Real Estate Agents Crappy Websites

February 7, 2022

Why Do Real Estate Agents Have Crappy Websites?

I have no idea, but a lot of them seem to do so.  Real Estate Agents Crappy Websites really is something that pisses people off.  You have to input the different requirements, such as type of property, area, number of bedrooms. Then it offers you the ‘Advanced Search’ option, where you can add more requirements such as the size of the property, size of plot, number of bathrooms, do yo need a pool etc etc.

This is great until you realise you have lost all the previous information you’ve just added and need to start again. We are not talking about buying a tin of beans here, we are looking to invest in the biggest type of purchases that people make in their lives.

Sold Properties.

So once I’ve managed to input my search requirements and finally got it to work and save these, we can check out the listings. Nothing pisses me off more than having to view 9 pages of ‘Sold’ or the ‘Under Offer’ or another is ‘ Reserved’ properties. If the property is not available, I don’t want to waste my time having to scan past these.

Do you think I am joking?  last week, I was looking on an agents site and the first 4 pages had properties for sale, granted with a few sold on there, but page 5 onwards seemed to be all sold or reserved. But, because I was multitasking, I’d kept clicking away on the ‘ next page tab’ and out of the blue on page 9 I found 6 properties for sale. The next 2 pages also had 50% of the shown houses were still for sale.

Location, Location, BS.

When you are searching for different locations close to each other and see the exact same property listed under 2 or 3 different towns/areas. Stop trying to tart up where the property actually is and be honest about it. Damn, I looked on 1 website recently and they had 1 property listed under 3 different listings, 3 different towns/areas and had even gone so far as to use a different featured photograph on each listing.

Enough with this BS, just list the exact location…..

How To Piss Off Sellers Too

How many sellers get very little interest or almost no viewings? How many of these are due to the above, in that their property is stuc on page 9 or 10 hidden after page upon page of ‘sold’ real estate. This means most readers will have logged off the site and moved to another agents site instead.

Real Estate Agents Crappy Websites

Photographs of Properties

A couple of quick rants here, regarding listings and images. Buy a great camera, such as a DSLR  and not your 20 year old mobile phone.

  1. Make The Images Clean And Clear. 

Showing me photos of your ornaments on a bookshelf offers me zero value at all. This only goes to prove to me that people still buy tat for in their home. Show me images that are useful, such as the size of a room, the condition of the garden etc.

2. Ensure Images Are Recent.

Damn, there’s nothing better than looking at a website of an estate agent and seeing the images are dated 2013, but here we are in 2022. Hey, it could be suggested the date on the camera was set up wrong. Trust me it’s not always the case.

How about making sure the photos are current and recent? When you marvel at photographs on a well maintained garden and swimming pool, then g to do a viewing to find the property is overgrown now. The pool is empty and cannot be reached, due to the 6 foot tall weeds and grass.

Final Thoughts On Real Estate Agents Crappy Websites

These property sellers are not making a quick £50 here selling houses and properties. They are making thousands or tens of thousands. So why do they not invest some of this in their websites? Finding the perfect property is time consuming at the best of times. Having to struggle to navigate a crappy website that doesn’t function, really is not fun at all.


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