Popular Animal Crossing Island Names Choices

February 19, 2022

100 Cute Animal Crossing Island Names

You’d think that finding names is easy enough. Yes, it is fairly easy, but do these names easily fit the 10-character limit? probably not, which is why we have put together 100 animal crossing island names that do. This is a time saver if you’re too busy to do the selections yourself.

Animal Crossing Island Names

What Is Animal Crossing Island, For The Uninitiated?

Animal Crossing for the Nintendo GameCube was released in Europe back in 2004; it is one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises. The game has been ported to other consoles since its debut, but I will be using screenshots from the Wii U version throughout this article.

This game allows players to explore a town full of quirky characters, collect items and grow their own garden in order to attract different species of animal neighbours. Eventually, you can customize your house in any way you like by having these animals donate furniture or just buy new stuff with your hard earn bells (the currency used in Animal Crossing).

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nintendo Switch

As an added bonus, when you meet all the requirements for unlocking a special character, you are given the opportunity to rename that character before they move into town.

What follows is a list of the most popular choices across multiple games as well as my own personal opinion on how certain names might be perceived by said animals. I don’t claim that these opinions are fact, but given that we know so little about the way these characters think it is difficult to state anything with certainty…

Animal Crossing 2022


Chances are you’ve played Animal Crossing before and know exactly what I am talking about. If not, here is a quick rundown: As you progress the game (and pay off your mortgages) you will be able to expand your town by buying adjacent islands. These are connected via a bridge, where special characters can move into the vacant plot of land provided their requirements have been met. Once you have unlocked one of these new residents, they have the option to change their name before moving in for 500Bells…

There are 48 different animals who can eventually become available as neighbours, but only 26 of them will ask for your help initially. The remaining animals will stay dormant on their island unless you fulfil certain criteria (collecting all dummied out fossils or giving every villager a specific piece of furniture). This criteria is often very challenging and requires deep knowledge of the game mechanics. As such, it’s unlikely that many players are able to fully populate their towns with these characters before the end game.

There is even one animal who goes by the name ‘Gulliver’ (he’s a seagull) and requires you to find certain island-specific rare shells in order for him to appear. Once collected, he will arrive on your island during a New Moon (not sure why). You will need to make sure it’s nighttime, then approach his boat (across the bridge) wearing this item :

Having unlocked all 52 animals is not essential for completing the game or anything like that – It’s just something this item will only be available in a secret place which I won’t go into here for spoiler reasons.

Once you do all that, he’ll give you furniture and might even ask to move into town. You can change his name to whatever you like (up to 6 characters) and he will become your friend immediately thereafter.

(Note: This is the only character who has different dialogue if you visit him during the daytime.)

 The List Of Popular Animal Crossing Island Name Choices

All of these names have been tested extensively in the Wii U version of the game, although many of them should work fine on older games too. Just ensure that there are no illegal characters within any given string before inputting it into your own save file – Animal Crossing doesn’t handle these well at all.

Some of the more popular names have been excluded from this list due to being somewhat cringeworthy. Some might have been considered great in 2002, but not so much today – I don’t want people calling their new neighbours a swear word or something like that!

My Opinion On Interesting Animal Name Choices

There are some interesting name choices going on here… for example ‘Gary’ is a pretty common thing to call a guy in the outside world and other obvious ones such as ‘Lilly’, ‘Kitty’, ‘Meg’ etc. would be fine too I guess…? Although that’s not really your job – The animals should do whatever they feel is best, but feel free to share your opinions on any given name below.

Please note that ‘Toby’ is actually what you would call a male dog… the female version of the same name is ‘Taffy’. There are also similar name problems with all of the other quadrupedal characters too, so avoid using these names if you have dogs/cats/rabbits/ferrets or whatever else at home.

There are some pretty nice choices here though – Many of them have been taken from popular movies and games, but others are just classic pet names that have stood the test of time. I can’t really say anything negative about most of these options, but I will admit it’s strange to see two completely different lists for each gender. If you’re going to be the very best like no one ever was, then feel free to mix and match however you see fit.

‘___’ (fill in your own name) might be considered a bit boring by some people, but I think it’s all down to personal preference… there aren’t really any truly terrible choices here anyway!

Remember: naming an animal is just for fun and only becomes relevant if they move into your town at some point during the game. You can even name yourself whatever you want too – It’ll never have any effect on gameplay unless Nintendo decide to release another update that changes this mechanic somehow .

Don’t forget to check out the Animal Crossing New Horizons on Nintendo Switch either.

Best of luck with naming everyone! 🙂

A Quick 100 Cutest Animal Crossing Island Names List

  1. Littlepond
  2. Honeydew
  3. Lemondrop
  4. Lavender
  5. Juniper
  6. Serenity
  7. BugLand
  8. Beanotown
  9. Sunnyside
  10. Sandisle
  11. Seedling
  12. Rosebud
  13. Pinecone
  14. Rock
  15. Fluff
  16. Eclipse
  17. Evergreen
  18. Pumpkin
  19. Mocha
  20. Lemonbell
  21. Sequoia
  22. Goldcrest
  23. Rosemary
  24. Duck
  25. Green Hill
  26. Dankopolis
  27. Anime Isle
  28. Outworld
  29. Edenia
  30. Just Cats
  31. Cage World
  32. Crimson
  33. Indigo
  34. Magenta
  35. Waterfalls
  36. Asgard
  37. Bug Eaters
  38. Endor
  39. Scorpion
  40. Spider
  41. Squid
  42. Dongerland
  43. Neo Tokyo
  44. Hobbiton
  45. The Shire
  46. Elf Zone
  47. Atlantis
  48. Atlanta
  49. Slimenia
  50. Goku World
  51. Da Swamp
  52. Krakoa
  53. Zebes
  54. Azkaban
  55. Oblivion
  56. Morrowind
  57. Angel Isle
  58. Myst
  59. Riven
  60. Myst 3
  61. Isla Sorna
  62. Delfino
  63. Oak Island
  64. Yoshi’s
  65. Planet X
  66. Orangina
  67. Peach Butt
  68. Tatooine
  69. Death Star
  70. Negaverse
  71. Mega Drive
  72. Dark Souls
  73. Juice Zone
  74. Paradise
  75. Castaway
  76. Madagascar
  77. Port Moody
  78. Sharks Warf
  79. World Edge
  80. Miss Isle
  81. Wuhu Island
  82. Johto
  83. Karamja
  84. Unova
  85. Sinnoh
  86. Tingle Island
  87. Batcave
  88. Lover’s Point
  89. Fight Club
  90. Robust
  91. Lover’s
  92. StarValley
  93. MoonValley
  94. PonyIsland
  95. Bellariva
  96. Tygee
  97. Twin Leaf
  98. Mossden
  99. Gazpacho
  100. Bellshore
  101. Bellcove

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