Jack Reacher Series 1 On Amazon Prime

February 12, 2022

My Thoughts On Jack Reacher Series One

For Prime Video’s series, former Titans star Alan Ritchson has stepped into the role of Jack Reacher. I have to admit to never watching Titans, but as you guys all know, my thoughts are anyone over 6 foot tall would be a better option than tiny Tommy Cruise. Reacher is described as 6ft 5in tall with hands the size of dinner plates. Cruise is 5ft 7in at the most.  Actually at 6 ft 3″, maybe I should have thrown my name into the ring?

The new Jack Reacher series is an adaptation of the best-selling book by Lee Child and it’s just as action packed. Prime Video released this crime show with 8 episodes so now you can enjoy all those violent scenes! This first series adaptation of Lee Child’s Killing Floor novel was actually better than expected. Plus it really outshines the movies, which were decent but just needed a better star in the main role.

When retired Military Police Officer Jack Reacher is arrested for a murder he did not commit, he finds himself in the middle of a deadly conspiracy full of dirty cops, shady businessmen and scheming politicians. With nothing but his wits, he must figure out what is happening in Margrave, Georgia. The first season of Reacher is based on the international bestseller, The Killing Floor by Lee Child.

Peach Pie And Murder

The town of Margrave, Georgia is a small and seemingly quiet place. That all changes when an Army veteran named Reacher gets arrested by the local police.

Reacher was about to enjoy a slice of peach pie at the town’s diner when he got caught by local law enforcement. An eyewitness claims that they saw him near one scene where there had been some sort-of murder or something? I don’t know what kind’a stuff these people are into down here in Georgia but it sounds delicious!

When a man is found shot, beaten up and covered with an cardboard box his only stranger status makes him the prime suspect. Reacher must now work to prove his innocence as the town chief detective uncovering deep seated corruption. Being sent to jail to be held overnight, is only the start of a long run of incidents.

Here, Reacher soon finds himself in a prison cell with the man who has very quickly confessed to the murder that Reacher himself has been arrested for. Even when quickly cleared of the wrong doing, things that had happened in the jail, got him into thinking mode.  Things were not quite as they seemed, and it was clear he’d been mistaken for someone else, thanks to his new sunglasses. But Reacher knows better than anyone how these things work – so now his job becomes finding evidence before somebody else does!

Corrupt Police Officers

There’s clear evidence to Jack that there is corruption in the police in the town. Police senior investigator Oscar Finlay (Malcolm Godwin), who arrested him, and police officer Roscoe Conklin (Willa Fitzgerald) become the only 2 he can trust. Finlay being the black, university educated detective, who had moved down from Boston. Conklin who explained her family were one of the founders of the town, does become the obligatory conquest.

The three main characters in this series, Reacher, Finlay and Roscoe have all suffered the loss of a loved one. Each grieving their own way; but they are strong people who find strength when it matters most because sometimes life throws us curveballs that can leave any person broken at its center until nothing remains except pain…


What Makes Him Tick?

There is a lot of learning about Reacher, through numerous flashbacks mainly to his childhood and him growing up with brother Joe. This gives a little bit of an insight as to what makes Reacher tick. One thing to note, Joe being the older brother is called Joe, by everyone. Yet Joe and his mum both call Jack, simply Reacher.
Part of what we learn through his childhood is his dislike for bullies, plus his choice to fight violence with more violence. Violence to the extreme at times. This then means as an adult now, thanks in part to his military past, he’s more than happy to kill, where he thinks it is needed.

Will There Be A Jack Reacher Series 2 produced?

Yes indeed! Reacher gets the green light for series 2 just days after debut on Amazon Prime. I will be awaiting Jack Reacher Series 2 with anticipation.

Jack Reacher Series 2

Clearly the main star was happy with the news, as per his comments on Instagram, when he learned of this!


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