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Fat Lads Says;
There should be a follow up series of 1 off tv shows each of about 30 minutes in length detailing the career paths of the main characters from the InBetweeners. Without further ado, here’s what I think happened to the characters.


Jay Cartwright,

Who is well known for his tales and exploits, most of which are more believable than Tony Blair at a WMD inquiry is now rumoured to be operating as bodyguard to Andy McNab.
Unconfirmed reports are that he went to work for his dad doing the plant hire, but became involved in some illegal bare knuckle boxing fights, which he won 12 out of 12 fights until the Mafia put a contract out on him. This meant he had to go on the run, so he swam the Channel to France and joined the French Foreign Legion.
After completing his 5 years and reaching the rank of Sgt, despite being begged by the French President, he left and became a stunt man in Hollywood for 12 months.  He turned down the chance to become the first British male in space, turned down dozens of marriage proposals from A list celebrities in Hollywood including Kim, Scarlett, Taylor, Jessica, Jennifer. Was offered both NASCAR and baseball contracts which would have made him the richest sportsman on the planet.
His LA lifestyle came to an abrupt end when he was caught in Playboy Mansion after satisfying all the females housemates in one evening, then being run out of town again by the Mafia.
He returned to the UK, where he was approached by a member of the Royal Family, to mastermind the Brexit referendum. While out training some of the British special forces, he bumped into a well known author who begged him to become his private bodyguard.

Inbetweeners The Movie

Simon Cooper


After returning from Australia and deciding to go to uni in Exeter to study geography, Simon decided he was missing Carli. Carli had gone onto a course in drama to become an actress. Landing some small parts in a couple of reality shows and also in a supporting role on a day time quiz show where she showcased the prizes.
After his disasterous time with Lucy ( who is soon due for parole from prison ) he lurched from misery to misery. He married and divorced Alicia a girl from Nigeria who he had corresponded with online for several months. He then met on an online dating site the stunning Susan, who was busy working out in Dubai. She was looking forward to coming back to the UK until her flat was broken into and her money & passport stolen. Simon did the honourable thing and emptied his meagre savings to send to her, she’s not been heard of since.
Despite things not going his way, Carli appearing on a tv advert for holidays to New York, gave him that drive to get a second job delivering pizzas. He’s found out she was living in Rochester, so he sold off all his possessions and bought himself a Green Card, paid 6 months rental on a studio apartment in Rochester, New York and one way ticket to New York. Simon is currently officially unemployed in America, but is making ends meet by working in a bar.
Carli is currently living in Rochester, Kent.




Neil Sutherland

After his gran died, Neil was left with a nice windfall. His inheritance had not gone unnoticed by Wills ex, Charlotte who quickly pushed Neil into getting married. When the will was contested by his own father, the inheritance was frozen and Charlotte left Neil.
Out of work and looking for love he bought a scratch card and won £10,000. With this he decided to retrace the lads original holiday to Malia. Here he bumps into Lisa again, who had returned and was working for a holiday company as back office staff. A whirlwind romance, sees them getting married in Malia and they seem settled until 1 night he is caught naked in the pool with 2 female hotel guests. Lisa kicks him out of their flat, so he stays with these 2 women who are in their late 50s. One of whom suggests with his equipment he could work for her as a male nude dancer back in the UK. Neil is living in Salford somewhere and is available to book on 07870 ******

Pussay Patrol

Will McKenzie

After leaving the Sixth form will had a year to travel, returned from Australia and then decided to go into university. He was unable to get selected for any of his first 3 choices, actually any of his top 30 choices so he ended up going to Derby to study geography. He met a girl called Debbie a Design Student who he dated throughout his time at Derby, but part way through his first year he switched course to study Tourism Management. He passed with a First and came top of his class. Debbie became pregnant,  which was a total shock to both of them ( especially as Will is still a virgin ).
When confronted about this she admitted to sleeping ‘ just once ’ with her course lecturer a guy called Kenny Gilbert ( the brother of THE Mr Gilbert ).

Horrified, Will applies for a job in tourism out in Thailand, he gets the job and flies out there to start work as it is Katie who is running the tour company. As it turns out he is working for both her and her husband Ben.



Mr Gilbert and Wills Mum.

Phil and Polly are happily living together, he sold his house and moved into her bigger home. They have twins who are now 2 and are big for their age already. Mr Gilbert is no longer involved in education, he took early retirement after being suspended on full pay following allegations of waterboarding a couple of male students in a swimming lesson. These were never proved. Both the boys in question are now studying at Oxford. Questions were asked too about the school trip funds which vanished from a bank account and have never been traced since.
Phil can be seen taking Polly and the kids out in his top of the range customized Range Rover and they spend a lot of time at their holiday home in Spain.



Simons Parents

After having a break from each other, they got back together. After a year they filed for divorce. Neither managed to find anyone through online dating and they both ended up at a swingers nightclub in London. Dress requirements were  masks and they ended up together. They’ve since spiced things up at home, especially since Simons younger brother went to boarding school then onto university.
Alan and Pamela Cooper are working on their second book together about sex and the retiree.
50 Shades Of Jay



Jays Parents

Jays dad was awarded some nice contracts before and after the London Olympics. He banked some nice cash and then was approached by a bigger competitor who bought him out for half a million. They moved to Marbella where Terry is a regular at most of the golf clubs but only in the clubhouse at the bar. Easy to see, bright checked trousers, pink striped sweater and as loud as ever.

Neils Father

He is now happily married after a small select gathering. Kevin  still living in the same house with his spouse Gerald. After getting caught by the police in a public convenience in an undercover sting, he came clean and decided to make a fresh start. His financial  situation is the same with little income coming from selling second hand books online, his daughter who went on to do some catalogue work sends him some cash to help him out.  He plays badminton each week and speaks to Neil by phone once a month.

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