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Just How Fast Is Goku Do You Think?

We Use Maths To Work Out How Fast Is Goku.

Goku, the hero of the Dragon Ball manga and anime series created by Akira Toriyama, has defeated an alien as fast as light (Freeza), a demon as fast as lightning (Aka), and even gods with his speed (Beerus). His small body is incredibly sleek and powerful; he can punch through walls, walk on water without sinking, fly at hypersonic speeds, sprint faster than cars drive, out maneuver lasers that fire from space, etc. So we will dig into How Fast Is Goku and is he the quickest character.

How Fast Can Goku Run?

We know that his base/natural speed is faster than the speed of sound because he’s regularly shown dodging bullets. We also know that he regularly runs faster than the speed of sound.

When enraged, Goku often lets out a ferocious ki roar that shakes the earth. Even powerful sound waves need time to propagate through space, so when Goku releases his ki roar across an open field it will first be heard after its source has moved some distance.

For example, early in Dragon Ball Z Goku defeats two rock monsters by emitting a large-scale ki roar from his body across open land – this is where he stood upon regaining consciousness moments before. The shock wave of the roar throws rocks everywhere and shatters them against one another as they are blown backwards at hypersonic speeds. Take note of the following screen capture, which highlights three stationary boulders just above Goku’s head versus can be seen below him once the shock wave has reached them:

Goku’s ki roars are so powerful that they can be heard across the surface of the entire world and even through solid objects such as large mountains. A common tactic among villains is to trick Goku into unleashing a large-scale ki blast on them by stating their wish to die; this triggers him into releasing his full power at point-blank range, which blows out the surrounding land and buries them alive.

What we gather from these examples is that for Goku’s raw speed it takes some time (a very small amount) for sound waves or shock waves produced by his movements to reach distant locations. So how fast exactly is he? There are different ways we could approach this question, but I’m going to use a simple method for this estimate.

Let us assume that the shock wave from Goku’s ki roar will be able to travel across 100 meters of open land before it is first heard by anyone, and let us suppose further that his ki roars can be heard from as far away as 100 kilometers (which happens to be the average distance between major cities on Earth). In order for the shock wave to reach someone at such a great distance we need only consider how much time it takes sound to propagate through one kilometer of space, i.e., 1 second:

A casual glance might produce an estimate like 400 meters per second (the speed of sound), but there are other factors involved which slow down the propagation even more; the shock wave has to travel through the air, for instance.

Ok , but how fast is Goku? I’m going to assume that he’s running at point-blank range (~5 meters). We know that this is about half of his maximum power output during his fight with Beerus in Dragon Ball Z . Of course, we can consider if it’s possible for him to run faster than sound given the fact that he’s able to move so quickly without causing any damage to himself or others around him (e.g., imagine Vegeta standing close by when Goku releases a devastating ki blast).

But let us suppose he cannot go faster than sound; perhaps this speed limit is due to his own body or because it makes sense story-wise. The point is, if we assume that Goku can run at maximum speed (in the absence of air friction) for only one second then it takes him one second to cover 5 meters. Therefore his speed (relative to sound) will be:

5 meters ÷ 1 second = 500 m/s or 3,106 km/h or Mach 2.3

Running Or Flying?

Having reached this point in my analysis I am now confident that I know how fast Goku can run! But wait…what about when he’s in flight? Since his ki blasts allow him to fly through space at hypersonic speeds I’m going to presume these same speeds apply when he runs on land too.

Assuming this too is reasonable since his ki blast travel speed appears independent of whether or not he is in flight. So there you have it! Goku has the power to fly through open space at speeds between mach 3.2 and mach 9, but on the surface of the Earth he can only run up to around mach 2.3…

I’ve received some questions about how I derived these numbers so I will try my best to explain. The first thing we need to do is realize that this answer depends on two variables: (1) how long it takes for sound waves or shock waves produced by Goku’s movement(s) to reach a location 100 meters away from him and (2) how much time it takes Goku to travel 100 meters himself. We’ll call the second variable t . Now if we want a distance d (in meters) far enough away that Goku’s ki roar shock wave reaches it before he does then the speed equation becomes:

Using this information we can discover how fast Goku runs by setting t = 1 (second) and solving for d (distance), which gives us the answer of “5 meters”. But wait, what about when there is no air? Don’t forget that sound also travels through water! According to Wikipedia, the transmission speed of sound under ideal conditions in water is roughly 4.6 times faster than in air. So if all else remains constant with respect to environmental factors then Goku should travel at least 5 meters per second while running on land or underwater.

If you were interested in his max running speed however it would be incorrect to consider only the speed of sound since there are other factors involved which would have to be taken into account. Although this might not matter if you’re just wondering how fast Goku can run by considering the example of Beerus who is easily far enough away that his ki waves still produce a destructive shock wave even when Goku is traveling faster than sound, but I digress…

How Fast Is Goku

There’s an interesting problem with respect to how long it takes Goku to cover 100 meters, however. Notice in Dragon Ball Z that Goku spends about one second running at point-blank range (~5 meters), then another ~5 seconds flying through open space at maximum hypers speed (before he starts flying back towards Beerus). Thus the total time spent running at sub-sonic speeds is about six seconds, which means he covers a total distance of 300 meters.

In other words, for Goku to spend 1 second traveling at point-blank range and another 6 seconds flying through open space would require him to travel faster than the speed of sound since there is no logical way for him to cover 100 meters in 1 second relative to someone standing still on the surface of Earth. However if we don’t consider the story in a literal sense then there is a perfectly good explanation: suppose Goku started running from “point A” then flew into open space after having run about 5 meters (~15 feet).

From our perspective it would look like Goku traveled ~100 meters in 10 seconds by covering 5 meters during his first second on land and another 95 in the next 9 seconds while in flight, and this is perfectly reasonable. After all the ki blast he just used travels at hypersonic speeds and these same speeds apply to his running speed.

Goku’s running speed isn’t too bad when you think about it. He can travel up to 5 meters per second on land or underwater (at least when compared to open space). Although if I had to guess where Goku might be the slowest then I would say that during an aerial fight he spends most of his time flying through open space at top speed rather than actually fighting in close quarters with his opponent. Of course these are just guesses…feel free to let me know what you think via the comments section below


Final Thoughts About How Fast Is Goku 

Thought 1: Goku’s ki blast travels at hypersonic speeds, which means his running speed has to be greater than the speed of sound in order for him to cover a distance of 100 meters before the ki blast reaches its target. next time you watch the show on TV, think about these things

Thought 2: Beerus is far enough away that Goku’s ki blast has more than enough time to travel the full 100 meters and while Goku spends about one second traveling at point-blank range (~5 meters), he spends another ~6 seconds flying through open space at maximum hyperspeed (before he starts flying back towards Beerus). Thus the total time spent running at sub-sonic speeds is about six seconds, or three times longer compared to when he runs from point A to B in the city (time depicted in red).

Thought 3:Keep in mind this is only considering the story in a literal sense. If you don’t consider the story in a literal sense then Goku has more than enough time to run 100 meters during his 6 seconds of flying through open space, but he would have to travel faster than the speed of sound for this to be possible.

Thought 4: A perfectly good explanation of why Goku’s running speed isn’t too bad when you think about it. He can travel up to 5 meters per second on land or underwater (at least when compared to open space), and he spends most of his time flying through open space at top speed rather than actually fighting in close quarters with his opponent. Once again this is only considering the story in a literal sense, so if you don’t consider the story in a literal sense then Goku’s top speed remains unknown.

Thought 5:

Goku’s running speed isn’t all that great when you think about it. He can travel up to 10 meters per second on land or underwater (at least when compared to open space), but this would be impossible since there is no way he could cover 100 meters before his opponent launches their ki blast attack…unless he used Instant Transmission of course, but I won’t go into detail about this right now.

Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that if Goku runs at 10 meters per second then this would be his fastest possible speed, and since Beerus is much faster than this (as seen in the images) then Goku’s running speed isn’t worth writing home about…or even leaving a post-it note for Vegeta.


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Jack Reacher Series 1 On Amazon Prime

My Thoughts On Jack Reacher Series One

For Prime Video’s series, former Titans star Alan Ritchson has stepped into the role of Jack Reacher. I have to admit to never watching Titans, but as you guys all know, my thoughts are anyone over 6 foot tall would be a better option than tiny Tommy Cruise. Reacher is described as 6ft 5in tall with hands the size of dinner plates. Cruise is 5ft 7in at the most.  Actually at 6 ft 3″, maybe I should have thrown my name into the ring?

The new Jack Reacher series is an adaptation of the best-selling book by Lee Child and it’s just as action packed. Prime Video released this crime show with 8 episodes so now you can enjoy all those violent scenes! This first series adaptation of Lee Child’s Killing Floor novel was actually better than expected. Plus it really outshines the movies, which were decent but just needed a better star in the main role.

When retired Military Police Officer Jack Reacher is arrested for a murder he did not commit, he finds himself in the middle of a deadly conspiracy full of dirty cops, shady businessmen and scheming politicians. With nothing but his wits, he must figure out what is happening in Margrave, Georgia. The first season of Reacher is based on the international bestseller, The Killing Floor by Lee Child.

Peach Pie And Murder

The town of Margrave, Georgia is a small and seemingly quiet place. That all changes when an Army veteran named Reacher gets arrested by the local police.

Reacher was about to enjoy a slice of peach pie at the town’s diner when he got caught by local law enforcement. An eyewitness claims that they saw him near one scene where there had been some sort-of murder or something? I don’t know what kind’a stuff these people are into down here in Georgia but it sounds delicious!

When a man is found shot, beaten up and covered with an cardboard box his only stranger status makes him the prime suspect. Reacher must now work to prove his innocence as the town chief detective uncovering deep seated corruption. Being sent to jail to be held overnight, is only the start of a long run of incidents.

Here, Reacher soon finds himself in a prison cell with the man who has very quickly confessed to the murder that Reacher himself has been arrested for. Even when quickly cleared of the wrong doing, things that had happened in the jail, got him into thinking mode.  Things were not quite as they seemed, and it was clear he’d been mistaken for someone else, thanks to his new sunglasses. But Reacher knows better than anyone how these things work – so now his job becomes finding evidence before somebody else does!

Corrupt Police Officers

There’s clear evidence to Jack that there is corruption in the police in the town. Police senior investigator Oscar Finlay (Malcolm Godwin), who arrested him, and police officer Roscoe Conklin (Willa Fitzgerald) become the only 2 he can trust. Finlay being the black, university educated detective, who had moved down from Boston. Conklin who explained her family were one of the founders of the town, does become the obligatory conquest.

The three main characters in this series, Reacher, Finlay and Roscoe have all suffered the loss of a loved one. Each grieving their own way; but they are strong people who find strength when it matters most because sometimes life throws us curveballs that can leave any person broken at its center until nothing remains except pain…


What Makes Him Tick?

There is a lot of learning about Reacher, through numerous flashbacks mainly to his childhood and him growing up with brother Joe. This gives a little bit of an insight as to what makes Reacher tick. One thing to note, Joe being the older brother is called Joe, by everyone. Yet Joe and his mum both call Jack, simply Reacher.
Part of what we learn through his childhood is his dislike for bullies, plus his choice to fight violence with more violence. Violence to the extreme at times. This then means as an adult now, thanks in part to his military past, he’s more than happy to kill, where he thinks it is needed.

Will There Be A Jack Reacher Series 2 produced?

Yes indeed! Reacher gets the green light for series 2 just days after debut on Amazon Prime. I will be awaiting Jack Reacher Series 2 with anticipation.

Jack Reacher Series 2

Clearly the main star was happy with the news, as per his comments on Instagram, when he learned of this!

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Kisscartoon Alternatives

I received an email the other week asking about this site, asking if it was legal and would it be safe to use. Amazon Prime is a much safer choice for videos and cartoons!

Is KissCartoon Legal? 

KissCartoon is not legal. They host pirated anime and cartoon movies. in a nutshell!

So Let’s Look At Other Options.

In the mood to binge watch something? You could go for one of our recommendations from last week. Or you could go on a marathon of a different kind and try one of these Kisscartoon alternatives.

Kisscartoon is a website created by Kissanime that contains the same content as kissanime , but in a bit more modern package with higher quality streams, mostly HD. It has quickly grown into an audience favourite due to its ease of use and the wide variety of series it offers. But what happens when you want to binge watch beyond what Kisscartoon offers? What if there isn’t another site out there that can give you everything you want from your anime streaming experience? Luckily for you, we have been searching high and low for some websites that can make your day.

kisscartoon alternatives


Our first recommendation is the AnimeOnDemand website. It has all of Kisscartoon ‘s content, plus a great deal more. It doesn’t offer one-click fansub downloads like Kissanime , but it still offers free streaming in high quality with subs included in them for most series. This site is created by the same people who brought you Batoto , an online reader that all scanlators use to post their releases to (which is why you don’t see many mangas on this list). AnimeOnDemand even has some hidden gems in its release schedule, so keep your eye out for the good stuff!


Another option is Funimation’s website. The only downside here is that their selection is limited to Funimation licensed series, so you won’t find any of the old classics or rare gems here. But if you are looking for something new, Funimation has dozens of simulcasts each season that you can watch on their site (and Kisscartoon ). Their website also streams in HD and supports an HTML5 player which makes it very user friendly. If you follow either one of these websites on Facebook, then they will usually give out free 30-day trials every now and then, but like any other form of online streaming be sure to clear your cookies once the trial is over or else they’ll charge you for another month (make sure to check off the box that says “Don’t auto renew” when clearing your cookies).


Another popular website that doesn’t require any special membership or cable TV package is Daisuki. Unfortunately, this is a website that only the biggest anime fans have heard of since they have been putting all of their content behind a paywall. Granted, most of their stuff is available for free on Kisscartoon as well as Kissanime , but if you want to watch it Daisuki might be your best bet. The catch? Their library has hundreds of series under its belt but only a small percentage are available in English and they don’t give out individual links so you’ll have to search through a list with thousands of entries to find what you’re looking for. But if you don’t mind the time searching then maybe Daisuki can be your first and last anime website.

Gundam .moe

But what if you want to watch some Gundam? Well, there’s Gundam .moe for that! There isn’t a lot of Gundam on this website but hey, at least their library goes above and beyond Kisscartoon ‘s mediocre selection. The same applies to Naruto , though the Naruto content on Kissanime is enough to keep anyone busy for their whole life span. If you’re looking for more great series like those two then we highly recommend checking out AnimeNetwork.


This website has hundreds of titles just like these three mentioned and it even supports mobile viewing, so you’ll never have to worry about not being able to watch something again (it supports ads unlike any other site we’ve mentioned so far). Plus it has a good collection of classics and rare gems too, like Basilisk, Tenchi Muyo! , Vagabond, and Turn A Gundam. If you’re not into paying for your anime then this is one website that won’t charge you (it’s actually free).

But what if you’re still looking for something to watch but don’t have the bandwidth to spare? We got just the thing. For those who want to watch anime on their mobile devices or old laptops, we recommend going with Crunchyroll instead. While they do require a paid membership before watching anything on their site, it does include a small selection of Kisscartoon’s library well as a few other titles that you wouldn’t find on Kisscartoon or .

One last thing that we want to mention is that this website has a few other sections in addition to the anime category. There’s also manga, drama CDs, concerts, Korean dramas, live action dramas based off of popular anime/manga series (such as Dragon Ball , Death Note , and Attack On Titan ), pay per view movies, old school classics like Fist Of The North Star , Berserk , Akira , Ranma 1/2 , Tenchi Muyo!  and Cowboy Bebop, and even English dubs of your favourite Japanese movies! And if for some reason none of those tickles your fancy then you can always go back to watching regular TV and movies on Kissanime .

Okay, so we talked a lot about anime but what if you’re interested in Manga? Well try googling “manga reader.” Trust us, there are tons of websites out there that give you access to online manga for free, some even have an option to download them as well as read them on your computer or mobile device. If none of those works then just stick with Kissmanga  until something better comes along. Some people don’t like it because they say the ads make their experience less enjoyable; we think it’s fine since they help support this website (we also use adblock and not only has it never been a problem for us but we’ve actually found a lot of good recommendations on websites that use ads).

We know this guide is seriously lacking in the manga department but honestly, there are just so many alternatives for anime right now, it’s kind of ridiculous. Even if you’re not into watching shows, to begin with then at least check out some manga, trust us your experience will be way better than using Kissmanga . And that’s about it. There are other sites out there that have different categories like drama CDs or live action dramas based on popular anime/manga series (like Attack On Titan ) but we think these are the best. Like always remember to keep an eye out on The Cart Driver for updates since we periodically make changes to our website however, we always try our best to keep this page up-to-date.


One final site to mention is Crunchyroll. While it requires a paid membership before watching anything on their site, it does include a good selection of Kisscartoon’s library as well as other titles that you wouldn’t find on Kisscartoon.

The website requires a membership fee but also hosts its own anime as well as other media such as drama CDs and live action dramas based on popular anime/manga series (such as Attack On Titan ). The website is ad supported, but they are only shown at the beginning of the video for 5 seconds. For non-members it includes some Kisscartoon (but not all of them) and manga (with more variety than Kissmanga).


Final Thoughts

Please be aware of visiting sites that are illegal, that are hosting pirated material. Downloading from these sites can leave you facing court action, but being caught streaming also carries a risk if caught. We often try to find alternate options to pirate sites.

If you have any questions about this article please direct them to the comment section below. All of these sites mentioned above were used for research purposes when coming up with our list so hopefully, it’ll be helpful to you too!

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What Is Drogontv And Is It Any Good?

Drogontv – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

We all want to watch our favourite television show, but don’t have time to sit in front of the TV for countless hours. The team at Drogontv know that feeling and that is why we are here. Instead of me talking about it here just download the app and see what it’s all about! Oh did I mention it is free!?

Drogontv is an application that allows you to watch TV shows, movies and other streams on your phone or tablet. It’s good to know that all the content inside the app is suitable for children so it’s safe!

We are always looking for new sources for live TV, Movies and much more so if you got what we need don’t be afraid to send us a message. We will reply quickly!

Do You Need A VPN For Drogontv?

NO! We do not need any kind of VPN for Drogontv to work.

If you want more information on our app, feel free to read the article below:

What is Drogontv and how does it work?

Simply put, Drogontv is the creation of users who wanted to watch free live Tv and movies, listen to music or see your favourite sports game without running out of battery. The people behind Drogontv are passionate individuals who know what it takes to make a wonderful streaming app for all android devices. We hope you enjoy this app as much as we do! If not, feel free to suggest us ways in which we can improve or even if you find an error in the app. That is why we are here, to make this app the best it can be! Hint: you don’t need a VPN or any other means to get access.

Just Another App?

Drogontv isn’t just another entertainment app, Drogontv is your life in one application.* If you are looking for an application that contains all kinds of television shows, movies and even has some sports games then what are you waiting for? Download Drogontv and begin your journey to a life full of entertainment.

What Can I Watch With Drogontv?

Drogontv has numerous amounts of different TV shows, movies and even music. In the future, they are planning on adding more content so stay tuned! If you have some suggestions feel free to share them with us below or by using the contact button at the bottom of this page! It’s good to know that all the content inside Drogontv is suitable for children so it’s safe!

Why Is Drogontv So Popular?

We asked ourselves that question multiple times but after figuring out how it works, it’s simple! We allow users like yourself to easily access our app without having any type of complicated registration process. Simply download the app and start watching!

Do You Need A VPN?

NO! We do not need any kind of VPN for Drogontv to work. Our application is specially designed so it can be used anywhere even without a stable internet connection or wifi. If you want to know more about our wonderful app then feel free to check out this article: What is Drogontv and how does it work

Download now for free on the google play store by clicking here! (Tutorial Below)

*Drogontv contains prerecorded videos that are meant only as time pass. Drogontv doesn’t host, produce or own these and they are strictly meant for the fun and entertainment of the user. Drogontv does not endorse any kind of illegal activity or copyright infringement.


1- Click on “Install” and it would start downloading. It may take a few minutes depending on your Internet speed.

2- After the download completes, click on INSTALLED button in the settings menu to launch the application.

3 –Toggle Dolby Audio option ON by clicking the speaker icon at the bottom right corner

4- Enjoy streaming movies music shows using the Drogontv app (No need for VPN) *Drogontv contains prerecorded videos that are meant only as a time pass. Drogontv doesn’t host, produce or own these and they are strictly meant for the fun and entertainment of the user. Drogontv does not endorse any kind of illegal activity or copyright infringement.

It appears you can watch live tv channels shows free on android device smart tv box firestick google Chromecast Roku. Stream all TV channels, sports events, movies and music for free using Internet protocol (IPTV). Install Drogontv like an app on your Android smartphone or tablet to stream live IPTV directly to your big screen. Enjoy watching sports matches, news, best films online, kids TV series and more with the same experience as if you were in front of your TV set.

Watch hundreds of great UK live streaming television channels including movies, news, kids channels, music & radio for free with Drogontv. They stream live UK TV channels free on Android devices or smart TVs including Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Vizio Smart TV and more.

What About IPTV?

No need to set up your IPTV provider box anymore! As easy as it gets. If you are tired of paying expensive cable bills or you just want to cut your costs every month then read our tutorial “How to use Drogontv” in 4 simple steps below:

First step: is by installing an app called Kodi on any of the mentioned supported streaming devices which in this case is Amazon FireStick.

Step 2: Install Kodi on Amazon FireStick Step by Step Guide – Activate Kodi on FireStick. Now go on the Home Screen on your Amazon FireStick device and click “Apps” on top of the menu on the Firestick home screen. You will see a list of applications installed in your Amazon FireStick, Choose Kodi from this list and open it. It will take several seconds to load Kodi, don’t worry just wait patiently for a few seconds.

After Kodi is loaded, go to “Settings” at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the home screen. In Settings Window find out “Developer Options” and enable these 2 options: Turn On ADB Debugging – Enable USB Debugging…

Step 3: Now go back to Home Screen, you can see an icon called Downloader or Browser app which is usually located at the topmost row of the home screen on Amazon FireStick. Just open this app, you will see a URL field with “http://” written in front of it.

Now type the following link exactly as it is: and click GO Button which is located at the bottom right corner of your Amazon FireStick remote. Be patient for a few seconds… Kodi 17 Krypton On Your Amazon FireStick

Step 4: Now wait for a few minutes (maybe up to one or two minutes but not more) for the download to complete. By the time the download completes it would have finished installing Kodi 17 Krypton on Amazon FireStick. Now you can enjoy all your favourite TV shows, movies free without having to be bothered about buffering or connectivity problems because now you are streaming IPTV over the internet! This is how easy it is to install Kodi 17 Krypton on Amazon FireStick using Drogontv app in 4 simple steps. does not endorse any kind of illegal activity or copyright infringement. This article is here for information and to answer emails received asking about this topic. Here’s our final comment, that we’ve said before;

If you want to run the risk of using these types of sites, do so at your own peril. Wear your big boys pants if you get caught and prosecuted!

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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Release Date

After the huge popularity of the first season, this was the obvious question. When is Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 being released to the millions of fans? With the books proving s popular as ever, this is a growing trend in popularity. Jujutsu Kaisen, Vol. 13 (13) Paperback which was released on Amazon Kindle in December 7, 2021, is currently the latest book. Also available in book version too.

Jujutsu Kaisen: What is it About?

Jujutsu Kaisen is a famous manga series written and illustrated by Kawaguchi Kaiji. The first season began in April 2002 and ended in December 2003. Its sequel, originally named Jujutsu 2, started publishing much later — on July 9, 2010 — and is currently ongoing.

The story follows the world of MMA and the life of its main character, Yawara Inoue. He is a famous judo master who got more interested in MMA after watching the first UFC tournament. However, he is the only person in Japan that has not allowed to compete in it because of his past achievements.

Yawara was one of the most promising young sportsmen, but his life was changed after a traumatic incident. While still playing judo at school, he became aware that his sister’s physical education teacher had an eye on her. To protect the girl from harassment and rape, Yawara decided to put her teacher in his place and got badly beaten for it.

Jujutsu Kaisen was a massive success for 2021 and even rated in the Top Category among the best anime of 2021.. It even brought Kawaguchi Kaiji an award for being the best seinen mangaka in 2021.

In 2021, a series of live-action movies were released that were based on the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. They followed closely to the original storyline and featured a few cameos from notable seiyuus, such as Han Megumi and Chiba Shigeru.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Release Date

As of now, there has been no official announcement about Jujutsu Kaisen season 2. However, the ending of the final episode of ‘Juushin Enbu’ anime series promises that we can expect it sometime in 2021. After airing 24 episodes, the series was finalized in March 2021 and this was so popular, it was being asked about the second series straight away.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2: Will there be another season?

If you are a big fan of the series, now is the time to show your support for this anime so it can be renewed for another round. A simple way to do this would be to rate the anime on Anime-Planet or MyAnimeList. On social media sites, use #JuushinEnbuSeason2 or #獣神演武 Season 2 in your posts to let the producers know that you want more.

jujutsu kaisen season 2

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Spoilers

The story of Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 is not expected to follow Anju, the main character’s sister, who was killed in the second part of the first season. Instead, it will focus more on Seidou, who is a former ring fighter and probably Yawara’s best friend.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Speculations/Theories

In one of the popular theories about Jujutsu Kaisen, there is a theory that suggests the story actually follows two timelines.

One is set in the past when Yawara was still a judoka and when Anju had not yet died (during his university years). The other timeline is set in 2021, many years later after all of that happened.

It can be hypothesized that in 2021, Yawara becomes the head of a brand new MMA league, but has to deal with many obstacles from those who do not want his tournament to succeed.

Juushin Enbu Season 2: Conclusion

As of March 2021, Kawaguchi Kaiji is still working on the Jujutsu season 2 manga and it is expected that 2022 will be a big year for the manga’s fans, who are still hoping to hear some news about its development.

However, until there is any official announcement about the market release of Jujutsu Kaisen season 2, it’s best not to get your hopes up yet. We know how many anime fans eagerly wait for a new installment in their favorite series, but it is still only a speculation at this point.

When there are more news about the “Juushin Enbu” anime, we will update it on our website so stay tuned.

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Bridgerton Season 2 Release Date Revealed

Ready For Bridgerton Season 2 ?

Bridgerton Season 2 is perfect for those of you who like period dramas such as Downton Abbey and the likes, here’s news for you. It looks like everyone’s favorite matchmaker is back for more in 2022, with the Bridgertons again ready to make romances work in whatever way they can.  If you’ve not read the book, you can read Bridgerton [TV Tie-in] (Bridgertons Book 1) Paperback – December 1, 2020 through this link to buy it. Or if you prefer, you can binge on books 1-8 here. This set includes The Duke and I, The Viscount Who Loved Me, An Offer from a Gentleman, Romancing Mister Bridgerton, To Sir Phillip With Love, When He Was Wicked, It’s In His Kiss, and On the Way to the Wedding.

According to Simon & Schuster, not only has Season 2 of The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After been confirmed in time for next year, but this time there’ll be two books instead of just one! They’ve also given us a pretty great name too – Bridgerton: Mad About The Marquess . last year on January 21, Netflix announced that it had renewed Bridgerton for a second season.

bridgerton season 2 release date

Bridgerton Season 2

Mark your calendars! Bridgerton Season 2 will premiere on March 25, 2022.

Netflix announced this delightful news with an even more delightful video of cast members reading from a special edition of Whistledown.

Season 2 is based on The Viscount Who Loved Me, the second book of the Bridgerton series. Don’t forget to read before you watch…

bridgerton season 2

Bridgerton Season 2: When is it going to be Released?

Though exact release months aren’t available, we do know that Bridgerton Season 2 will be launching in the first half of 2022. If it follows the same timeline as the previous books in the series, then this means that it should come out at around March or April.

Bridgerton Season 2 Release Date Revealed

Bridgerton Season 2: What happens in it?

While no plot spoilers are available yet, author Eloisa James has given us some hints to keep us excited about what’s to come. Firstly, she says that these books will continue with Hyacinth and Gregory’s family – so expect to see more of all your favorite characters! She also said in her blog post announcing her next book deal that both titles will feature ‘scheming mothers’:

“I know I always say this, but the next few books are really special to me because both of them have scheming mothers. And one has an evil stepmother.”

This also demonstrates that these two new Bridgerton stories will continue with Hyacinth’s family, as she is Gregory’s sister. We can’t wait! Stay tuned for more details as they come in…

Bridgerton On NetFlix

If you missed Season 1, we’ve got good news for you!

The first season of the Bridgerton mini-series is now available to watch on NetFlix, and it’s a great chance to catch up on what happened before the new series comes out. The eight part show originally aired during March and April through 2020 – here’s what our reviewer thought of it::

“In short, The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After wasn’t quite as fantastic as Downton Abbey , but Netflix has definitely scored themselves another huge hit with this one. It’ll make a fabulous Valentine’s Day binge-watch event later this next month.”


About Julia Quinn

Julia Quinn is one of only sixteen members of Romance Writers of America’s Hall of Fame, her books have been translated into 29 languages at the time of this article being published. Her next book comes out May 2022. Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron is a high-spirited nineteenth-century romp that will entertain and enchant modern readers.

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn, comes her first playfully illustrated graphic novel. Based on story snippets that are peppered throughout a number of her novels and enjoyed by her characters who read them, this is that tale in its entirety—an irresistible treat for her fans who are in the know and pure entertainment for all others

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First Dates TV


Entertainment Factor

This is one of the few tv shows I’ll watch, when I get time or more importantly remember to do so.
It’s funny, it can be sad at times but it’s also got a lot of the WTF moments. Yes WTF is just that – What The Fuck.

When we get a chance to sit and watch it, we’ll often try to guess people’s ages before they’re revealed. You’d be surprised how many times we are wrong, and sometimes by a country mile. When Janice sits down and we’re guessing 55 and 53 and it appears on the screen she is only 46, we kind of cringe.

The screening questions must be quite specific for sure. How many times do we see people who are into the exact same band or hobby? I recall one episode when the 2 contestants had both been to Ibiza closing party the week before at the same club and had also been in the USA at the same club at the same week months previous.


Just like the dates, nothing is scripted, all of the conversations are genuine. If you wonder about the toilet scenes, it appears that the producers ask a lot of the people to go to the toilet at some part of their time in the restaurant to make that phone call to family/friends. I do have to say, I cringe at times when the person is drooling on about how they are smitten, how they could be the one for them and even mention marriage. Then we see 10 minutes later how they’re not even wanted for a second date. Ouch!

French Maitre D’ Fred Sirieix

” Ooh La La ” kind of sums up a lot of the females taking part in the show, as his eyes sparkle as he welcomes them into the restaurant. Indeed some of these females really are ohh la la and dress to impress. Fred is both welcoming and friendly, often asking people how their date is going and even giving advice to the shy and retiring types.


The Actual Daters

Granted it’s not in every single episode, but at least twice a week you’ll see the WTF people turn up. You know the types, they look like freak, they look like a nerd, they look like they’re 100 or they look like a hooker on their way to work.


The Freak

Dresses like a 1960s rockstar with his dyed blond hair and fake tan, he is wearing a purple velvet jacket and has gold chains and rings on show. He worked as a roadie for some unknown band in the 1970s when he was 17 and saw Jimmy Page at the other side of the room one time, so he’s still clinging on this claim to fame.

Another is the SteamPunk guy who is a teacher at a college ( Yes this guy did exist ) and was about as socially aware as the goggles he had slung around his throat. It’s not hard to see why he has never dated, let alone gone any further with a female. God help his self esteem when he’s back to teaching the 16-18 year olds who see him fall flat on his face.


The Nerd

Looks like a nerd, has a nerdy haircut, often wears glasses, looks uncomfortable outdoors and away from his computer gaming workstation in his bedroom. His best ever bedroom action was getting to the top of the leaderboard with his all time high score in Doom 2021. What tends to happen though is the guy who is the gaming stay at home in the dark guy not only is boring but looks as boring as fuck too.

Socially inept, finds conversation hard to come by, unless it’s about the latest version of War Hammer. Cannot use a knife and fork to save his life. Orders rack or ribs and ends up covered in sauce.

The female nerds tend to be younger and attractive, have nerdy jobs as opposed to just having gaming nerdy hobbies.

The Ancient

Some of these people you look at as they’re first seen and think, yes he or she looks like a nice, genuine person. Worked in a professional life, are educated and still have a lot to offer someone. These are the types you hope get to meet someone similar. They’re the ones who are 70 but look very late 50s.
Then come the ones who are half in their grave, who are 70 but look like they’re 100 next week. They have zero to no dress sense, no social awareness and their expectations are beyond belief.
” I’m Peggy, and I’m wanting a guy who can treat me like a princess. I don’t have a pot to piss in, but I want someone who is younger than me and who is ready to give up all his hobbies and friends and spend time with me”

The Hooker

Dresses like a hooker, speaks like a numpty, has long legs and/or big tits so wears the lowest of the low tops and a micro skirt that shows off what she ate for breakfast almost. States she is looking for Mister NiceGuy but also like the Geezers who treat her like shit, because that’s what she’s used to. Has 3 of her previous boyfriends names tattooed on her thigh and her IQ is almost 50.

Not sure what to order, can’t understand the menu and would prefer a Nandos or chicken nuggets.


The Geezer

This is the guy who thinks he is God’s Gift to women. Walks in with that air of confidence then gives it large to Fred. Wearing shirtsleeves because he’s hard. Just had his eyebrows and facial hair trimmed that morning. Shirt is open 2 or 3 buttons, gold chains on show. Bright white teeth, couple of tats on show. Doesn’t really have a type of women he’s after, ” anything with a pulse will do ”
Doesn’t even listen to her saying her name, he’s talking over her and telling her how wonderful she is. Orders a Peroni from the bar, to show he is classy and not a pint of Carlsberg type of geezer.

Walking to the table, he gives the waitresses the once over just for good measure.

Would you go back if you were rejected?

There are some people who I think should go back, they seemed genuine people and for whatever reason never made it out of the door with the one they met up with. There are others who you understand why they were rejected the first time and they’ll get rejected every other time in all honesty!

Is It Really People Dating?

Although I have never been on the show, it seems it is all real people on real dates. You look at some couples and think, yeah they’re both down to earth and look good together. Others you look at and think WTF is she doing with him or him with her.

Where Is It Filmed?

Paternoster Chop House near St Paul’s Cathedral in London, although it’s closed to the public while filming, so ensure you check availability if you are wanting to eat there. In case you are wondering Merlin, Sam, CiCi and Laura don’t actually work there, so if you go when it’s open to the public, don’t be expecting to see them or Fred.

You can find out more about the Chop House on their website here.



I wonder how many women sit there and expect the guy to pick up the bill, even though they know they are not going to see him again?

How many people have totally unrealistic expectations?


Would you go on the show?  You can apply here.


I also enjoy the First Dates Hotel, but I have zero interest in the First Dates Teen series.

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Amazon Prime Day Don’t Miss It.

Amazon Prime Day 


You’ve heard of Black Friday, yeah? The name that was given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving in the USA. More recently they’ve added Cyber Monday where the electronics and electricals are sold cheap. Well, the good news is you can buy plenty of Christmas gifts and birthday presents earlier in the year.


When Is Amazon Prime Day This Year?


One way to find out is to ask your friend; “Alexa, when is Prime Day?” Prime Day is the middle of July, so for 2019, these dates fall on 15th & 16th July. What most people don’t understand is there are also offers available beforehand. These Pre-prime deals are also available just for Prime Members. You can even use the search engines, just type in ‘ when is prime day and hopefully the correct answer comes back.


How Do You Get These Offers?

Prime Day starts with signing up for AmazonPrime, believe it or not. Yes, it really is that simple. Just sign up!

There are some great savings to be had, some good savings and there are also a few quite average discounts. Keep in mind though, these are being offered with the free delivery, so that is an extra bonus.


There are other advantages with Prime, we really enjoy the video and tv services. There’s great viewing with some Prime Original series, which are only available to watch as a Prime customer.

We covered the tv and film aspect here briefly, but there are plenty of great series, shows, and films. Literally, something for all the family to enjoy.


Premier League Football On Prime

I bet you weren’t aware of this? Well, you can watch 20 Premier League games live & exclusive on Prime Video this December.  No better way to recover from the Christmas Day festivities, than spend a day watching all the Boxing Day Premiership games. Now might be the time to grab the new TV you’ve been promising yourself and get sat down to enjoy great viewing.

Prime Day Shopping

Try Prime Video

Never experienced this service? Get your Free Trial of Prime Video Here and you can enjoy the following;

Enjoy unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows
Watch anywhere, anytime with unlimited access throughout the UK
Download movies and TV to their mobile or tablet to watch offline
Watch Amazon Originals in HDR on living room devices
Watch exclusive hit TV shows before they air on British TV
Get unlimited, FREE One-Day Delivery on millions of items
Borrow books from a choice of over 500,000 titles from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
Secure unlimited photo storage with anywhere access
Listen to over 2 million songs on Prime Music


It’s enough to make The Fat Lad as happy as a pig in muck.

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A New Life In The Sun With Dumb & Dumber

” Disaster strikes again as Bill and Betty have 24 guests arriving in 45 minutes and they still have to build the second bedroom”

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind watching a bit of tv from time to time and this is a show that I enjoyed the first series. What seems to have happened now though is the majority of the people in this show couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

” With guests arriving tomorrow, Sandra decides to try the shower and sinks in the gite, to ensure the water is connected”. Shock, horror although they have owned the place 8 months, they haven’t bothered to check the water or the electrics work in the gite, they’ve just decorated and built up a new bed from IKEA. No running water, but the curtains look pretty!

A New Life In The Sun The Carry On Film Version

” Claudia has rented this stunning 9 bedroom villa in Southern Spain for a whopping £3k a month on a 24 month lease and wants to open a yoga retreat. She needs this to work as she has tied all her money up in this new venture”

Maybe Claudia should have asked that one, all-important question prior to signing her life away with this 2-year lease. The question being;     ‘Is this property totally legal for me to run a business here’

Clearly asking this would save the heartache and embarrassment of finding you cannot run any business nor use it for any type of business, because it’s an illegal build. Not to worry, instead of charging your £500 a week ( excluding flights ) for your yoga retreat spa breaks, you can go to the market to sell your cheap and cheerful yoga pants instead.

Spain – Andalusia – Marbella


Described as – Series following intrepid expats as they chase a dream life in the sun. It’s more like watching Mission Impossible at times. yeah Fat Freddy who has supped 20 pints a week in his local, decides to sell up and move to Benidorm because he wants to open a British themed pub there. He’s never run a pub, nor even worked behind the bar but that’s not stopping him.

Next on the list is Maria, who after getting a divorce has decided to move abroad and set up as a hairdresser in Marbella. She’s going to work from home to save on costs and operate as a mobile hairstylist to the ex-pat community. She’s bringing across her 5 kids and 3 dogs, coming in her trusty 2003 Nissan minibus.

Finally, in this episode we drop into the French countryside to check out the new B&B operation run by Michael and his husband also called Michael. They both left high flying corporate jobs and have opened this business under a new name, after buying it as a going concern from the previous owners. Despite both Micheals never running any form of hotel or B&B, neither being a chef, never worked in hospitality and neither speaking a word of French, they decided to move to France for a new way of life. As funds are tight, they have decided not to employ staff but do all the jobs themselves and also rely on Google translate.


As they’ve no bookings they have decided to have an open day and invite all the locals round to visit their new business. Luckily one of their new neighbours speaks a little English and has offered to help promote the event. This will give the boys a chance to show off their culinary skills, by laying out some cold meat, cheese, pieces of cut up bread, a couple of dishes of nibbles and of course copious amounts of wine.


Now don’t get me wrong, I love new ideas, I love that people want to leave dull, boring jobs in the grey, cold and wet of the UK. Yes, it’s fucking fantastic to be sat outdoors at 7am, enjoying the sunshine, enjoying the freshly squeezed orange juice and having a coffee for 9 months of the year. If you have a trade under your belt, such as a plumber then go for it. The ex-pat areas are always looking for jobs doing, repairs to their homes. Hey, it’s easier to deal with a guy who speaks the same lingo as you, rather than risk getting lost in translation.

What I’d say though is use your common sense. Why try to open a British Bar in the middle of Benidorm, to compete with the other 100 down the same street. They all offer Sky tv for sport, Boddingtons on draught and a full English fry up. All you’re doing here is competing on price. Ever ask yourself why these bars are easy and cheap to buy? Because the previous 10 tenants have lost a fortune, found it too hard and packed up and gone. Do something different!


What Is Different?

Run a B&B in France or in Spain but add value. If you’re in the middle of a cycling or motorbiking tourist route, then cater for these people. If you have a large enough plot, look at running a campsite or caravan pitches. If fishing is your thing, buy a place with a lake and offer fishing holiday. People want more than a square box shaped room, so a nice French Gite or a rustic Spanish Cortijo is a better choice to buy. If you’re able to offer something more, then this gives you additional revenue streams. Cooking classes, pottery making, glass blowing, cycling holidays, bird watching or the fishing lake setting.


Take inspiration and ideas from the show, but please do your homework first. Remember it’s fine going to Lloret de Mar each year for 2 weeks of laying in the sun, drinking 5 pints every night and doing sweet FA for your time there. Life’s much different living and more importantly working in the sun. 40 degrees during the day in July and August is energy sapping. learn about different places in Spain, take time to visit them. It’s even worth taking a month off and doing a rental in the area you’re interested in or doing a 3 week road trip, visiting several different resorts or areas and getting a feel for the places. Same applies to France, check out the different areas and regions by researching, then go and visit them.


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Suits Season 9

Yes, it’s been confirmed that Suits Season 9 will be happening however, this will be the last series ( so they say ).

I have to admit when Suits first came out, I overheard someone in a bar explaining in detail how naff it was, how it was quite boring and just a newer version of LA Law. They went on to say Boston Legal was so much better. As someone who has chuckled at Boston Legal, that kind of made my mind up.

So fast forward 3 1/2 years and I’m flicking about on Amazon Prime Video and saw Suits, so I decided to give it a whirl. I grabbed a can of beer, got the tv set up and jumped on the couch. Was it any good? I watched all 12 episodes of series 1, in one sitting. The next day I watched half of season 2, again all in one session.

Seriously if you’ve never seen it, I suggest you get watching it, starting here at season one.

Main Characters


SUITS — Season:5 — Pictured: (l-r) Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen, Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt — (Photo by: Nigel Parry/USA Network)

Harvey Specter;

High flying, determined, hardworking and to some self-centred and arrogant. Driven by a desire to win, wears $12k suits, looks good and is an intelligent Senior Partner at the Manhattan law firm of Pearson Hardman. As one of their flamboyant corporate lawyers, his office is a record collectors dream and is littered with sporting memorabilia, from his clients such as Michael Jordan.


Donna Paulsen;

What she doesn’t know about office comings and goings, isn’t worth knowing. Previously worked with Harvey when he was an assistant district attorney prior to coming to work for the firm. She knows Harvey inside and out, can read him like a book and knows him better than everyone else.
Smart, sassy, yet very protective of him, Donna is the perfect wingman in the role as his PA.


Louis Litt;

Comes across as an insecure person. Loves to laud his authority over the first and second year associates. Really felt his nose pushed out when Harvey was made Senior Partner ahead of him. Louis made the mistake of welcoming back a disgraced former partner Daniel Hardman, who promoted Louis to Senior Partner in an effort to rock the boat in an ongoing battle with Managing Partner Jessica Pearson ( played by Gina Torres ). Louis went from a loathsome, nasty piece of work to someone who the view could feel sorry for. He’s the sad, lonely, workaholic type, who has no friends in or out of the office. His good feature is he is a profit generating machine,who brings in the most billable hours out of all the attornies in the company.

Mike Ross;

Fell on his feet by getting hired in the most unusual situation. A super intelligent conman who was selling weed, but is blessed with a photographic memory. Harvey hires him, despite knowing he’s never passed any exams to be a lawyer. This double team work together and make a great pairing. Harvey is Mikes mentor and there’s a kind of bond which highlights how Mike is protected from interference in the workplace by Harvey, to the extent when Jessica tells him to fire Mike, he basically informs her if Mike goes then he goes too. Mike also has a very on and off relationship/friendship with Rachel Zane ( played by the now very famous Meghan Markle).


Other Characters Of Interest.

Daniel Hardman;

Founding partner who was found to be stealing money, but when caught claimed it was for his dying wifes cancer treatment. He left the firm but made a comeback to try to oust Jessica as the Managing Partner. Played impressively by the wonderful David Costabile ( who I think is great as Wags in Billions ), this role is suited ( no pun intended ) for him as Daniel, the scheming, conniving backstabbing chap.

SUITS — “He’s Back” Episode 214 — Pictured: David Costabile as Daniel Hardman — (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)


Jessica Pearson;

She’s the boss and people know it. A fine lawyer in her own right, she runs Pearson Hardman and is determined that Daniel will not regain control. She frowns upon Harvey’s tricks and stunts, but deep down these are the type of tactics she’d have pulled herself to get what she wanted. Not one to take prisoners, feisty is one word to describe the character played by Gina Torres.

SUITS — Season: 2 — Pictured: Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson — (Photo by: Robert Ascroft/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank)


What Else?

Over the 8 series, there have been guest appearances by several well-known actors, such as Dulé Hill who I first saw as Charlie Hill in the West Wing. Wendell Pierce who I prefer in Suits to his part in the tv series of Jack Ryan, where he plays James Greer. Here in Suits, he plays Robert Zane the father of Rachel Zane, who is another determined and successful lawyer in his own right. We also see in 3 episodes Titus Welliver, who plays Harry Bosch in the tv series of the same name. Bruce McGill who played Daniel Simpson Day in the 1979 movie Animal House ( one of my all time favourite films ) appears in 3 episodes in series 7.

Series 8 was great in itself, so will Suits Season 9 top it off? Time will tell.


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