Suits Season 9

February 7, 2019

Yes, it’s been confirmed that Suits Season 9 will be happening however, this will be the last series ( so they say ).

I have to admit when Suits first came out, I overheard someone in a bar explaining in detail how naff it was, how it was quite boring and just a newer version of LA Law. They went on to say Boston Legal was so much better. As someone who has chuckled at Boston Legal, that kind of made my mind up.

So fast forward 3 1/2 years and I’m flicking about on Amazon Prime Video and saw Suits, so I decided to give it a whirl. I grabbed a can of beer, got the tv set up and jumped on the couch. Was it any good? I watched all 12 episodes of series 1, in one sitting. The next day I watched half of season 2, again all in one session.

Seriously if you’ve never seen it, I suggest you get watching it, starting here at season one.

Main Characters


SUITS — Season:5 — Pictured: (l-r) Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen, Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt — (Photo by: Nigel Parry/USA Network)

Harvey Specter;

High flying, determined, hardworking and to some self-centred and arrogant. Driven by a desire to win, wears $12k suits, looks good and is an intelligent Senior Partner at the Manhattan law firm of Pearson Hardman. As one of their flamboyant corporate lawyers, his office is a record collectors dream and is littered with sporting memorabilia, from his clients such as Michael Jordan.


Donna Paulsen;

What she doesn’t know about office comings and goings, isn’t worth knowing. Previously worked with Harvey when he was an assistant district attorney prior to coming to work for the firm. She knows Harvey inside and out, can read him like a book and knows him better than everyone else.
Smart, sassy, yet very protective of him, Donna is the perfect wingman in the role as his PA.


Louis Litt;

Comes across as an insecure person. Loves to laud his authority over the first and second year associates. Really felt his nose pushed out when Harvey was made Senior Partner ahead of him. Louis made the mistake of welcoming back a disgraced former partner Daniel Hardman, who promoted Louis to Senior Partner in an effort to rock the boat in an ongoing battle with Managing Partner Jessica Pearson ( played by Gina Torres ). Louis went from a loathsome, nasty piece of work to someone who the view could feel sorry for. He’s the sad, lonely, workaholic type, who has no friends in or out of the office. His good feature is he is a profit generating machine,who brings in the most billable hours out of all the attornies in the company.

Mike Ross;

Fell on his feet by getting hired in the most unusual situation. A super intelligent conman who was selling weed, but is blessed with a photographic memory. Harvey hires him, despite knowing he’s never passed any exams to be a lawyer. This double team work together and make a great pairing. Harvey is Mikes mentor and there’s a kind of bond which highlights how Mike is protected from interference in the workplace by Harvey, to the extent when Jessica tells him to fire Mike, he basically informs her if Mike goes then he goes too. Mike also has a very on and off relationship/friendship with Rachel Zane ( played by the now very famous Meghan Markle).


Other Characters Of Interest.

Daniel Hardman;

Founding partner who was found to be stealing money, but when caught claimed it was for his dying wifes cancer treatment. He left the firm but made a comeback to try to oust Jessica as the Managing Partner. Played impressively by the wonderful David Costabile ( who I think is great as Wags in Billions ), this role is suited ( no pun intended ) for him as Daniel, the scheming, conniving backstabbing chap.

SUITS — “He’s Back” Episode 214 — Pictured: David Costabile as Daniel Hardman — (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)


Jessica Pearson;

She’s the boss and people know it. A fine lawyer in her own right, she runs Pearson Hardman and is determined that Daniel will not regain control. She frowns upon Harvey’s tricks and stunts, but deep down these are the type of tactics she’d have pulled herself to get what she wanted. Not one to take prisoners, feisty is one word to describe the character played by Gina Torres.

SUITS — Season: 2 — Pictured: Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson — (Photo by: Robert Ascroft/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank)


What Else?

Over the 8 series, there have been guest appearances by several well-known actors, such as Dulé Hill who I first saw as Charlie Hill in the West Wing. Wendell Pierce who I prefer in Suits to his part in the tv series of Jack Ryan, where he plays James Greer. Here in Suits, he plays Robert Zane the father of Rachel Zane, who is another determined and successful lawyer in his own right. We also see in 3 episodes Titus Welliver, who plays Harry Bosch in the tv series of the same name. Bruce McGill who played Daniel Simpson Day in the 1979 movie Animal House ( one of my all time favourite films ) appears in 3 episodes in series 7.

Series 8 was great in itself, so will Suits Season 9 top it off? Time will tell.



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