Makes Me Sick

Yes another rant, you bet your arse this is a rant. Had that been one of my relatives and I was also on the train, trust me I would have dragged one of these arseholes out of their seat.

What is wrong with society today? You really want to know? There’s no need for me to spell it out for you, this image speaks volumes.


This is what is wrong, the self-centred morons, who have zero manners nor respect for their elders. This person is clearly in need of a seat, but does she get one?

What Is Wrong With These People?

Do they really need to be told, it’s the polite and proper thing to give up their seat to an elderly person (especially one who looks like she struggles physically)? Instead, they sit there listening to some crap music, oblivious to the old woman. Or are they oblivious? I think it’s more like I don’t care about her, I have my seat, I’m alright Jack.

Who do you think would have a better chance stood, holding onto the rail if the train had to break suddenly? The younger people listening to music, or the frail older people? This could be one of your relatives in this situation. Your grandparent, great aunt or even your neighbour. Where is the respect from these clowns sitting there? What makes them think it is correct to act in this manner?

Would they also leave a heavily pregnant woman standing? Or a parent with a young baby? A person on crutches or a blind person, what about them?

Where does this remarkable act of selfishness actually end? I wonder if it was their relative who got on at the last stop, would they leave them to cling on and stand? Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that was the case.


Priority Seating

The signs are clear enough, easy enough to understand so where’s the problem? It’s the lazy morons who are too self-centred, don’t care about other people. Well, let me tell you sunshine, one day that will be you or one of your loved ones. So do not come moaning about how people treated your friend, your relative. What goes around, comes around.


It’s not just on the trains, I have seen this bullshit in places such as airports, where able-bodied people are happy to take priority seating in the waiting areas. Even worse are the idiots who are happy to lay across 3 or 4 seats, with their eyes closed when there’s a clear shortage of seating.

‘I’m alright Jack’ -NO, you are not, you are a total prick and nothing more.

Makes My Piss Boil Rating out of 10 = 9.8



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