Death Moth Tattoo Meaning Revealed

February 8, 2022

What Is The Meaning Of The Death Moth Tattoo?

Ever Wondered About The Death Moth Tattoo Meaning?

I have been asked what tattoos I have seen on friends and if they all really mean something. In this post, the death moth tattoo meaning will be discussed.

The Death Moth Tattoo Design

In Buddhism one of the main precepts is “Life is suffering”. This has been interpreted in many different ways by artists over the years. The death moth represents a particular interpretation of these principles which makes up a major part of Buddhist teachings known as Dharma or “the law”. When we die, our spirit leaves our body and goes on to another life form either animal, human or other depending on how we died. For example – if you were unlucky enough to get yourself killed by a speeding train then your next incarnation would probably be in snail form. As Buddhists believe in conservation of merit, you are unlikely to get yourself killed by a train next time around so the probability is that your new incarnation will be in human form. The reason why death moths are so attracted to light is because humans emit large amounts of carbon dioxide when they breath out which attracts the most likely food source for future human beings – aphids! So next time you switch on a light – don’t swat it otherwise it could come back to haunt you in your next life!!!

Buddhist Dharma Interpretations

This represents one interpretation of Buddhism’s ideas about death and reincarnation. I personally love this idea but there are lots of different ways it can be by artists working with these concepts. The death moth tattoos below are all black, which represents the Buddhist teaching of impermanence. They have no real form but are just outlines – representing how nothing is permanent. Some people only get the outline only, while others may get it filled in so that they can see more clearly what the design actually looks like

It means to hold on to your hope because you’ll never know where life will take you!

Death Moth Tattoo Designs and Ideas

The design has also been used in comics (e.g X-men) where it has been made even more fantastical or weird by giving it wings and other things. Some other tattoos use similar designs but try and turn it into something beautiful and delicate so to represent the impermanence of beauty…

The image here represents how we carry bad karma with us from one life to another, as can be seen by the moth carrying a skull. If you have done bad things then the bad energy just goes on and manifests itself in ugly ways such as this! This tattoo is meant to remind us that we should always lead good lives otherwise our future forms could just keep getting worse and worse until we end up as a cockroach or rat!!

This design really looks quite fantastic because of all the colors used, which make it look extra evil! This would be a great tattoo for a Gothic style girl!!

It’s about not getting caught in repeating bad habits like cutting yourself – you need to move forward!

Death Moth Circles

I always thought that these tattoos were meant to represent how everything goes in circles, all life forms are recycled and reborn into new forms. However, I have since come across this explanation which sounds more plausible than my original one!! It is based on the Buddhist teaching of Samsara which is the state of being bound to endless cycles of death and rebirth. The idea is that we go through continuous cycles of birth, death, and re-birth according to our actions (karma) in former lives without ever attaining liberation from this endless cycle. This tattoo is good for people who feel trapped in a situation where they just keep going round and round in circles – not getting anywhere!!

Death Moth Meaning as a Half sleeve

This is a great half sleeve tattoo which has been worked up to look like the wings of the moth have been drawn over the ones on this person’s forearm. I really love how it has turned out, almost giving a 3D effect! This would be a very difficult design to pull off but if you are thinking about getting a moth tattoo then maybe this one would make a good reference point for you!!!

Doesn’t this look fantastic?! It looks more like an oil painting or at least part of one with some kind of weird monster from outer space emerging from within it. That is what gives an extra sense of depth to this tattoo.

The Death Moth Meaning is that it represents our hate for all things evil – creating good out of bad!!!

Death Moth meaning as a Tattoo Cover Up

This design has been used to cover up an ugly flower tattoo, which the owner didn’t really like anymore. Although you might think that moth tattoos look quite similar they can make a huge difference if drawn with different ideas in mind – I’m sure you will agree! This one looks fantastic and sometimes just changing the background color of your design can have great effects on how it turns out too!! Notice also how much more detail she has now got with her new tattoo!!

That’s exactly what these moths are representing. are drawn in profile so that they can be either facing to the right or left. This is because when you look at them like this then it creates an image of death’s head! It also represents how we should learn from other people’s mistakes and try not to make the same ones ourselves! The idea here is that whatever decisions you make in life will come back to haunt you – if not straight away, then sometime soon!!!

death moth temporary tattoo

Death Moth Meanings

This design has been inspired by something called ‘school spirit’ which is supposed to represent the solidarity of a school community through imagery such as slogans, symbols and logos. As I have never been associated with anything like this I am unable to say for sure but what I do know is that most schools use some sort of moth or butterfly logo, depending on the age and gender of the students!!!

This is a really nice looking tattoo which has been worked up to look like several moths have landed on the forearm! They look quite real and give an extra sense of depth to this design. The Death Moth Meaning here is that we should never hang onto their past mistakes for too long so as not to bring our lives down with us!! We need to learn from them and move forward – always trying our best in life so that we grow wiser with time!!!

Death Moth work up 2

This is another version of the death moth but it has been done with black ‘splodges’ all over its wings, giving it a more abstract feel than the previous tattoo. I would love to know the reasons why someone would want a moth tattoo and my guess is that they either really like them or thought it seemed like a good idea at the time!!!

It’s very faded but it says ‘Death Moth’ on its abdomen with what looks like some kind of flower next to it. The Death Moth Meaning is that just as ‘the worm turns’, so do we all also go through cycles in life, where we feel both happiness and sadness – which makes us appreciate the good times more than ever!!

This person wanted their chest covered up with something meaningful because they were sick of looking at themselves every day. Now they have got this fantastic looking eye catching design which has been worked up to look like a moth has just come out of the shadows and landed on them!!

Death Moth as a Cover Up

This is another design which has been used to cover up an ugly big chest tattoo. Even though it looks like it would be quite painful I think they pulled it off really well and now they have one of the best tattoos out there!!! The Death Moth Meaning here represents how we should take our future into our own hands and never let anybody else stand in our way!!!

Again, this is only my opinion but I think that this person wanted this tattoo done because they were fascinated by death and darkness!! This is why their new tattoo looks fantastic with all those black shadows everywhere!!! The Death Moth Meaning comes from the fact that we should always attack life at full force and not be afraid of taking risks because that is the only way we will get anywhere in life!!!


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Death Moth meaning 2!!

This design has been worked up to look like a moth with large teeth has landed on the back and taken a bite out of this person’s skin!!! The Death Moth Meaning here comes from the fact that sometimes we need to take action before it’s too late! This could be anything – maybe someone needs help, or there might be something you need to get off your chest. Whatever, if you don’t do it then you could regret it for years after!!!

I hope this article gives you some idea about Death Moth Tattoos , whether they mean what I say they do or not. Thanks for visiting my site and please leave me a comment if you have something to say!!!


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