Get Some Balls….. Complain!

Why Do It?

I can never, ever understand this. You go out for a meal with family or friends, maybe to celebrate an occasion or just for the hell of it. Either booked the table in advance or turn up somewhere as a spur of the moment night out. You’re going out to eat, spending your own hard earned money, you expect it to be nice, no, in fact, you want it to be better than nice. You want it to be great. 

Picture this;
You walk in and as if by magica waiter appears aka Mr Ben style (child of the 70’s reference). “Table for 5 sir?” uhm no how about we all squeeze around a table for 3 but no you smile and nod and get seated at your table, order drinks and peruse the menu. Nope no dough balls, olives or other highly inflated nibbles thank you but everything else gets ordered. Starters arrive, all great and the waiter dispenses of the empty plates as you eagerly anticipate the main course.

Your well-done steak appears in front of you, yep 10 times more than the same steak in the butchers but what the hell, it’s a night out.
 With the anticipation building and the drool dribbling from the corners of your mouth, you slice into the slab of flesh and the blood oozes out forming a bright red sea which spreads uncontrollably across the plate. With horror you usher your chips, tomato and mushrooms to the side, safe from the torrent engulfing your plate.

Option 1- What Some People Do

The waiter walks across a few minutes later to see how everything is and with nobody else speaking up with any cause of complaint the waiter turns to you and asks “and yours sir?” You cop out of speaking out, pretending that you’re enjoying chewing through a raw lump of cow backside, you nod your head and even give the thumbs up signal to indicate everything is all good. The waiter smiles in relief and walks off, none the wiser.

As the plates are cleared, the half-eaten steak is noted but you mutter something about huge portions and being full and reassure the staff that everything was fine. After the ritual division of the bill and the usual discussion on how much tip to leave, you hand over your hard earnt money and head home. But this isn’t the end of it, as you then go onto a review site and leave a negative comment, moaning about the raw steak, the psychological damage and the fact that you’re now on beans and toast for a month to pay for the overpriced experience..

Option 2 – What People Should Actually Do

Get some balls, be honest tell them what’s wrong. Not suggesting you go into full psycho mode but a least give them a chance to sort it out before you decide to write a character assassinating/business destroying review.

Replacement food, refund, free dessert take your pick but it’s a restaurant that doesn’t deserve your business if they can’t see that offering one of these is going to be the quickest and easiest way of sorting it out and getting rid of you but at least give them that chance. Yeah, yeah we know, your hard earnt money, it should have been right first time all that stuff but are you telling me that you’ve never screwed up something at work? 

You need to let the staff know if there is a problem, give them a fair chance to rectify whatever is wrong.

Makes My Piss Boil Rating – 6/10


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