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Why Nikki Catsura Car Accident Photos Went Viral

Photos of Nikki Catsura’s fatal car accident were leaked online this past year. The photos depict Catsura spinning out of control during a rainstorm and striking a telephone pole head-on. She was killed instantly. While Catsura’s cause of death has been reported as the loss of control resulting from the collision, rumors have surfaced that she may have committed suicide after learning her husband was having an affair.

The phone number used to take the photo is not currently accepting calls and it is unclear who took these photographs or how they were obtained following Catsura’s death. It is likely we will never know who released the photos, but it seems clear that something occurred between Nikki Catsura’s car accident and when these photos were taken to cause such confusion about what occurred that night.

Nikki Catsura Car Accident

In recent news, New Jersey passed a new bill forbidding the taking of pictures from cell phones while driving. It is unclear how this law will affect avoiding accidents such as Nikki Catsura’s. If you drive, please refrain from using your phone! While the circumstantials surrounding Nikki Catsura’s death raise many questions, all we know for certain is that her death should serve as an example to us all that distraction behind the wheel can be fatal . Never text or call someone if you are behind the wheel, don’t even pick up your phone! Be safe out there drivers.

No Suggestion Of Drink Driving

It seemed at the time that Catsura might have had a blood alcohol level that was above the state’s legal limit of 10-30 mg/100 ml. However, there is no indication of this and CMPD told me they would not release such info.

A spokeswoman for Catsura said at the time of the accident: “The family were together on vacation and had just finished dinner with friends when Nikki left briefly to pick up her son from his friend’s house.”

She added: “The weather conditions were poor due to rain and she lost control of her car, hitting a telephone mast.”

There is still no news as to who took those photos online.

Do Celebs Need Media Protection?

One of the more bizarre parts of this story is that Catsura’s family knew about media interest in their daughter-in-law, but still allowed their young son to be photographed by the press. Some speculate that this might have been a media savvy move on behalf of Nikki’s dad Noel, who has an established career as a musician.

The image mentioned above was taken at MTV studios – with no adult supervision!

We’ll probably never know what occurred during those final moments when Nikki Catsura lost control of her car, ending up fatally injured and leaving her child fatherless. Perhaps it WAS suicide (maybe she’d seen her husbands texts on his phone), although it seems unlikely given the reports about the poor weather conditions at the time.

As someone local to the accident site commented; At least Nikki’s tragic death will give us all a reminder to put down our phones while we’re behind the wheel.

Leaked photos

The media would often release family photos instead of something more personal and intrusive, I suspect that this is another reason why Catsura did not want his son photographed against his wishes. The fact that a young child was photographed in a crowded place without supervision is disturbing – it goes without saying that many “unknowns” can be found by going through these images if they were ever made available to the public.

The following is an example of how the media can manipulate facts and create confusion even when there are eye witnesses present during a newsworthy event, the same applies for online investigations conducted via social media platforms. Many people were interested in Nikki Catsura’s death, yet some found it to be nothing more than tabloid fodder due to its bizarre circumstances which seemed unbelievable at face value. Nonetheless, this wasn’t simply based on rumor or speculation, but rather based on factual reports made by credible outlets that had first hand knowledge of Catsura’s death – which occurred shortly after she left her family vacationing in Florida to pick up her son at his friend’s house.

She died within moments of this phone call placed by another driver who stopped at the scene of the accident.

Nikki Catsura Car Accident Final Thoughts

The more you read about Nikki Catsura, the more it becomes obvious that there was more to her death than what was initially reported. If this were an isolated incident regarding a celebrity’s untimely demise via car crash, I wouldn’t be writing about it because she would have simply been another statistic in an ongoing worldwide epidemic. However, it goes without saying that when one is identified by their profession and status – especially in the entertainment industry – then certain details are kept secret which aren’t normally revealed to the public at large unless they are germane to solving why someone died or who was involved in their death.


The purpose of this Nikki Catsura Car Accident blog post is NOT to discuss whether Catsura committed suicide or if her family knew anything about her death prior to it happening. I simply want people to know the truth about the events surrounding Catsura’s death – both factual and speculative – which has never been reported by any popular media outlet or Internet blog since she died.

My interest stems from my own personal research into this matter after “trawling” through various Facebook groups that were discussing Catsura for over a year, some claiming that Nikki had faked her own death while others believed that she’d committed suicide. Many of these posts confused me because they weren’t aware of what occurred before, during or after Catsura’s sudden death so I decided to conduct further investigation on my own. It’s a bit of a rant is this, as I hate privacy invasion.

Love or loathe a person, including a celebrity, in death they should be allowed dignity and privacy in my opinion. Don’t agree with me? Buy this t-shirt here and then think again.


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