to Stay Safe when Streaming Online


1. Be aware of the risks

When streaming content online, it’s important to be aware of the risks involved. Malware, viruses, and copyright infringement are just a few of the things you need to watch out for.

2. Use a reputable antivirus software

It’s always a good idea to use a good antivirus software when streaming content online. This will help protect your computer from malware and other malicious software.

3. Use a VPN service

A VPN service can also help protect your computer from malware and viruses. It can also help keep your identity anonymous when streaming content online.

4. Be careful of fake websites

There are a lot of fake websites out there, and many of them are designed to steal your personal information. Be careful of the websites you visit, and make sure they are reputable before entering any personal information.

5. Use a content blocker

A content blocker can help protect you from malicious ads and malware. It’s a good idea to use one when streaming content online, especially if you’re using a site like Soap2day.

Soap2day is a great way to watch movies and TV shows for free, but it’s not without its risks. be sure to weigh the risks and benefits before making a decision. Use a reputable antivirus software, and be careful of the websites you visit.

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James Bond Sunglasses Skyfall

The Tom Ford Marko FT0144 James Bond Sunglasses Skyfall

The Tom Ford Marko FT0144 glasses worn by James Bond in Skyfall have been a hot topic for a while now. This is the first time that Tom Ford has made glasses for a 007 movie and they were an instant hit.

The movie was very popular when released on DVD/Blu-ray, so it’s only natural to want to own these authentic pair of sunglasses as part of your 007 collection if you missed it in theaters. So without further ado, let’s look at the James Bond Sunglasses Skyfall By Tom Ford  and see why they look so damn cool!

The question is, are the pair worn by Daniel Craig in Skyfall real Tom Ford glasses or just a cheap replica? And how can you be sure that you’re buying the genuine article? Read on for detailed photos and my analysis of the sunglasses seen throughout Skyfall .

James Bond Sunglasses Skyfall FT0144


From what I can tell, these are 100% real Tom Ford Marko FT0144 sunglasses. The lenses are dark green and the serial number of 007 is printed on the inside of both arms. A square black case with the ‘Ford’ logo embossed in gold is provided to store your glasses. It seems that this case is specific to the Markos, as it does not resemble the Tom Ford cases that come with most of their other sunglasses.

Other than being a promo item from Bond’s wardrobe, I am unsure what this case is for. This certainly isn’t something I have seen available online or at any store so don’t use it as an indicator of whether you have the real thing.

The glasses do come with a Tom Ford authenticity card, which has care instructions printed on one side and 007’s signature on the other. What is interesting about this card is it says “Only available at Tom Ford boutiques worldwide.” This leads me to believe that these were not given out to just anyone. I wonder what the distribution process was like and if we will ever get to see any unopened boxes in the future?


If you’ve been following Tom Ford’s line of sunglasses, you’ll know that these glasses are part of their newest series called “Marko.” This new line is a flat metal design with a keyhole bridge, where the rubberized arms attach to.

The original FT0144 sunglasses retail for $365 at Tom Ford boutiques and online on their website, but shop around and you can usually get these cheaper.

Skyfall Sunglasses

What About A New Watch?

Why not go the whole hog and invest in a new watch too, while we’re looking at the Stylish James Bond character.

James Bond Omega Seamaster SkyfallSkyfall

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Skyfall is a milestone in the 50 year history of James Bond films. For the third time in this series, Omega was commissioned by EON Productions to create a limited edition watch for James Bond. The previous two watches featured in Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale have both been timepieces from the Omega Seamaster family of watches.

For Skyfall, Omega once again paid homage to the history of the James Bond series with a limited edition Seamaster watch which is a recreation of the watch worn by Sean Connery in Goldfinger. It is an iconic watch within the very tradition-rich James Bond series. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with a James Bond Omega Seamaster Skyfall watch as these are limited editions.

James Bond Omega Seamaster Skyfall

The watch is a 45.5 mm chronometer with helium escape valve and 904L steel bracelet, it has an attractive dial which appears “nuclear blue” when illuminated by ultraviolet light. The second time zone is set using the rotating bezel on the side of the case which also provides protection for its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

The watch has a power reserve indicator, with a date window at 4 o’clock and is water resistant down to 600 metres (2000 ft). Like all Omega Seamaster watches it features the distinctive Seahorse logo on its face and has specially designed co-axial chronometer grade movement which is chronometer-certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).

As with the other James Bond limited edition watches, this Seamaster is limited to 7,007 pieces. The James Bond Limited Edition Omega Seamaster Skyfall really is eyecatching!

James Bond Limited Edition Omega Seamaster Skyfall

The watch can be seen throughout Skyfall worn by Daniel Craig as Agent 007; first on the iconic pre-title sequence where he makes his spectacular leap from a rooftop in Istanbul onto the roof of a train speeding through the countryside, and later in Scotland where he wears it during much of the film’s exciting finale.

So there you have it! The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Skyfall limited edition watch featured in the James Bond film; “Skyfall”.

This is one stellar timepiece. This article really doesn’t do it much justice, but to see more pictures of this watch you can check out Omega’s official page here .

Thanks for reading!

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Kissmovies Alternatives – Watch Movies Online

What Is Kissmovies?

Kissmovies is a free movie streaming website that provides you with multiple links to watch your favourite movies without paying or downloading. There are also no pop-ups and annoying advertisements, so you can watch movies online for a long time.

What Kind Of Movies Do They Have?

They have a variety of genres such as action, horror, comedy, adventure, sci-fi, animation and many more. You’ll be able to find any genre depending on what you’re in the mood for. The site even has some rare movies that you won’t find anywhere else. In short Kissmovies has everything from new releases to old classics.

YesMovies The Kissmovies alternative

YesMovies The Kissmovies alternative

How To Start Watching Movies On Kissmovies?

In order to start watching all the free movies you want on Kissmovies, all you have to do is click on the genre of your choice. A list of movies will appear on a new page and then click on the one that interests you the most. You’ll be automatically redirected to another page where you can choose from multiple links that are listed there. Just select a link and wait for it to load while enjoying your favorite movie.

Is It Possible To Watch Offline?

Yes! When a movie finishes loading a menu bar will appear which also includes an option called ‘Download’ but before downloading make sure it’s in your best interest because some movies are protected by copyright laws. If it doesn’t start playing right away, try refreshing the page. The site updates its database daily so you’ll be able to watch new movies online every day.

Is It Safe To Use This Site?

Yes! There are no viruses, malware, or suspicious things that might harm your device while using this site and it updates its database frequently and removes dead links.

Kissmovies Alternatives

Is it Legal To Use Kissmovies?

Yes! It’s completely legal to use this website. There are no illegal streaming links, so you won’t have to worry about being fined or anything. The movie industry is thriving thanks to websites like Kissmovies which help people watch movies online without breaking the law.

Where To Find More Sites Like kissmovies?

There are many free movie streaming websites similar to KissMovies but some have virus and malware issues because uploading infected files ruins a good user experience. When choosing a site it would be best if you do your own research first before trying out that site. If one site doesn’t work for you then just try another until you find something that suits your need the most.

Is There A Way To Know When The Next Movie Is Added?

One of the downsides of working is that you can’t keep up with all updates and new releases. Thankfully there are a few websites that try to list all recent movies online, so it would be best if you visit any of those sites on a daily basis in order to get information about your favourite movies.

Yes Movies

is the best site to find out what movies are coming out soon, so be sure to visit them. They have a variety of genres so you’ll definitely find the one you’re interested in. They also update their database frequently so you can find all movies online here.

Watch Free Movies Online

is another site that has free movie streaming, so be sure to visit them too. On this website, they list whose movies are coming out soon but they don’t post new ones on a daily basis which makes it difficult to keep up with every movie available online without paying or downloading anything.

Movie Tube TV

Is another great place where you can watch free movies online although there are some adult videos too, just make sure not to click on them because that will redirect you to porn sites and your computer might get infected by malware and viruses, so be careful if you use this site.


YifyMovies is one of the best movie streaming websites, launched in 2018. It’s relatively new but in a very short time, they’ve managed to earn their place in the world of free movies online. Access here and see what you think.


Movie4K is a great website which has been around for quite some time. It features free movies online, as well as paid ones too, all uploaded by their members. You can search them by year or title and they have a very simple design which is easy to use.


Watch movies online absolutely free on Moviewatcher where you can watch TV series and full-length movies for free with no registration needed. They categorize their content by genres so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. We like MovieWatcher as the videos are organized by their appeal and the year they were released. A search engine is also provided to help you find movies.

Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema features a big collection of old and new streaming titles that are sorted into categories such as family friendly, drama, action etc Their layout is very simple and navigation is easy as well as the website itself loads fast.


Watch free movies online on MoviesPlanet, a place where you can watch full-length movies for free without registration. They have a variety of genres and even cartoon movies for children to enjoy.


Alluc is a very popular website that has been around since 2009 with a huge database of streaming titles from different countries from all over the world. If you’re looking for an anime movie then this site is what you need! Alluc offers its users the possibility of watching anime online, all in English.


kisscartoon offers more than 3,000 cartoon episodes available to be streamed online or downloaded if you want to watch them offline. This site is more for children and offers a great variety of cartoons from different countries.


MovieTVHub brings you the latest movie trailers, reviews and news to keep you up-to-date with everything about movies! They offer their users the possibility of streaming popular movies as well as new ones. All movies can be watched online without any registration needed, so this website is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something interesting to watch!

Youtube Movies

Youtube is not only known as a video upload service but it’s actually one of the best websites where you can find free high quality movies online. You just need to write what movie or TV you’re interested in and you’ll find it on Youtube Movies.

Want Cartoon Sites Instead?

We’ve got 3 options here for those who prefer cartoons and comic type entertainment.


Finally, we have watchcartoononline which is a great website for anime lovers everywhere! It has all the latest episodes of popular anime series and even offers its own unique content. If you’re looking to watch Naruto online, this is your best option!


Is yet another site that brings you the newest episodes of your favourite cartoons, not just anime but also South Park, The Simpsons or Family Guy. All these streaming titles are available without sign up so don’t hesitate to check out their library!


WatchSeries contains lots of popular TV shows like NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural and many more! As well as movies they also allow you to watch full TV series online for free. All their content can be streamed directly from the website and they’re regularly updated to keep bringing you the best!

Final Thoughts On Kissmovies & Suitable Alternatives

It’s a natural instinct to try to save money where you can, especially on entertainment and other none essentials. Hopefully, this guide will help you out.

Thank You!

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What Is Drogontv And Is It Any Good?

Drogontv – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

We all want to watch our favourite television show, but don’t have time to sit in front of the TV for countless hours. The team at Drogontv know that feeling and that is why we are here. Instead of me talking about it here just download the app and see what it’s all about! Oh did I mention it is free!?

Drogontv is an application that allows you to watch TV shows, movies and other streams on your phone or tablet. It’s good to know that all the content inside the app is suitable for children so it’s safe!

We are always looking for new sources for live TV, Movies and much more so if you got what we need don’t be afraid to send us a message. We will reply quickly!

Do You Need A VPN For Drogontv?

NO! We do not need any kind of VPN for Drogontv to work.

If you want more information on our app, feel free to read the article below:

What is Drogontv and how does it work?

Simply put, Drogontv is the creation of users who wanted to watch free live Tv and movies, listen to music or see your favourite sports game without running out of battery. The people behind Drogontv are passionate individuals who know what it takes to make a wonderful streaming app for all android devices. We hope you enjoy this app as much as we do! If not, feel free to suggest us ways in which we can improve or even if you find an error in the app. That is why we are here, to make this app the best it can be! Hint: you don’t need a VPN or any other means to get access.

Just Another App?

Drogontv isn’t just another entertainment app, Drogontv is your life in one application.* If you are looking for an application that contains all kinds of television shows, movies and even has some sports games then what are you waiting for? Download Drogontv and begin your journey to a life full of entertainment.

What Can I Watch With Drogontv?

Drogontv has numerous amounts of different TV shows, movies and even music. In the future, they are planning on adding more content so stay tuned! If you have some suggestions feel free to share them with us below or by using the contact button at the bottom of this page! It’s good to know that all the content inside Drogontv is suitable for children so it’s safe!

Why Is Drogontv So Popular?

We asked ourselves that question multiple times but after figuring out how it works, it’s simple! We allow users like yourself to easily access our app without having any type of complicated registration process. Simply download the app and start watching!

Do You Need A VPN?

NO! We do not need any kind of VPN for Drogontv to work. Our application is specially designed so it can be used anywhere even without a stable internet connection or wifi. If you want to know more about our wonderful app then feel free to check out this article: What is Drogontv and how does it work

Download now for free on the google play store by clicking here! (Tutorial Below)

*Drogontv contains prerecorded videos that are meant only as time pass. Drogontv doesn’t host, produce or own these and they are strictly meant for the fun and entertainment of the user. Drogontv does not endorse any kind of illegal activity or copyright infringement.


1- Click on “Install” and it would start downloading. It may take a few minutes depending on your Internet speed.

2- After the download completes, click on INSTALLED button in the settings menu to launch the application.

3 –Toggle Dolby Audio option ON by clicking the speaker icon at the bottom right corner

4- Enjoy streaming movies music shows using the Drogontv app (No need for VPN) *Drogontv contains prerecorded videos that are meant only as a time pass. Drogontv doesn’t host, produce or own these and they are strictly meant for the fun and entertainment of the user. Drogontv does not endorse any kind of illegal activity or copyright infringement.

It appears you can watch live tv channels shows free on android device smart tv box firestick google Chromecast Roku. Stream all TV channels, sports events, movies and music for free using Internet protocol (IPTV). Install Drogontv like an app on your Android smartphone or tablet to stream live IPTV directly to your big screen. Enjoy watching sports matches, news, best films online, kids TV series and more with the same experience as if you were in front of your TV set.

Watch hundreds of great UK live streaming television channels including movies, news, kids channels, music & radio for free with Drogontv. They stream live UK TV channels free on Android devices or smart TVs including Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Vizio Smart TV and more.

What About IPTV?

No need to set up your IPTV provider box anymore! As easy as it gets. If you are tired of paying expensive cable bills or you just want to cut your costs every month then read our tutorial “How to use Drogontv” in 4 simple steps below:

First step: is by installing an app called Kodi on any of the mentioned supported streaming devices which in this case is Amazon FireStick.

Step 2: Install Kodi on Amazon FireStick Step by Step Guide – Activate Kodi on FireStick. Now go on the Home Screen on your Amazon FireStick device and click “Apps” on top of the menu on the Firestick home screen. You will see a list of applications installed in your Amazon FireStick, Choose Kodi from this list and open it. It will take several seconds to load Kodi, don’t worry just wait patiently for a few seconds.

After Kodi is loaded, go to “Settings” at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the home screen. In Settings Window find out “Developer Options” and enable these 2 options: Turn On ADB Debugging – Enable USB Debugging…

Step 3: Now go back to Home Screen, you can see an icon called Downloader or Browser app which is usually located at the topmost row of the home screen on Amazon FireStick. Just open this app, you will see a URL field with “http://” written in front of it.

Now type the following link exactly as it is: and click GO Button which is located at the bottom right corner of your Amazon FireStick remote. Be patient for a few seconds… Kodi 17 Krypton On Your Amazon FireStick

Step 4: Now wait for a few minutes (maybe up to one or two minutes but not more) for the download to complete. By the time the download completes it would have finished installing Kodi 17 Krypton on Amazon FireStick. Now you can enjoy all your favourite TV shows, movies free without having to be bothered about buffering or connectivity problems because now you are streaming IPTV over the internet! This is how easy it is to install Kodi 17 Krypton on Amazon FireStick using Drogontv app in 4 simple steps. does not endorse any kind of illegal activity or copyright infringement. This article is here for information and to answer emails received asking about this topic. Here’s our final comment, that we’ve said before;

If you want to run the risk of using these types of sites, do so at your own peril. Wear your big boys pants if you get caught and prosecuted!

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James Bond Movie Spectre 007

Now, let’s take a look at the James Bond Movie Spectre

An overview and its overall ability as a 007 movie. I loved this so much I went out and bought it on BluRay too.

For those of you who haven’t seen the film yet SPOILER ALERT!

The Plot-Two years after the events of Skyfall Mr. Bond has become depressed and mostly uninterested in his work for MI6. His superior M orders him out into the field again where he must travel to Rome and Mexico City. In Rome he involved with Lucia Sciarra, widow of an infamous Mafia member who is also Bond’s latest target. After, completing his assignment in Rome Bond goes to Mexico City where he must track down an organization by the name of Spectre which is run my Ernst Stavro Blofeld. But after Mr. Hinx shows up in Mexico City looking for Bond he must leave with M to go back to England and see what M knows about Spectre and why they want to kill him. Daniel Craig is an actor I do like and here plays a very good James Bond. I’ve watched Bond movies for 50+ years. As much as I like some of the Jack Reacher stuff, he’s not a patch on Bond. If there was a better choice of actor playing Reacher, then this might be a closer run battle. But with Cruise in that role, Bond is way out in front.

James Bond– Daniel Craig plays a very good James Bond in this one. He really gets into character when it comes to playing James Bond despite some issues I will talk about shortly he does play the role well. The action scenes are amazing, especially in the opening scene in Mexico city with the helicopter and the building. Love that scene a lot! Although, I would have liked to see him with the little gadget from the Skyfall where he could shoot people from his watch. But no worries there is plenty of action in this one throughout.

Spectre Movie


Spectre- In my opinion Spectre was not a very good organization at all compared to Quantum from Casino Royale or even SPECTRE from You Only Live Twice . All they did was play poker during their meetings and tell Blofeld what they would do if they got hold of C’s technology, but when it came down to doing anything really against Bond or MI6 they failed miserably in every way possible just like in Thunderball. If you read my article about Ian Fleming being disappointed with Thunderball then you will understand what I am saying. The only way they are better than Quantum is that they have a cool HQ called The Disco Volante . It’s just, really lame how the organization has no real big plan or mission at all for Bond to take on. Not much of a challenge there guys! If you want to see him have an actual good fight against another Bond villain please watch Daniel Craig vs Mads Mikkelsen in Casino Royale .


Main Roles

M– Ralph Fiennes plays the M role very well in this one, but he doesn’t help James Bond as much as he should have during some of Mr. Bonds missions it seemed like. He was more of support for him then giving really solid advice until the last scene when he is in the control center with all the screens. That was fantastic! But there were times when I didn’t understand what M’s motives were or why he did certain things that hindered Bond in his missions.

Moneypenny– Naomie Harris plays a pretty good Moneypenny, but she doesn’t have much to do in this one which is disappointing. There are some good moments between her and Mr. Bond though especially towards the end of the film where they are together after she has become head of field agents again she wants to help him out because she cares for him so much. Very touching moment there!

Q– Ben Whishaw plays a very good Q in this one despite not having as much to do as the Q in Skyfall . He is a bit more of a rebel in this one it seems and doesn’t really want to help Mr. Bond at times, but he does when he needs too. Hit or miss with his decisions mostly misses though!

Hinx– Dave Bautista plays a great henchman named Hinx who is on top of everything James Bond does from beginning to end. He has some nice action scenes throughout also very brutal hand to hand combat scene near the end with Mr. Craig which was fantastic! I would say that fight between them was probably my favorite of the whole movie! They should have made him into a recurring villain because he could have been a good one if they had did that for sure.

Madeline Swann– Lea Seydoux plays a fairly good Madeline Swann in this one, but she doesn’t do much for me personally. I understand what the director was trying to do with her character bringing in M’s past into the film, but she didn’t work for me like other past Bond girls did. The scene where Mr. Craig thinks she is dead and wakes up after remembering alluding to his love for Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale was very touching though! I would have rather seen him talk about Vesper in detail then bring in this new girl who was supposed to be related to him in some way (I guess). But still good scenes throughout!

Bond Villains– Christoph Waltz plays a pretty good villain here, but it’s not one of his best films. He is a very calm and collected man who only gets upset when things don’t go as planned which I thought was a little overdone at times even though he does have a very good scene near the end where he realizes that Mr. Bond has been playing him from the beginning to get to Blofeld. Good scene there! Dave Bautista does an excellent job as Hinx playing the henchman well throughout the whole film too!

Bond Women– Lea Seydoux as Madeline Swann wasn’t anything spectacular for me personally, but she did have some nice action scenes throughout with Ms. Fields also she was fairly good with James Bond. Monica Bellucci did a good job playing Lucia Sciarra the widow of an assassin that Bond kills early on in the film it was very nice seeing her back even if she only had two scenes in the whole movie! She is such a beautiful woman and I’m glad they brought her into these last few Craig films to add some class to them for sure! Stephanie Sigman was fairly good as Estrella in this one, but not much to do. Nathalie Emmanuel also made quite an impression with what little she had in this one too. Good supporting women in this one though overall!

Villain’s Pasts– Christoph Waltz plays a pretty interesting villain here in terms of his past which we get to see the most of throughout the film. He was a doctor who lost his family in an accident and then he became obsessed with finding Blofeld that has killed many others like him before. Yet, I think they could have done more with his past because it felt kind of rushed which is one of my main problem’s with this movie. They should have focused on how he met Mr. White instead on what happened to his wife, children etc…

James 007

The Movie Breakdown

Action Sequences– There are some pretty good action sequences in this one especially towards the end which you would expect from a Craig Bond film but also the beginning of the film had some really cool chase scenes through Italy for sure! Especially when they were driving motorcycles there near the beginning which I thought was kind of cool even if it was taken from another Bond film.

Mr. Craig– Daniel Craig is one of the best Bonds for sure! He’s not trying to imitate any other actor that has played James Bond before him he does his own thing with this character which I’m very glad they did because I think it works very well for Mr. Craig personally. Good job again Mr. Craig in another great performance as our favorite British spy!

Music– Thomas Newman did a good job on the soundtrack to this movie, but honestly, I wasn’t too fond of most of his scores here especially at the beginning when it sounded kind of like Pirates Of The Caribbean to me throughout which surprisingly didn’t bother me too much since I am a fan of the Disney ride. Good job though nonetheless!

Action– There were some cool action scenes throughout this movie one’s which you would expect from a Craig Bond film, but also the beginning of the film had some very good chase scenes through Italy that I thought was pretty funny when Mr. Craig got arrested for speeding on his motorcycle there too haha.


James Bond Movie Spectre Overall

Overall- Overall it was an alright movie for me personally lack of depth in most areas especially on how Christoph Waltz met Blofeld and how he lost his family felt rushed to me, but still decent enough for what it is worth if you are a true Bond fan. And if you are not then maybe this isn’t the best entry in the series for you to start with. I like it because of the action, but I can understand how others might not enjoy this one as much as me though.

So that’s my review of SPECTRE! Have you seen it? If so what did you think about it? Please feel free to comment below and thanks for reading! 🙂


More In depth

From director Sam Mendes comes “SPECTRE,” the 24th installment in the longest-running film franchise of all time. In the film, a cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE. The film stars Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Naomie Harris, Léa Seydoux, Monica Bellucci, Dave Bautista and Ralph Fiennes.


– After the re-introduction of James Bond to the big screen in 2006 with Casino Royale , I’ve been a huge fan of Daniel Craig as our favorite British spy ever since which is why even though I wasn’t too impressed by Skyfall that came out three years ago later they still had me intrigued for Sam Mendes’ Spectre ! And now that it’s here does this new film live up to its predecessors? Well… Kind of… It was okay I think But not as good as Casino Royale sadly…

Starting Out

– First of all, the opening scene to this film was pretty good! It opens in Mexico with a man who turns out to be Mr. White from Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace making an exchange for money and diamonds but we soon find out there’s more to it than meets the eye when Bond appears to stop the deal only to get captured by these mysterious men but unfortunately Mr. White isn’t there anymore and gets away leaving 007 behind and is later taken to some undisclosed location where he is interrogated by what seems like the leader of these people called SPECTRE which I found kind of cool! And then we get our first title sequence which I thought was really awesome too especially with that song playing in the background (Shanghai Nights By Loreena Mckennit) but the only thing I didn’t really like about it was when we see Mr. White’s daughter or what appeared to be his daughter leaving MI6 HQ because her face looked kind of weird and fake so that bothered me a bit… But okay…

Next Aspect

– After that we see Bond in Mexico City at this Day Of The Dead festival where he follows these two mysterious women who seem to know him or recognize him and then we get our first action scene with 007 chasing one of them through the crowded streets and trying to catch up with her until she passes through a metal detector and disappears into thin air just as she touches it which is odd, but whatever! They do show us later on that they are wearing some kind of necklace that allows them to walk through metal detectors without being detected which was pretty cool since it gave them the advantage in order to escape! But before this scene we also get our first reference to the late great actor Peter O’Toole who played Lawrence Of Arabia (1962) and is seen sitting on a bench at the festival with an elderly lady only his face isn’t shown I’m assuming it’s him but of course here he plays The Cardinal which later on comes up again in the film during an important meeting between M, Q, Moneypenny, Tanner & C. And then Bond goes back to London where he meets up with Denbigh (Andrew Scott), the new head of Joint Intelligence Service or what appears to be MI5 and he’s basically there to talk about the new program C.A.S.H which stands for Computer Aided Strategical Homeland security and it is basically a new surveillance system that will help monitor the world through satellite feeds with various amounts of data collecting on one main computer called The Nine Eyes but of course this creates an issue since every country using the C.A.S.H network has some kind of privacy laws against spying on their citizens so they need someone who can bring all nine countries together and make them agree to share vital information with each other and Bond quickly gives him an answer after hearing what Denbigh has to say: “No.” And I thought for sure we’d see another fight here like the one they had at the end of Casino Royale but instead Bond just walks away to do some things on his own…

James Bond Movie Spectre

And this leads us into another scene with Q who tells him about Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux) who happens to be Mr. White’s daughter and she’s in Austria for reasons unknown so he goes there to find her only something bad has happened since she says that he attacked her father, tried to kill him and now he’s gone missing after being taken by these men so Bond decides to help her track him down which is where we get our first action scene between 007 & Hinx (Dave Bautista) who also wants Mr. White but ends up sparing his life because of how “unprofessional” it would be to kill him in front of M at this early stage… But later on Hinx manages to get his chance with Bond but unfortunately for him he doesn’t get the job done either and they end up fighting together against them after Mr. White kills some of their men trying to escape which leads us into the second action scene (the best one in my opinion) in Mexico where Bond & Madeleine are being chased by both Mr. White’s men in a van alongside another vehicle driven by an assassin called Marco Sciarra (Alessandro Cremona) who happens to be working with these people along with Hinx, they eventually manage to shake the van off their tail only when 007 decides not to shoot it and instead push it off the road and into a cliff but not before they manage to kill Sciarra in the process and steal his ring which has some kind of symbol on it… But believe me when I say this: This scene is awesome! Even more awesome than the Olympics one because it’s so intense, so exciting, the chase sequence is incredible with James Bond doing everything he can to survive from Sciarra’s car. Plus we get some more references here with Dr. No (1962) & Spectre (2015) being shown on a TV screen while our favorite spy makes his way through Mexico City all nice and clean while avoiding traffic obstacles which made for some impressive stunts…

James Bond Movie Spectre BluRay

Following On

But once again Mr. White escapes by holding a dead gun to his daughter’s head and we get another scene with him where he meets up with M (Ralph Feinnes) & Mr. C (Andrew Scott) after which all of them end up meeting again in London where they’re given some kind of deal by Denbigh that I can’t remember because it revealed some interesting things but I’m not sure cause I was thinking about something else… But anyways, Denbigh ends up giving our villain and his daughter a new identity and the only way for Bond & MI6 to find them is by upgrading Q’s software so 007 uses this opportunity to go back home and do what he does best: Drink vodka martinis, play video games and meet/sleep with a local woman just like he does at the start of most of his films… But after visiting Q one more time he finally manages to find them and gives M all the information she needs to recover Mr. White, which leads us to another car chase (the worst one in my opinion) where 007 is forced to give him back but only if Madeleine comes with them once they reach their destination, that’s what it said on paper at least since I’m sure you remember that this was actually a trap set up by our villain for both MI6 & C (to guarantee his safety), something like “if you want your director back then bring me Max Denbigh as well” but Bond doesn’t know about this till he gets there so when they finally find them they catch a glimpse of Madeleine leaving with Mr. White and a group of men so 007 has to give him back only he manages to escape from C’s clutches by using his daughter as a human shield, which gives me some mixed feelings because I’m not sure if it was the right thing to do or not since she was doing that on her own will but thankfully she gets saved along with her father at the end… But what really bothers me about the scene is when James tries to use his gun in order to shoot Hinx but can’t bring himself to kill him so instead he decides to punch him once again, this time without any consequences because M ends up saving our beloved spy, sending Denbigh after them and we’re left with a scene where Bond is giving his report to M and she’s getting all the credit in front of Mr. C in an attempt to save her job but in reality it’s just a really bad plan that would never work…

What I liked about this movie:

I’ve got to be honest here when I say that Spectre was my favorite film in the franchise so far, even though Skyfall (2012) came pretty close because both movies were very entertaining and managed to touch upon many different aspects of 007’s life without making them feel forced, which means that they pretty much nailed every character we’ve seen up until now starting with Ralph Feinnes’ portrayal of Maggot which he nailed while also bringing some humor to the mix which worked really well with his overall personality, then we have Andrew Scott’s portrayal of Mr. C who is quite different from Silva (Skyfall) because he seemed like a much more balanced villain that knew how to act properly, I’m not saying that Javier Bardem wasn’t good enough but I’d go as far as saying that Andrew was even better since he doesn’t come off as crazy or over the top but rather someone who could easily fool everyone around him if necessary… And needless to say Daniel Craig did an amazing job once again with James Bond, I still think Roger Moore & Sean Connery were the best in their own ways but 007 actor-wise Craig is definitely giving them a run for their money…

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Why People Use Afdah Movies ?

We All Love Watching Afdah Movies and TV!

Most of us who use premium services, don’t mind paying for it. But someone recently asked me my thoughts on a website they had heard about.

Afdah movies is a popular piracy website that contains a database of movies and TV shows. People use this site because it provides them with high quality videos to download for their own purposes. The piracy scene is an international network of people who attempt to make money from the stolen intellectual property (IP) owned by other companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. The term “intellectual property” refers to creations of the mind such as literary works; artistic works; musical works; films; computer software; etc. In order words, Afdah movies is one part of a larger organization that steals IPs from major companies including entertainment giant Disney. And yet despite Disney being the largest proponent of anti-piracy laws, the company itself has been accused of stealing ideas from other production companies to create their own movies and TV shows.

Disney is a large American global mass media and entertainment conglomerate that owns famous movie franchises such as Marvel and Pixar. In December 2017, Disney announced plans to acquire 21st Century Fox for $52 billion in stock ($2 more than Comcast’s offer). That will make them larger by revenue ($55 billion) and add major Hollywood studios including 20th Century Fox, FX Networks, National Geographic Partners, Fox Sports Regional Networks, Fox Networks Group International, Star India and 39% stake in Sky plc. The acquisition was completed on March 20th 2018.

Afdah movies is one part of a wider network of piracy websites that attempt to make a profit from illegally distributing copyrighted material. But yet Disney, the owner of many famous IPs including Star Wars and Marvel’s The Avengers, has been accused of stealing ideas from other production companies in order to create their own movies. For example, Pixar is well known for its animated films such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo. However when Disney bought Pixar for $7 billion in 2006, many people accused Disney of stealing ideas from another animation company Dreamworks which produced the film Shrek 2 in 2004. Even before that, when George Lucas (writer and director of Star Wars) sold his company to Disney for $4 billion, critics accused Disney of stealing Lucas’ idea to produce Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Furthermore, Disney is currently producing its own live-action version of Aladdin that will be directed by Guy Ritchie and star Will Smith as the Genie which many critics say is a copy of the animated musical released in 1992.

To summarize, Afdah movies provides people with high quality videos for illegal purposes such as piracy. Yet despite being the company with the most to lose from piracy, Disney has been accused of stealing ideas from other production companies to create their own movies and TV shows.

Afdah Space

This is free of adverts streaming site. Here’s a free VPN service for you!

Afdah Bollywood

This is Indian cinema streaming site like Afdah Movies. They have very high-quality videos when it comes to Bollywood Circle. This is only type of Indian movie where the writer, director, singer, music composer are Indians. When they make movie they put their whole heart in it. So this is good type of Indian cinema websites like Afdah Movies but they don’t provide free adverts watching movies or shows. When people watch Afdah movies they automatically put banners that shows on top of the website and their revenue comes from those ads.

Afdah Arabic Movies

This is a type of world cinema that has an incredible viewership all around the world. This streaming site is free of adverts as well as doesn’t show any type of misleading content during watching movies or TV shows.

Afdah English Movies

People across the World love to watch English Cinema more than Hindi, Telugu, Bollywood or any other type of languages because these are written by writers based in United States and this makes this type of cinemas more famous on international level. But it’s not easy to find high-quality online streaming websites like Afdah Movies. That’s why we listed the best website where you can watch English movies without any adverts and also shows other misleading content that makes us lose our time watching them. This is an amazing website where you can watch all kind of movies including dramas, comedies, psychological thrillers and many other types of genres.

Afdah info

Afdah Tv Shows

Watching TV shows online free for entertainment purpose is a trend among youngsters as well as adults these days because it saves their money as well as they get to entertain themselves for hours after work or daily hectic schedule. But finding those streaming sites from Afdah Movies who doesn’t have so many numbers of ads on their site is not easy which makes people lose their focus on the Tv shows and they also waste a lot of time watching those ads. So we listed the best places where you can watch your favorite TV shows without losing your valuable time and energy.

Afdah Movies

This is an old site that still has high-quality movies, TV Shows as well as songs to download for personal use only. This website provides all kind of genres such as comedy, drama, action, Sci – fi and many other types of categories that makes this website unique from others. The site is free of any type of harmful malware or adware that interrupts our streaming process or cause us virus which sometimes spreads through these types of sites. We only list the best websites with attractive layout, easy to navigate interface and without any type of misleading content which makes the site very safe for all users.

Afdah Movies 2

This has very high-quality and latest content that is frequently updating and it makes this website unique from others.

Afdah HD Movies

This site has HD movies as well as they launched this site to meet the expectations of those people who like to watch porn movies with full HD quality. They will provide all kind of new as well as old HD as well as normal videos.


The main difference between Movierulz and other streaming sites is that it doesn’t have ads on their site which provides a great user experience when watching movies. This website has a strong team behind them who update the site every week with new movies, shows, episodes and even songs which makes their users stick to them for regular viewing.

Please Note

The views expressed here do not reflect those of our employer. We are just sharing what people will search online in order to find this article. We do not encourage any illegal activity, including watching pirated movies or media.

All logos, trademarks, images and videos on this website are registered trademarks of their respective companies or organizations. They are presented “as is”, with no warranty or guarantees about accuracy, completeness, timeliness or suitability for any particular purpose whatsoever. The information provided on this document may be updated at any time without prior notice; however these updates will not be applied retroactively. This document does not constitute either general or specific legal advice and should not be used as a substitute for taking professional advice in relation to the particular facts and circumstances surrounding your problem. In any event, before making a major decision about how it should be dealt with, you should seek legal advice from a licensed attorney.

If you want to run the risk of using these types of sites, do so at your own peril. Wear your big boys pants if you get caught and prosecuted!

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Top Gun New Movie – Top Gun Maverick

Top Gun 2 – I Feel The Need, The Need For A Sequel

He’s back, Maverick is back on our screens for 2020. Call it what you will; Top Gun 2, Top Gun 2020 or use the official title of Top Gun Maverick

All the years down the line, he’s still in the service, but he’s now an instructor. He’s teaching the best of the best including ( surprise, surprise )  Bradley, the son of his former navigator Goose. He’s reached the rank of captain, where his commanding officer suggests he should be a 2-star admiral, indicating his attitude hasn’t changed much over the 30+ years.

Who can forget the original which showed great flying stunts and the added touch of romance along the way.

Top Gun Maverick Trailer

Long-awaited it’s been released and you can watch this here;

What can we expect to see? Cruise on a motorcycle,  Cruise playing volleyball,  Cruise flying fighter jets and naturally Cruise being his usual ambivalent maverick self.  Those are the definites, the probables will be Cruise leading his squadron into battle to save the rest of the Western world. Ed Harris is his usual solid self as the military top brass and Jennifer Connelly adds the female temptation in the movie. Bradley is played by Miles Teller and although we don’t see the original Goose, we do see IceMan returning, played again by Val Kilmer.

Hey, if you’ve been living under the rock the past third of a century, you can watch the original here on Amazon.


Love him or loathe him as an actor ( see the Reacher post here ) Top Gun was an iconic movie which along with Risky Business really got Tom Cruise recognized. This is the movie that suits him, he is who he is, playing this type of role.

Top Gun 2, Top Gun 2020

Top Gun Maverick


Top Gun 2020

With a scheduled  26 June 2020 (USA ) release date, this is going to be a popular sequel for sure. The film also reunites Cruise with the director  Joseph Kosinski, who he worked alongside with in Oblivion in 2013. With 3 powerhouse production companies behind this, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media you know this will be an impressive offering.

Will the soundtrack be as good as the original? We’ll find out in 11 months from now.



Top Gun Maverick Facts

He’s known for doing his own stunts and making the action scenes as real as possible, but this time he’s been grounded. The US military don’t allow civilians to fly in their fast jets, such as the F18. Not matter how much he wanted to do so, he’s not been permitted to do so. None the less, the flying scenes will no doubt be as realistic and as enthralling as the original movie.

Fancy Yourself As Maverick?

Impress the ladies without the need to actually qualify from flight school. This costume comes with Men’s Top Gun Pilot Costume Jumpsuit, Name Tags & Sunglasses, Top Gun. Please note F18 not included!


The military green jumpsuit comes complete with decorative patches, the aviator sunglasses complete the ‘ Maverick look ‘. Ideal for fancy dress or parties and available to order here, available in different sizes.

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Amazon Prime Day Don’t Miss It.

Amazon Prime Day 


You’ve heard of Black Friday, yeah? The name that was given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving in the USA. More recently they’ve added Cyber Monday where the electronics and electricals are sold cheap. Well, the good news is you can buy plenty of Christmas gifts and birthday presents earlier in the year.


When Is Amazon Prime Day This Year?


One way to find out is to ask your friend; “Alexa, when is Prime Day?” Prime Day is the middle of July, so for 2019, these dates fall on 15th & 16th July. What most people don’t understand is there are also offers available beforehand. These Pre-prime deals are also available just for Prime Members. You can even use the search engines, just type in ‘ when is prime day and hopefully the correct answer comes back.


How Do You Get These Offers?

Prime Day starts with signing up for AmazonPrime, believe it or not. Yes, it really is that simple. Just sign up!

There are some great savings to be had, some good savings and there are also a few quite average discounts. Keep in mind though, these are being offered with the free delivery, so that is an extra bonus.


There are other advantages with Prime, we really enjoy the video and tv services. There’s great viewing with some Prime Original series, which are only available to watch as a Prime customer.

We covered the tv and film aspect here briefly, but there are plenty of great series, shows, and films. Literally, something for all the family to enjoy.


Premier League Football On Prime

I bet you weren’t aware of this? Well, you can watch 20 Premier League games live & exclusive on Prime Video this December.  No better way to recover from the Christmas Day festivities, than spend a day watching all the Boxing Day Premiership games. Now might be the time to grab the new TV you’ve been promising yourself and get sat down to enjoy great viewing.

Prime Day Shopping

Try Prime Video

Never experienced this service? Get your Free Trial of Prime Video Here and you can enjoy the following;

Enjoy unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows
Watch anywhere, anytime with unlimited access throughout the UK
Download movies and TV to their mobile or tablet to watch offline
Watch Amazon Originals in HDR on living room devices
Watch exclusive hit TV shows before they air on British TV
Get unlimited, FREE One-Day Delivery on millions of items
Borrow books from a choice of over 500,000 titles from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
Secure unlimited photo storage with anywhere access
Listen to over 2 million songs on Prime Music


It’s enough to make The Fat Lad as happy as a pig in muck.

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Amazon Prime For Students – Student Gift Ideas

So it’s back to school/ college/university and you’re stuck for a gift or something useful to buy. Yes, they may have asked for a 24 pack of lager, but it’s not quite in the spirit of things.

So we have the usual choices; Textbooks (boring but necessary ), the latest technology ( mobile phone, laptop, music player or whatever ) or what about something different?

Amazon Prime For Students 

Prime Student gives students all the benefits of Prime membership, but on the cheap – Just what students want to hear! So this comes with a 6-month trial to give you a taster of what’s on offer. Once you’ve enjoyed this, are happy  then 50% off the normal price of Prime, including:

Get unlimited One-Day Delivery on millions of items ( Ideal for that last minute gift you need to send to a loved one )
Stream thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video ( Much better than the boring terrestrial tv channels )
Access exclusive student offers including 10% off textbooks from Amazon ( Errrr…. ok, I keep forgetting students buy textbooks )
Listen to over 2 million songs on Prime Music ( Great for listening to while doing your assignments )

So if you’re in the UK click the banner at the top of the page and save some money. Why not make the most of this offer, especially on the cold, dark, wet winters nights when instead you can get a few mates around, crack a few beers, enjoy some fast food and watch a movie or a tv show.

TV series such as Jack Ryan, Bosch, The Last Tycoon, Sneaky Pete plus thousands more shows, movies etc.

Did you know Amazon Prime On iPad is here too?


Amazon Prime For Students In USA

Maybe you’ve got a placement teaching abroad, soccer school coaching in the USA as an example? There’s no reason to miss out while you’re still studying abroad. Prime is available for Students abroad, so click the banner below to take advantage of this awesome deal for across the pond in the USA.


Forget some flowers that will be dead in 4 days, instead give a subscription gift for Valentines Day 😉


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Blue Iguana

Disclaimer, this film came on tv while I was busy reading some emails, and it was on in the background to begin. It wasn’t one I had purposely chosen to watch but I’m glad that I did watch it.


This is a tongue in cheek, comedy heist which will make you chuckle. If you can think about Pulp Fiction, but without the names in the cast, without the big budget, without the class then this is it. Take this film for what it is, cheap, cheerful yet funny.

Fat Lads Says Blue Iguana Is Fun

With Amanda Donohoe, Frances Barber and Simon Callow in the line up, it’s not too shabby but Sam Rockwell in the cast brings a touch of something different as he seems to enjoy the comedy, crime capers. If you’ve not seen him in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, then it’s worth finding time to watch that too.

Phoebe Fox steals the show as a sexy, spectacle wearing,  food-obsessed genius lawyer. She adds guile, poise and that touch of class to the film. Ben Schwartz and Peter Ferdinando were great and Al Weaver playing Tommy Tresham was a great piece of casting. Not many films with constant swearing make me laugh, in fact most kind of make me cringe. This was different, as you can actually see this type of person in society today in the UK.


There’s thought that these gangster, heist type films are over done and have run their course. I say bollocks. They said the same before Snatch came out and that was a huge success. Now don’t get me wrong here, this film isn’t in the same league as Snatch. This is a totally different style of ‘comedy’ totally.

If you’ve seen the film Twin Town, and enjoyed it, then this film might be just up your street.

Scores on the doors out of 10, I’d say this is worth 6 at best, but don’t let that discourage you from watching it.

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