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February 11, 2022

I received an email the other week asking about this site, asking if it was legal and would it be safe to use. Amazon Prime is a much safer choice for videos and cartoons!

Is KissCartoon Legal? 

KissCartoon is not legal. They host pirated anime and cartoon movies. in a nutshell!

So Let’s Look At Other Options.

In the mood to binge watch something? You could go for one of our recommendations from last week. Or you could go on a marathon of a different kind and try one of these Kisscartoon alternatives.

Kisscartoon is a website created by Kissanime that contains the same content as kissanime , but in a bit more modern package with higher quality streams, mostly HD. It has quickly grown into an audience favourite due to its ease of use and the wide variety of series it offers. But what happens when you want to binge watch beyond what Kisscartoon offers? What if there isn’t another site out there that can give you everything you want from your anime streaming experience? Luckily for you, we have been searching high and low for some websites that can make your day.

kisscartoon alternatives


Our first recommendation is the AnimeOnDemand website. It has all of Kisscartoon ‘s content, plus a great deal more. It doesn’t offer one-click fansub downloads like Kissanime , but it still offers free streaming in high quality with subs included in them for most series. This site is created by the same people who brought you Batoto , an online reader that all scanlators use to post their releases to (which is why you don’t see many mangas on this list). AnimeOnDemand even has some hidden gems in its release schedule, so keep your eye out for the good stuff!


Another option is Funimation’s website. The only downside here is that their selection is limited to Funimation licensed series, so you won’t find any of the old classics or rare gems here. But if you are looking for something new, Funimation has dozens of simulcasts each season that you can watch on their site (and Kisscartoon ). Their website also streams in HD and supports an HTML5 player which makes it very user friendly. If you follow either one of these websites on Facebook, then they will usually give out free 30-day trials every now and then, but like any other form of online streaming be sure to clear your cookies once the trial is over or else they’ll charge you for another month (make sure to check off the box that says “Don’t auto renew” when clearing your cookies).


Another popular website that doesn’t require any special membership or cable TV package is Daisuki. Unfortunately, this is a website that only the biggest anime fans have heard of since they have been putting all of their content behind a paywall. Granted, most of their stuff is available for free on Kisscartoon as well as Kissanime , but if you want to watch it Daisuki might be your best bet. The catch? Their library has hundreds of series under its belt but only a small percentage are available in English and they don’t give out individual links so you’ll have to search through a list with thousands of entries to find what you’re looking for. But if you don’t mind the time searching then maybe Daisuki can be your first and last anime website.

Gundam .moe

But what if you want to watch some Gundam? Well, there’s Gundam .moe for that! There isn’t a lot of Gundam on this website but hey, at least their library goes above and beyond Kisscartoon ‘s mediocre selection. The same applies to Naruto , though the Naruto content on Kissanime is enough to keep anyone busy for their whole life span. If you’re looking for more great series like those two then we highly recommend checking out AnimeNetwork.


This website has hundreds of titles just like these three mentioned and it even supports mobile viewing, so you’ll never have to worry about not being able to watch something again (it supports ads unlike any other site we’ve mentioned so far). Plus it has a good collection of classics and rare gems too, like Basilisk, Tenchi Muyo! , Vagabond, and Turn A Gundam. If you’re not into paying for your anime then this is one website that won’t charge you (it’s actually free).

But what if you’re still looking for something to watch but don’t have the bandwidth to spare? We got just the thing. For those who want to watch anime on their mobile devices or old laptops, we recommend going with Crunchyroll instead. While they do require a paid membership before watching anything on their site, it does include a small selection of Kisscartoon’s library well as a few other titles that you wouldn’t find on Kisscartoon or .

One last thing that we want to mention is that this website has a few other sections in addition to the anime category. There’s also manga, drama CDs, concerts, Korean dramas, live action dramas based off of popular anime/manga series (such as Dragon Ball , Death Note , and Attack On Titan ), pay per view movies, old school classics like Fist Of The North Star , Berserk , Akira , Ranma 1/2 , Tenchi Muyo!  and Cowboy Bebop, and even English dubs of your favourite Japanese movies! And if for some reason none of those tickles your fancy then you can always go back to watching regular TV and movies on Kissanime .

Okay, so we talked a lot about anime but what if you’re interested in Manga? Well try googling “manga reader.” Trust us, there are tons of websites out there that give you access to online manga for free, some even have an option to download them as well as read them on your computer or mobile device. If none of those works then just stick with Kissmanga  until something better comes along. Some people don’t like it because they say the ads make their experience less enjoyable; we think it’s fine since they help support this website (we also use adblock and not only has it never been a problem for us but we’ve actually found a lot of good recommendations on websites that use ads).

We know this guide is seriously lacking in the manga department but honestly, there are just so many alternatives for anime right now, it’s kind of ridiculous. Even if you’re not into watching shows, to begin with then at least check out some manga, trust us your experience will be way better than using Kissmanga . And that’s about it. There are other sites out there that have different categories like drama CDs or live action dramas based on popular anime/manga series (like Attack On Titan ) but we think these are the best. Like always remember to keep an eye out on The Cart Driver for updates since we periodically make changes to our website however, we always try our best to keep this page up-to-date.


One final site to mention is Crunchyroll. While it requires a paid membership before watching anything on their site, it does include a good selection of Kisscartoon’s library as well as other titles that you wouldn’t find on Kisscartoon.

The website requires a membership fee but also hosts its own anime as well as other media such as drama CDs and live action dramas based on popular anime/manga series (such as Attack On Titan ). The website is ad supported, but they are only shown at the beginning of the video for 5 seconds. For non-members it includes some Kisscartoon (but not all of them) and manga (with more variety than Kissmanga).


Final Thoughts

Please be aware of visiting sites that are illegal, that are hosting pirated material. Downloading from these sites can leave you facing court action, but being caught streaming also carries a risk if caught. We often try to find alternate options to pirate sites.

If you have any questions about this article please direct them to the comment section below. All of these sites mentioned above were used for research purposes when coming up with our list so hopefully, it’ll be helpful to you too!


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