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Harry Dent is a famous American financial publisher and life coach. He has had more than 40 appearances on CNN, CNBC, BNN and other big news networks across the globe.

Harry has been a Wall Street newsletter writer since 1978. In July 2009 he founded HS Dent Investment Strategy which is one of the most visited investment sites on the Internet.

As a published author, Harry has written other articles and books such as “The Great Crash Ahead”, “Delete Generation”, “Smashing the Dollar” and more. His book ; What to Do When the Bubble Pops: Personal and Business Strategies For The Coming Economic Winter, is a popular choice on Kindle.

He has been writing about economic bubbles for over 20 years, according to his research every bubble or mania has a life cycle that can be divided into five stages: awareness, excitement, profit taking, panic and denial. That is how he called these stages from 2002 to 2006 when house prices were growing rapidly.


In 2012 Harry Dent predicted the global economy would collapse in 2013. His prediction came true after a slight delay because of possible changes in fiscal policies by US government which could help the economy grow rather than contract as it was supposed to happen according to Harry’s calculations. This growth brought hope to many people who believed Dent’s prediction was wrong.

However, many other financial experts have a different opinion about the dire future of our economy in 2015 and beyond including Peter Schiff who supports Donald Trump for president. We all will see in 2022 what really happened with the financial state of US and world economies.

A Few Interesting Facts About Harry Dent

In 2011 Harry published his book “The Great Depression Ahead” where he predicts a depression coming in 2020s when baby boomers will start retiring which means sometime before that young generation may experience significant issues regarding employment causing economic slowdown or even another global crisis. It is worth mentioning that early 2013 when this book became available it had only 3 reviews on Amazon then in March 2014 there were already 42 reviews from readers.

In June 2012 Dent launched an iPhone app called “The Power Curve” which helps its users make better financial decisions by highlighting changes in spending habits based on demographic trends.

Besides being an author, Dent is also a popular public speaker who sometimes gives speeches about the economy and how it will affect everyday life of common people. Every year he speaks at conferences to spread his predictions all over the world. Many people think his ideas are plausible if not probable so they follow him when it comes to financial planning for future.

In October 2012 Harry published his  book “Zero Hour” where he talks about many other critical issues faced by modern society including water scarcity, problems with healthcare system and similar topics that may be important in near future when kids born today grow up and start running things themselves.

You can read more about Harry Dent by visiting his official website at hsdent.com where you will also find many articles about recent economic news. At the bottom of this page there is a list of some books written or co-written by him that are available for sale on Amazon.

Net Worth

Harry Dent Net Worth Prediction

As a financial mogul, you’d expect Harry Dent to be worth a lot of money, and you’d not be wrong.  For 2022 – Harry Dent Net Worth is forecast to be $5,500,000.


Although Harry’s prediction for 2020s may sound like a negative thing overall, he doesn’t recommend people to sell everything they have and transfer their savings into cash only because there are some other things that need to be done before 2022. He says if you are already retired then you have nothing to worry about because your retirement savings are still safe.

Many people including Mr. Dent himself expect the value of his net worth to grow steadily and reach $10 million by 2022 which means he will be earning around $220 thousand every year during next five years before reaching 70-75 years old. If his prediction materializes, number of readers predicted to visit hsdent.com will increase significantly which should bring more revenue for its owner who kindly asks you to donate something if you have spare cash because this site is not monetized at all according to some reports on web.

For those who are wondering why would someone need so much money, assuming that estimation is correct, it should be mentioned that Harry uses some free services on the Internet where he publishes many articles on investing and economic news. Professionals who work with him receive salaries for helping their boss by creating reports about current state of economy or developing new features for his website which have to be released regularly due to demand from readers around the globe.

Harry Dent Net Worth

Net Worth Growth Estimate

Working as a financial analyst requires certain level of skills that many people may not possess, even though they chose this profession because it seems easy according to movies or other sources where this topic is often discussed including online publications. Many young people are trying hard to achieve success in similar area but it seems impossible since net worth value can drop down at any moment which makes it impossible to say anything about growth rate. Forbes list includes billionaires whose values change rapidly especially after stock market crashes or changes in currency exchange rate.

Since Harry Dent is an author and website owner, it is safe to assume that his net worth will grow at a steady pace which you can easily estimate looking at history of those who achieved some success in this area. Amount mentioned above was calculated on the basis of net worth information for 2017 since his current financial situation is not public as well as earnings per year even though many experts have tried to find it but without any luck so far.


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