How To Delete PS4 Keyboard History

April 23, 2022

Delete PS4 keyboard history quickly and easily

Did you know you can delete your keyboard’s history on your PlayStation 4? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. It sounds like a no-brainer, but many PS4 players probably never even realized this option was available until now. This is especially true if you play online games with a lot of people. So in answer to how to delete ps4 keyboard history, we have written this really useful article.

Everyone who uses the same keyboard can see everything you’ve done on the system, which can be a major nuisance if you’re not careful. That’s why you should know how to delete your keyboard’s history on your PS4. If you’re ready to start, read on for more information.

To clear your keyboard history, log into your PS4 system and go to the Settings menu. From here, navigate to “System” where you will find “Keyboard”. Turn on the “Delete Keyboard History” option, then wait for a minute for everything to settle.

This process can take up to a few minutes, so just be patient and wait. When it’s done, you’ll see a message on the screen letting you know that the keyboard’s history has been cleared. This should delete ps4 keyboard history for you.

If you want to clear everything on your keyboard at once, you can also select “Clear All Keyboard History”.

What is keyboard history?

The keyboard history on your PS4 is a log of every key you press on your controller or the keyboard. It keeps track of every button you press, every title you enter, and every message you send. This log can be viewed on the PS4’s browser, but the only way to truly erase it is to let the console completely delete the information.

The keyboard history is not saved on your PS4 hard drive but rather stored on the console’s internal memory. If your console is ever powered off with information still stored on the console, it will be stored on the next power-on.
For example, when you click the button “Start” on your console or you click the button “Search” on the PS4 remote, the system store these data and uses them to recognize your commands. This data is saved in the system and is called keyboard history.

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If you accidentally press a button on the controller or remote while playing a game, that button’s input gets logged into keyboard history. Likewise, if you press a button while searching through the system’s menus, all of that button’s input is also logged into keyboard history.

If you’re playing a game and you activate the PS4’s search feature, other players will see everything you’ve done on the system. They can use this information to conduct their searches and find everything you’ve done, including your browser history and saved games.

How do I clear my PS4 search history?

Here is how you can clear the PS4 history. Just follow the steps below:
 Start by going to the “Settings” menu on your PS4 system. Select menu “System,” and here you will find the option “Search History.”
 The next step is to scroll down and click the button “Clear Search History” on the left side, of the menu. Select “All Search History” on the right to clear everything at once, or select specific items to clear. When you’re done, select “Clear Search History” to make the change.

How to delete PS4 text history?

Text input is separated into two categories in the PlayStation 4’s keyboard history: Quick commands and text. Quick commands you can access by pressing the “Q” button, from your keyboard, this will bring up the system menu; and it is a list with different shortcuts. While the text is whatever else you type.
 To remove typing from your keyboard history, log into your PS4 system and go to the Settings menu. From here press the “System” button, where you will find the “Text to Speech” option.
 The next step is to scroll down and click on the option “Delete Text-to-Speech History” located in this menu. Afterwards, click the button “All Text to Speech” from the right side of the menu, then click the button “Delete” to clear your entire keyboard history.

How to turn on the predictive text on PS4?

If you’re finding yourself wishing you had some form of predictive text on your keyboard, then congratulations – you can turn it on now.
 On the “Settings” menu on your PS4 system, navigate to “Text to Speech”, and search for the option “Keyboard Language”. Select “Keyboard Language” to expand the menu on the left, then click the button “Predictive Text” to enable this feature.
 Once you’ve got a predictive text on your keyboard, press the “Q” button on the PS4 controller to initiate text entry. Your PS4 system will then predict what you’re going to type next, based on what you’ve previously entered.

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Turn on the PS4 learning dictionary

Another cool PS4 keyboard feature is the ability to learn a dictionary from third-party apps on the system. This is especially handy if you use the app’s keyboard frequently, as it can start predicting your next words.
To turn this feature on, go to the “Settings” menu on your PS4 system and select “Text to Speech”. From here, select the menu “Keyboard Language” and then press the button “Keyboard Dictionary”. Now select “Enabled” to activate the function and then select “OK” to return to the menu. When you’re done, your PS4 system will begin using the dictionary from your selected app.

How to delete YouTube search history on PS4?

If you have a lot of videos stored on your PlayStation 4 system, then you might want to consider clearing their search history from the system’s search. This not only saves you time but also keeps other people from finding important information on your system.

The steps to do are: click on the menu “Settings”, select the option “Search History,” and then select “YouTube”. Once you’ve deleted this search history, select “OK” to clear it from your system.

What features does PS4 have?

 PS4 has built-in Share functionality, allowing you to easily upload, share, or broadcast your gameplay.
 The PS4 also has video streaming capability – you can watch movies and TV shows through the PlayStation Vue service, or through Netflix and Amazon Prime.
 You can also stream music through GaGa and Spotify.

What are some PS4 tips and tricks?

• “Search”: if you frequently use this option to find things on your system, you should clear your keyboard history. That way other people can’t search on your system and see everything you’ve done.
• “Share”: if you frequently this option on your PS4 system, try using a third-party application to share your files for added protection. This way your shared files will not be stored on your system.
• “Snapshots”: for this feature make sure you have a stable internet connection. This way, you don’t have to worry about taking screenshots of your screen during gameplay.
•”Friend List”: if you use this feature frequently, please make sure you have a stable internet connection. This way you don’t have to worry about your friends staying in the game.
• “Speech recognition”: allows you to enter text without pressing a key.• You can use the DualShock 4 speaker by placing the headphones on the controller and using the speaker on the controller.

Other PS4 Helpful Tips to go alongside delete ps4 keyboard history and more.

• Enable Remote Play on your PS4: before you can clear your keyboard history, you need to enable Remote Play on your PS4. Just go to Settings > Remote Play on your PS4 and make sure it’s turned on. You can also use the PS4’s web browser to go to the Remote Play settings page and make the same change.

• Download Remote Play on your PC: now you can play your games remotely. As simple as that! All you have to do is download the Remote Play app on your phone or tablet, create a PSN account and link it to your existing account on your PS4.

• Enable the DLNA function on your PS4: before clearing your keyboard history, let’s enable the DLNA function on your PS4. This will allow your PS4 to connect to your PC and access the keyboard log. On your PS4, go to Settings > Network and then enable the DLNA function.

• Set up your network on your PC: next we need to set up our network on the PC. Since remote play is a second screen experience, we need to make sure both computers are connected to the same network.

If your PS4 is on the same network as your PC, Remote Play can see the keyboard log on your PS4 and transfer the information.

If you’re not on the same network, you can still access Remote Play on your PS4 from another computer on your network. The keyboard log is only the remote user’s log, so only use it on a computer you trust!

Delete PS4 keyboard History Conclusion

Remote Play for PS4 is an amazing feature that allows you to play games on your PS4 from your mobile device. To clear your keyboard history, you need to use your phone or tablet to enable Remote Play and download the Remote Play app on your PS4.

After that, you need to connect your PS4 to your computer via the same network and enable the DLNA function on your PS4. From there you can clear your keyboard history by going to the Settings menu on your PS4, selecting Network, and then unchecking the KEYBOARD HISTORY option.

This is just one of our tech hints and tips that we like to put out. If there are any gaming or tech issues you want help with, just let us know.


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