SBXHRL What is it?

January 19, 2022

What is SBXHRL?

SBXHRL (Skyrim Boys X Holly Rocket League) is a mod that adds the Rocket League gameplay into Skyrim it’s an epic mod. I’m also an avid player on PS4 and recently bought Skyrim Anniversary Edition, which I do know is available too on Xbox_one.

The main goal of this project is to revive the multiplayer aspect of Skyrim and feel like you could have played a Skyrim DLC as a Multiplayer Mod or even as a stand-alone game, complete with its own story and characters.

You will have to choose between two teams: The Survivors and The Savages . Each one has different abilities, weapons, perks and skins for their cars, players and balls. There are multiple difficulties ranging from easy to nightmare so your choices will depend on how skilled you are at playing this type of games.

The project is in a very early stage and the ModDB page will be updated when we have new information or screenshots to show, we don’t want to reveal too much about it yet because there is still a lot of things to fix and add before the project becomes playable.


What does SBXHRL need?

SBXHRL needs skilled developers with enough time for playing and testing the mod , if you feel like you could help us just contact them by email. We also need 3D and 2D artists for creating new models and textures so again, if you think you’ve got what it takes feel free to send them an email or leave a comment down below, we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Mods that will be used (We’ll need them):

– Racemenu for creating the players and cars.

– Skyrim Scripthook for adding new scripts to Rocket League gameplay.

– Skyrim Particle Patch for enhancing visuals with particles.

– HD Textures DLC is also needed, but it’s included in SSE so no need to worry about this one .

Skyrim Anniversary Edition

What does SBXHRL have so far?

SBXHRL has some of its main features already working just fine , most of them are related to the player models, textures, collisions and animations they’re looking really good right now but they still need more polishing before being released publicly along with the mod itself.

and press the download button from the top right corner of the page then open SkyrimSE.exe and load your save or start a new one then press ESC and click on MODS and activate SBXHRL_BetaStage3_v2_0 , after closing, a menu will appear with a list with all players and their stats along with control settings so you can configure them at your preferences , also check out their discord server if you have any questions or concerns about SBXHRL betastage build.


Rocket League gameplay

What Is Rocket League Gameplay ?

Rocket League is a fantastic game developed by Psyonix and was released on the PlayStation 4, Windows and Xbox One platforms. The game has two teams of players that are supposed to push a large round object into the other team’s hoop in order to score points.

The physics system is very similar to that of Skyrim which means that you can use any item as a weapon or obstacle , vehicles aside from cars are not implemented yet but they will be unlocked after completing certain quests related to this mod’s story. We plan on adding classic maps like Urban Station, DFH Stadium, Utopia Colosseum, Mannfield along with some custom ones made by our community members , if you want your map added please fill out the form on their site.

What’s the installation process?

First of all, download the required mods from their respective pages or use ModOrganizer to combine them , after you’ve done that make sure to install SKSE64 if you don’t have it already and run skyrimse.exe for adding content manually version 1.5.39 then activate these mods in your mod manager : Racemenu 3.4, Skyrim Scripthook V . You might be interested in downloading HD texture DLC as well because it will greatly enhance the visuals but if you’re playing on a laptop I recommend turning textures back to medium or low instead of ultra or high , these are just my recommendations take care of your PC . The next step is copying SBXHRL v2.0 files into your main game directory and overwriting all files that ask for it , if you already have any of the Unofficial Patches just disable them because SBXHRL v2.0 is already patched so there’s no need to run them again . That’s pretty much it, now start playing and have fun!


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