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March 1, 2021


Entertainment Factor

This is one of the few tv shows I’ll watch, when I get time or more importantly remember to do so.
It’s funny, it can be sad at times but it’s also got a lot of the WTF moments. Yes WTF is just that – What The Fuck.

When we get a chance to sit and watch it, we’ll often try to guess people’s ages before they’re revealed. You’d be surprised how many times we are wrong, and sometimes by a country mile. When Janice sits down and we’re guessing 55 and 53 and it appears on the screen she is only 46, we kind of cringe.

The screening questions must be quite specific for sure. How many times do we see people who are into the exact same band or hobby? I recall one episode when the 2 contestants had both been to Ibiza closing party the week before at the same club and had also been in the USA at the same club at the same week months previous.


Just like the dates, nothing is scripted, all of the conversations are genuine. If you wonder about the toilet scenes, it appears that the producers ask a lot of the people to go to the toilet at some part of their time in the restaurant to make that phone call to family/friends. I do have to say, I cringe at times when the person is drooling on about how they are smitten, how they could be the one for them and even mention marriage. Then we see 10 minutes later how they’re not even wanted for a second date. Ouch!

French Maitre D’ Fred Sirieix

” Ooh La La ” kind of sums up a lot of the females taking part in the show, as his eyes sparkle as he welcomes them into the restaurant. Indeed some of these females really are ohh la la and dress to impress. Fred is both welcoming and friendly, often asking people how their date is going and even giving advice to the shy and retiring types.


The Actual Daters

Granted it’s not in every single episode, but at least twice a week you’ll see the WTF people turn up. You know the types, they look like freak, they look like a nerd, they look like they’re 100 or they look like a hooker on their way to work.


The Freak

Dresses like a 1960s rockstar with his dyed blond hair and fake tan, he is wearing a purple velvet jacket and has gold chains and rings on show. He worked as a roadie for some unknown band in the 1970s when he was 17 and saw Jimmy Page at the other side of the room one time, so he’s still clinging on this claim to fame.

Another is the SteamPunk guy who is a teacher at a college ( Yes this guy did exist ) and was about as socially aware as the goggles he had slung around his throat. It’s not hard to see why he has never dated, let alone gone any further with a female. God help his self esteem when he’s back to teaching the 16-18 year olds who see him fall flat on his face.


The Nerd

Looks like a nerd, has a nerdy haircut, often wears glasses, looks uncomfortable outdoors and away from his computer gaming workstation in his bedroom. His best ever bedroom action was getting to the top of the leaderboard with his all time high score in Doom 2021. What tends to happen though is the guy who is the gaming stay at home in the dark guy not only is boring but looks as boring as fuck too.

Socially inept, finds conversation hard to come by, unless it’s about the latest version of War Hammer. Cannot use a knife and fork to save his life. Orders rack or ribs and ends up covered in sauce.

The female nerds tend to be younger and attractive, have nerdy jobs as opposed to just having gaming nerdy hobbies.

The Ancient

Some of these people you look at as they’re first seen and think, yes he or she looks like a nice, genuine person. Worked in a professional life, are educated and still have a lot to offer someone. These are the types you hope get to meet someone similar. They’re the ones who are 70 but look very late 50s.
Then come the ones who are half in their grave, who are 70 but look like they’re 100 next week. They have zero to no dress sense, no social awareness and their expectations are beyond belief.
” I’m Peggy, and I’m wanting a guy who can treat me like a princess. I don’t have a pot to piss in, but I want someone who is younger than me and who is ready to give up all his hobbies and friends and spend time with me”

The Hooker

Dresses like a hooker, speaks like a numpty, has long legs and/or big tits so wears the lowest of the low tops and a micro skirt that shows off what she ate for breakfast almost. States she is looking for Mister NiceGuy but also like the Geezers who treat her like shit, because that’s what she’s used to. Has 3 of her previous boyfriends names tattooed on her thigh and her IQ is almost 50.

Not sure what to order, can’t understand the menu and would prefer a Nandos or chicken nuggets.


The Geezer

This is the guy who thinks he is God’s Gift to women. Walks in with that air of confidence then gives it large to Fred. Wearing shirtsleeves because he’s hard. Just had his eyebrows and facial hair trimmed that morning. Shirt is open 2 or 3 buttons, gold chains on show. Bright white teeth, couple of tats on show. Doesn’t really have a type of women he’s after, ” anything with a pulse will do ”
Doesn’t even listen to her saying her name, he’s talking over her and telling her how wonderful she is. Orders a Peroni from the bar, to show he is classy and not a pint of Carlsberg type of geezer.

Walking to the table, he gives the waitresses the once over just for good measure.

Would you go back if you were rejected?

There are some people who I think should go back, they seemed genuine people and for whatever reason never made it out of the door with the one they met up with. There are others who you understand why they were rejected the first time and they’ll get rejected every other time in all honesty!

Is It Really People Dating?

Although I have never been on the show, it seems it is all real people on real dates. You look at some couples and think, yeah they’re both down to earth and look good together. Others you look at and think WTF is she doing with him or him with her.

Where Is It Filmed?

Paternoster Chop House near St Paul’s Cathedral in London, although it’s closed to the public while filming, so ensure you check availability if you are wanting to eat there. In case you are wondering Merlin, Sam, CiCi and Laura don’t actually work there, so if you go when it’s open to the public, don’t be expecting to see them or Fred.

You can find out more about the Chop House on their website here.



I wonder how many women sit there and expect the guy to pick up the bill, even though they know they are not going to see him again?

How many people have totally unrealistic expectations?


Would you go on the show?  You can apply here.


I also enjoy the First Dates Hotel, but I have zero interest in the First Dates Teen series.


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