How to Uninstall Gamezook And Remove It

March 4, 2022

How do I uninstall Gamezook?

There are two types of ways learn How to Uninstall Gamezook safely; local or manual removal and full removal . The first method involves manually deleting any files related to the program—its registry entries for example. This process requires at least a degree of understanding on how computer programs work as you will need to search and delete related entries or folders that contain Gamezook. The second method is using an anti-malware tool to automatically remove any traces of it you may have. This process will require some understanding on how anti-virus programs work, as the software may also detect legitimate files as malicious ones.

If I uninstall Gamezook does that mean my computer’s safe?

Uninstalling means you are removing its presence from your system but not necessarily anything else related to it – for example infection by another malware or attack by a hacker. To be completely safe, you should also install an anti-virus program with Gamezook removal capabilities so you can minimize the risk of future infections/hacks affecting your computer.

What is Uninstalling?

Uninstalling is deleting any pre-existing files related the program you would like gone, so that you can install it fresh.

Why should I uninstall?

You’re probably asking this question because Gamezook has invaded your system without your permission (or perhaps by deception, like bundling). You may also be suspecting that it is not quite right or simply want to give yourself peace of mind. Either way, the first step into getting rid of Gamezook is by uninstalling it completely.

gamezooks removal

What is Gamezook?

Gamezook is an online game portal with web based games that include popular titles like, & Raze 2. It has a large variety of popular games that new and old gamers can enjoy on their web browser.

If you weren’t aware, Gamezook also served as a platform where users can interact with each other. It is possible for new players to ask the more experienced ones about strategies, tips, or even how to control certain aspects of gameplay.

The website was registered in 2016 but it had been active much longer than that—it was originally named Minion Masters , which used to be an online game that Gamezook copied much of its gameplay from. This game by itself is very much like titles such as Dota 2 and League of Legends .


If you own a Mac and if, like many others, you enjoy playing games on it with the help of emulators such as Gamezook , then  you probably know that sometimes, in trying to add new games or new ROMs (games’ copies) to your emulator, you make mistakes and end up installing an adware. If this is the case with you right now and you want to get rid of it totally from your Mac and make sure that no traces will be left behind, then keep reading: we’ll show you how to do it in just a few minutes.

At first sight…

Gamezook is one of those apps which are not very popular but still manage to attract some attention because they come bundled with emulators, which makes them even more obscure.  In fact, Gamezook is a PUP (potentially unwanted program), thus adware, so if you have it installed on your Mac right now and haven’t done it yourself intentionally, then you may be sure that there was a malpractice behind this: some emulator or other app wanted to raise its popularity by bundling the adware with it.

Such apps are very dangerous because they try to make as little noise as possible in order not to warn their victims of what they’re really up to: most of the time users install such programs unknowingly, having no idea that from now on they’ll start receiving tons of ads and pop-ups , or that their browser might be redirected to unknown pages (usually filled with ads) every time they try to surf the internet.

So, in case Gamezook has been installed on your Mac right now without you having authorized it, you need to act quickly and remove it from your system before any damage is done: who knows how much money this program might cost you if left unattended.

The next section will show you how to proceed when this is the case. It doesn’t matter whether the unwanted software comes alone or bundles with another app/emulator: in either case, it must be uninstalled completely in order for your Mac’s security not suffer any further. Here’s what you should do…

Step 1 – Uninstalling Gamezook : The Best Method

If you don’t want to go through all the efforts of going through your Mac and manually checking every single file until you find Gamezook’s remains, there’s a better way: it consists in using only one click to completely uninstall the adware from your computer. To do so, follow these instructions:

– Download Adware Medic  by clicking on this link. The download should start automatically. If not, double click on the green button at the bottom of this article to open the download page .

– Double click on Adware Medic’s icon once it has finished downloading. You’ll see a window like that that:

*Note – In case you can’t see anything inside the window for some reason, click on Adware Medic’s icon (the second button at the left) and in the drop-down menu select Reveal in Finder ; this should make all hidden files visible.

– Select Gamezook in the list of detected adwares by clicking on it; if you can’t find it because your Mac hid it from sight, double click on Other to open a search window                                       and type the name into the white box that pops up: once you see Gamezook in the list of search results, select it.

*Note – If you’re using Mavericks or later version of OS X, then instead of an entry like this one with names separated by spaces, you’ll see that all entries are listed one below the other (like in the screenshot below). If this is your case, you need to select Gamezook and click on the minus (-) sign at its left; this should delete it.

*Note – Another way to reveal hidden files, if you can’t see anything inside Adware Medic’s window or if it doesn’t have a search box like mine, consists in clicking on View > Show View Options ; once there, check the boxes next to “Show all filename extensions” and “Show invisible items” : after that, close the window .

– Click on Delete Item(s) near Gamezook to confirm its removal from your computer.

Step 2 – Uninstalling Gamezook : The Manual Method

If the previous method didn’t work for you for some reason (either because you didn’t manage to find Gamezook in your Mac or because a new version of OS X made the window look different), this section will show you how to proceed when using only traditional tools. First, go through these instructions:

– Download and install  AppZapper  by going to its website and clicking on their Download Now button.

– Open AppZapper once it has finished downloading.

*Note – In case AppZapper’s icon doesn’t appear automatically in your menu bar, click on Finder > Applications , double click on AppZapper .app and select Keep in Dock from the pop-up menu.

– From AppZapper’s main window, click on the gear icon (second button from the left) and select Applications

*Note – If you can’t find Gamezook in this list, type its name inside the white box that appears when clicking on Application (third button from the left).

– Once done, check all items in AppZapper’s main window and click on Delete . AppZapper will ask you for confirmation. Click Yes : that should do it! Note: if Gamezook shows up again and you want to delete it using this method, open AppZapper and under Status check All , then click on Delete again. This second attempt should work fine… unless there are other applications installed with similar names; if that’s the case, you should uninstall or remove them manually one by one.

gamezooks removal

Step 3 – How to Uninstall Gamezook  (Method 3)

1. Navigate to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall a program or Add/remove programs. Select “Gamezook” from the list of installed programs – this will open the uninstall wizard for Gamezook so follow the instructions to uninstall it [*].

2. If you are still seeing any remnants of Gamezook after following step one, you should then scan your PC for leftover items using CCleaner [*] – install the software if necessary then once it’s opened go into Options > Cleaner > Show Advanced Options > Tick the following: Registry, Monitoring, Downloads, Folders and Temporary Files. Now click “Run Cleaner” to start removing any leftover items.

3. You should also consider using an anti-malware application such as STOPZilla [*] – this will scan your PC and remove any adware/other potentially unwanted software that may have been installed alongside Gamezook unbeknownst to you.

Step 4 – Uninstall Gamezook (Method 4)

1. Navigate to Control Panel > Search for “regedit”, open up the Registry Editor on your computer [*].

2. In the left pane navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall. From here, locate the program you wish to uninstall (in this case “Gamezook”) and highlight it. Once selected right-click on the highlighted Gamezook entry, choose Delete [*].

3. Click Yes when prompted if you are sure you want to delete the registry key for Gamezook. Repeat steps 2 & 3 if there are any other entries that need removing relating to Gamezook then restart your computer (if necessary).

4. You should also consider using an anti-malware application such as STOPZilla [*] – this will scan your PC and remove any adware/other potentially unwanted software that may have been installed alongside Gamezook unbeknownst to.

How can I prevent Gamezook?

To prevent adware/PUP’s like Gamezook infecting your computer in the future you should install reputable software such as STOPZilla [*] – this will scan your PC for any issues and when it is installed it will also scan your PC on a regular basis to make sure no malware enters your computer.


Feel free to leave your questions and comments below.

Good luck! 🙂

Disclaimer: using third party software like AppZapper (and similar ones) can sometimes lead to data loss (e.g. when apps are uninstalled without removing their preferences). If you don’t know how to use it properly, I’d advise you not to do so… unless you know what you’re doing of course 😉 Thanks for reading!


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