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February 23, 2022

What is Narutospot?

Narutospot is one of the most popular anime streaming websites worldwide. In fact probably too popular, since they had a lot of trouble with hosting providers in the past years which were forced by their new client Warner Bros to stop servers globally. This led Naruto spot to find new hosting facilities several times, until they finally were able to continue their service.

So what’s so great about Narutospot? It is the only website worldwide that offers free tv streams with English subtitles for Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and Dragonball Z. The videos are being played in a flash based player with an option to select 480p or 720p resolution. They also have streaming radio stations for Japanese music as well as fansubbed anime episodes up to 15 minutes delayed (sometimes way more) and trailers for upcoming shows (Dragonball: Evolution, Gurren Lagann etc.)

Narutospot has its own video-guide which you can find here: If you have been using Narutospot for a while you have probably become annoyed by the fact that the website is not compatible with all browsers and doesn’t follow your wishes when it comes to auto playing videos or hiding flash advertisements. The only solution was to download an add-on called ADP, but this didn’t always worked properly either.

NarutoSpot has also been criticized severely in the past for its handling of bandwidth issues and file availability. In my opinion, this issue has been solved lately due to less traffic on their servers, but I noticed that downloads were still hugely limited before people could start complaining again about narutospot’s low quality service.

In addition, there are many negative comments from users who experienced technical problems with video players and were unable to watch videos because of this.

Narutospot Alternatives

Here are some alternatives for you if you are tired of waiting for your favourite anime to be available on Narutospot, or if the site is not working for you. I have tried them all out myself and can recommend them to be useful replacement options in case no episode was being streamed at narutospot.

1) – A new website located here: Once again a site with mostly Korean content, but there are lots of other great shows too! The best part about Animehere is that it has pretty much every episode from Naruto Shippuden up till now which means that if nothing was being streamed at Narutospot you can find it here! has a big database of episodes with english subtitles which are available for download as well. You can watch latest episodes from Naruto or Bleach directly at the website, but older ones have to be downloaded before. If you don’t want to install something on your pc there is also an embedded video player just like at Narutospot where you can select 480p or 720p resolution too. No auto playing videos and no signs of flash ads so far during my visits, everything feels pretty smooth and stable.

It might seem weird that Animehere offers mostly Korean content although it’s located in Japan, but this has been justified by saying that Koreans enjoy and spread Japanese and Korean shows more than anyone else. This might be also because is part of a big network of Korea-Japan anime streaming sites which you can find here:

2) AKVideo – A new video only website located here: This site has mostly Korean content as well, but some other great shows too! The biggest difference to the previous website I mentioned is that this one offers english subtitles for everything which makes it unique and gives users from non-Korean speaking areas an easy way to enjoy videos with ease! AkVideo has several encoding options ranging from 480p up to 720p with different Bitesize options. There are no ads and you can choose whether or not you want to watch the latest episodes directly or save them for later downloads. No technical issues during my visits!

3) Animefave – A video-only site located here: With lots of Korean content too, but there are some other great shows like Bleach, One Piece or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood available in case Naruto was streamed at Narutospot normally. The quality is either 480p or 720p with several encoding options (Bitesize). You can also download videos locally via your pc (just like on AnimeHere).

4) Animehere2 – A video-only site located here: This is another website similar to the one I listed first under the anime only video sites section, but this one has an embedded player which allows you to watch latest episodes immediately! Older ones require prior download before watching (just like on AnimeHere). The quality is 480p or 720p with several encoding options (Bitesize). No signs of flash ads nor auto playing videos during my visits.

5) Mangahere – A manga-only site located here: Another interesting website that has lots of great content including Naruto Shippuden Manga in case you couldn’t read Naruto on Narutospot. This website has a very simple and clean design and offers download or online view for latest chapters (just like some other websites I listed here). The only downside is that some features (like saving your favorites) need to be bought via in-app purchases which might turn some people off, but if money isn’t an issue this site is pretty useful!

6) Mangahere2 – A manga-only site located here: This one is similar to the previous entry, but it’s another version of MangaHere for Android devices. It also requires in-app purchases to unlock all features, but it does have offline reading available even without unlocking them.

7) Manga24 – A manga-only site located here: This is a pretty awesome website that allows you to read manga in English or German! The Naruto Shippuden Scanlations are available along with many others which makes it a unique and awesome website especially for those who can’t understand Japanese at all! The reading options include online viewing, saving favorites, offline reading from your pc via browser extensions, android & iOS apps or inside the websites mobile app! There is also a useful search feature to help you find the latest chapters if you know what’s its name but not where it is on the website.

8) Mangakong – A general manga & anime scanlation website located here: This website offers a lot of different anime and manga along with many tools to help you find what you are looking for. You can search by genre, rating or alphabetically which is pretty useful in my opinion! There are over 500+ great titles available with Naruto Shippuden being one of them – all chapters are completely free too with several reading options (online viewing, browser bookmarking, offline reading on pc). I’ve only spotted few ads during my visits so far, but this fact doesn’t affect the browsing experience at all!

Narutospot Alternatives

9) MangaTown Official Website – A general manga & anime scanlation website located here: This is a pretty awesome website that I’ve been visiting for years. The interface is extremely simple and the website has tons of great content including Naruto Shippuden (the only downside will be if you can’t read Japanese). You can search by manga or anime titles and use the advanced search option to find even more results. There are over 4000+ manga and anime available with lots of information about each one, plus you can check out the most popular series too! Unfortunately this website also comes with ads (pop-up ads mostly) which might affect your browsing experience but they aren’t too much trouble – after all there’s no need to register/upload anything here unlike other websites listed inside this article!

10) DarkAnime – Its interface is very user-friendly, allowing it to be included in Narutospot’s list of some of the best alternatives to Naruto spot available on the market. The navigation system allows users to scan for the material they are looking for with the least effort in terms of time. DarkAnime  is special because it allows users to download individual chapters for offline viewing. That means visitors can use the platform to read their favorite manga while offline, which is very convenient.

11) Manga Fox – Another entry on this list of alternatives that has a pretty similar design with Narutospot. While other alternatives rely on stories, Manga Fox focuses more on the information that visitors need to know more about manga. Visitors can see descriptions of each chapter, some short details about it and links to external websites where they can find the source material. Manga Fox offers an extensive catalogue of manga series, including Naruto Shippuden.

12) Mangago – One of Naruto spot’s best alternatives, this website has a simple yet intuitive design that allows users to find their way around the site with ease. Because there are so many manga series available, Mangago offers users the “Categories” page which groups all of them together at one place. The other unique feature of Mangago is that it gives visitors the option to download or read online. There are over 6000+ manga available here & the site is free to use with ads (pop-up ads mostly) – additionally,  they offer a mobile app for android, iOS and Windows Phone users that makes reading manga on your phone even easier!


The best alternatives to Narutospot are available that provide the same characteristics and services. As you can see, each site has its own pros and cons, so it will all depend on your personal preferences which one should be included in the short list of alternatives! Narutospot might not work for some people due to slow load times but if that isn’t a problem then why bother trying out any other alternative!? Otherwise i recommend visiting the list of sites I’ve listed above however, you should have a pretty good experience with any website available inside this article. Hope it helped 🙂


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