Nandos Grooves – Where Are The Chillies?

November 25, 2018


So you know I like spiced food, plain just doesn’t do it for me. If it’s not spicy, then just keep it away from me. Anyway, Nandos is well known for it’s chicken outlets and the range of sauces they also sell. When I saw they did a range of crips, I just had to try them out.

Now when it’s advertised on the packet as ” I NEED A GLASS OF WATER “, then it sounds like this is a hot, spicy bite to eat. That being the case, I went out and bought a packet.

 Yes granted these are rated a ‘Medium’, but who on earth needs water with a medium spiced food? Seems to be there’s medium and there’s medium. In this case the medium were more like extra mild,without any taste.

I don’t mind a crisp being not spicy, if it’s just a crisp. These were just like eating cardboard though. They had ridged texture and that was all. Tastewise there was nothing at all. Not even at the bottom of the packet, where sometimes you get all the flavoured residue. Not here, there was nothing.

Genuine African Birds Eyes Chillies.

Really?  Where? Not in my fucking packet.

Think this packet I bought had missed out on the production line. I’ve had more flavour from Walkers Ready Salted ( and I prefer Seabrook crisps). What disappointed me more was the fact that the wording here also implied flavour and spice, none of which were evident. Shame really as these aren’t the cheapest crisps on the market.

Now the fact that these were bland, tasteless and in my humble opinion just trading on the Nandos brand name, was just one of the problems.

You can get away with poorer quality product, from time to time. After all people release products that don’t sell well. Think back to Sir Alan Sugar and his Amstrad computers, where he decided to ignore the industry standard 3.5″ disks and he went with 3″ disks instead. They went down as well as the Titanic after hitting an iceberg. Sometimes just a brand name isn’t enough to make a good product. Or in this case to make a poor product become good. What got my attention even more was the arrogant tag line on the Customer Care part of the packaging.

Oh Dear Me

Whoever thought this up needs to find a different job. If you are selling a great product, that is faultless, then yes you can be as arrogant as this. Yes it’s tongue in cheek ( or so I hope so ) but it’s total bullshit. We know if we need to report fly tipping we report to the local council. What about the crap I just ate? Do I bother contacting Nandos or Trading Standards?

Forget trying to be funny with your comments and instead improve the crap you’re peddling to paying customers.

Would I recommend this product?  Not a chance


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