Philips Series 3000 Hair Clippers

When you’ve had your head shaved in a crew cut for 35 years, you’re never going to feel the need for long, flowing, wavy hair styles that need an Alice band to fasten the mop up with while you go swimming. So as you can imagine, I have never felt the urge to go to a barbers shop for that £50 hair style to be created from the latest edition of GQ magazine.

Needless to say, in an attempt to minimise fuel polution I tended to nip into town to the local choice of barbers shops competing with the £5, £4 and £3.50 gents hair cuts. As these were all in a 3 minute stroll of each other it was easy to see which was quietiest, so I could get seated and done quickest. So move to Spain and find getting a haircut isn’t as straight forward. Everywhere needs you to make an appointment, not really a hardship. But in keeping with the Spanish way of life, the 3 o’clock came and went as they overran doing the guy in front by 5 minutes. Not too much of an issue I thought. So as he got finished, left his chair to pay, the barber looked at the book and called ‘Paco’ and a guy who was also say waiting shuffled across to take the chair.

28 minutes and 12 seconds later (not that I was clock watching) Paco was completed. My name was called and into the chair I went. I explained I wanted it all shaving off and that’s what they did. It took about 12 minutes and cost 10 Euros, plus the 32 minutes sat around waiting.


Philips Series 3000 Hair Clippers

Next step to cut out the 15 minute drive to the town, not knowing if they are running on time or not was to do it myelf ( or actually get Our Lass to shave my head for me ). I had a look online, checked out various brands and balked at some of the prices! Naturally price is as important as functionality, so this is the product I went for. I ordered from Amazon and got it delivered.

Why did I go for this, aside from Philips being an excellent brand? Let me lay this out for you;



Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
13 length settings covering grades 0 to 7  ( 0.5mm through to 23mm )
Corded use – no need to worry about batteries.



Very easy to clean, blades have a quick release. Simply detach & then rinse the blades under the tap.

DualCut Technology means the double self-sharpening blades, cause minimal friction.


Corded use – not as much freedom to get into those tighter spots, but not really a big issue.


Reason To Buy

Apart from the price ( worked out cheaper than 2 Spanish haircuts or 4 back in the UK ), the warranty is fantastic. You get 5 years peace of mind with a 2 year standard guarantee with a 3 year extension when you register it online.



Philips Series 3000 HC3140 Final Thoughts

Some of these models come as a stand alone shaver, others are a kit including scissors and a styling comb. The one I ordered didn’t have these in the offering. There’s other bigger, better models in the same range, 5000 Series, the 7000 Series and finally the Philips Series 9000 which really is the ultimate offer.


Philips Norelco Multigroom All-in-One Trimmer Series 3000 with 13 pieces - No Blade Oil Needed, MG3750/50
  • The DualCut trimmer blades sharpen themselves as they work, resulting in longer lasting, maintenance-free blades. Unlike the competition, NO BLADE OIL IS NECESSARY.
  • Steel blades and guards are easy to detach and rinse, allowing for quick cleaning without worrying about rust.
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery offers 60 minutes of use. The trimmer can be used even while charging, or after a 5 minute quick-charge.
  • Use for all hair types, moustaches, and beards.
  • Includes: Steel trimmer, steel precision trimmer, nose and ear trimmer, 3 hair trimming guards, 3 beard trimming guards, stubble guard, accessory travel storage bag, and cleaning brush.

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