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How To Move Peloton Bike Easily

How To Move Peloton Bike To A Different Room

Many Peloton bike riders have enjoyed setting up at home and enjoying using the equipment. There does however come a time when people need to move. This could be either moving to a new home or switching the rooms.

This isn’t a problem if you have a home with more than one space to work out in. If not, the only way to move is by disassembling the whole machine and reassembling it somewhere else.

How To Move Peloton Bike

Other Options To Consider

Here are some other options that you can consider instead of moving the Peloton Bike from your current location:

Use Peloton Digital– This allows you to stream classes from any device. There is not live class option but there is a TON of content available on demand after watching instructors for each ride! The cost per month is additional but can save having to swap rooms.

Purchase a second Peloton Bike– I know this requires an investment of $2000+ but if you love cycling and want another bike in your home, this is an option.

Purchasing a Third Party Bike– There are some great options that are priced right where you can purchase one for less than half of what the Peloton is priced at. I have done hours of research and hope to make a blog post on my top three choices in the coming weeks! This allows you to keep your current Peloton without needing to move it or reassemble.

how to relocate with a peloton bike

Moving Your Peloton Bike – What You Need to Know

If you need to move your Peloton bike, here is what you’ll need:

-A friend or two helpers who can make the transfer with you.  They will help reassemble in the new location.  Unless they are strong cyclists, I would recommend having someone experienced helping out just in case any of the pieces don’t fit together well when attempting.  I have helped friends before and it’s not fun swearing at a $2000+ piece of equipment trying to get it into place!

-Garmin remote control for metrics readouts- It is helpful if you want to keep track of your RPMs while moving the bike from room to room.  You can use a phone instead but it is more difficult to operate while attempting to reassemble.

-A Philips screwdriver and Allen wrench for assembling/dissembling.  They come in the Peloton box with all of the tools required.  The most challenging part about this process is having everything available, without them, you will be stuck on your indoor trainer trying to figure out how to take it apart!

-Slip resistant pads: If you plan on moving your Peloton Bike often or down any type of carpeted stairs, I would recommend purchasing slip resistant pads similar to these. If not, they are great for protecting floors during workouts!

-A large vehicle capable of fitting the Peloton box in it!  Small sedans or SUVs may be able to get it into your car but just barely depending on how big of a trunk space/back seat space they have available.

To put it simply – It is possible but it requires some know-how and patience! If not, there are other options that can help allow you to keep riding at your current location without needing to move it or reassemble in a new room.

Peloton Removal Ideas

How To Move Your Peloton Bike

How to move your Peloton bike from one place to another with the least hassle. This is a step-by-step guide on transferring ownership of your Peloton bike, including disassembling and reassembling for transport.

Step 1 – Disassemble Peloton Bike & Prepare Box for Transporting

Most importantly, you should always unplug or remove the battery before attempting any assembly/disassembly procedures to prevent any possible electrical hazards!  Ensure that all tools are available to complete the task at hand before starting!

Step 2 – Remove pedals & seat post using provided Allen wrench tool


Step 3 – Slide seat and handlebars forward and lift them off the front support post

Be careful not to scratch the paint on the seat or bike frame when removing it. If you do not have a cloth available, use a soft towel/rag instead to avoid scratching surfaces during the removal of parts.  Ensure that all tools are available to complete the task at hand before starting! Ensure there is enough space in the box for each piece when packing for transport later on.

Step 4 – Take out pedals using provided Allen wrench tool

WARNING: If you do not have an Allen wrench tool, it is strongly recommended to seek assistance from someone who has experience with these tools in order to prevent any possible injuries or damages.

Step 5 – Take out seat using provided Allen wrench tool


Step 6 – Place pedals & seat back into Peloton bike casing for transporting purposes


Step 7 – Remove tablet & attached bracket & prepare tablet for transport

Ensure that all tools are available to complete the task at hand before starting!

Step 8 – Place Peloton Tablet in Peloton Bike box for easy transporting

Step 9 – Place Peloton Tablet Bracket in Peloton Bike box for re-assembly

Step 10 – Place screen cover in Peloton Bike Box to protect the screen during transportation

Place any accessories (i.e.: carry bag, water bottle holder) into Peloton bike casing or extra space available depending on your preference.  Ensure that there is enough space when packing the box so that it will not break open during transit.

Step 11 – Close up peloton bike casing and make there is no parts left inside

Place Peloton bike casing onto a sturdy flat surface, ensuring no loose parts inside the box before closing it up.

Step 12 – Place bike casing into Peloton Box for easy transporting

This step will protect your Peloton bike during transit to ensure it arrives safely and undamaged at your new location!

Step 13 – Place Peloton Box upright & tighten straps down to secure

Make sure you have tightened all of the straps securely before placing the weight of the bike on top so as not to compromise its safety. You can contact @Pelotondevices support via Twitter or through their link: if you have any questions at all, they are very helpful & will guide you through the process.

Fat Lad Says how to relocate your peloton bike easily

How To Relocate With A Peloton Bike Final Thoughts

This equipment isn’t the cheapest, so it’s always worth taking time and getting help from a friend or family member. Keep all the parts together and ensure you use suitable packing to protect the items.

I hope this information helps!  Happy moving 🙂

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