Non Stick Grill Mat

What Is A Non Stick Grill Mat?

Well, it’s a grill mat, that doesn’t stick if used correctly. Yes, it really is that simple.

Sophie and I invested in a gas BBQ and we had friends telling us it wasn’t a good buy. They said we’d never get the true BBQ taste or experience using this. One person summed it up with “ it’s like taking your cooker outdoors, so you might as well just use your oven in the kitchen” So we decided to prive them wrong and we bought a couple of packs of different barbecue mats to try out.


Barbecue Mat For Picnic BBQ


There’s BBQ and there’s BBQ. It’s great at home to cook some picnic bbq and sit outdoors in the garden or out at a park with friends and enjoy this honest food.

If you’ve ever done a road trip down to Texas or the Southern States of the USA then you’ll have become a firm believer in quality matters and this is one example of why. This offers more than throwing a steak, sausage or burger onto a grill while you pop back indoors to fry off some onions to have with the hotdogs. Let’s try to create a flavoursome, genuine taste of the BBQ experience.

You’ll finish reading this on your phone, then return home, disembowel the garage or shed to dig out the BBQ. Not got a barbeque? Then you need to buy one ASAP. If the idea of cooking appeals, but the cleaning up after doesn’t then this is an ideal solution for you.



The great advantage we find using the grill mat is that you can cook onions, peppers etc on the BBQ at the same time as the meat, to add flavour. Needless to say, on a standard BBQ, these would just fall through the grill.

Please note; if you’re in the UK, the link above will take you to Amazon UK but these are available to order from the USA.


Easy To Clean?

Hell yes, forget the scouring pad and wire wool to clean the metal bars and grates. Here all you need to do is simply remove grilling mat once cool ( obviously, as we don’t want burnt fingers).

Next step is just as easy; wipe with a soft damp cloth to remove any residue and then throw on to top shelf of your dishwasher to finish cleaning.


Check the reviews, check pout the warranty on these products. One we really enjoyed using was the Four Heart Grill Mat pack of 5 which we ordered here.

We also suggest you double check to see what these are made of. As a minimum requirement, we suggest FDA approved PTFE coated fibreglass fabric, for your safety. Naturally follow the instructions on the product you buy, to make sure you don’t exceed recommended temperatures etc.

Barbecue Mat Ribs


Seriously though, we’ve seen people cooking all sorts on here, from Full English Breakfasts ( even including fried eggs ) to racks of ribs, to basic burgers with onions and mushrooms. We love to sit in our garden, enjoying our own style of picnic bbq in the sunshine.



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