The Whistler – John Grisham

The Whistler John Grisham

Centred around a Florida Board on Judicial Conduct investigator and her associates, who were tipped off about a high powered judge who was not on the level. What should have appeared to be a straight forward investigation, took twists and turns and became a deeper, darker case than expected. The investigators found themselves in deeper than imagined and were not just dealing with a judge who had been named in a sexual harrasment case – far from it.

the whistler john grisham

When you have unarmed investigators being threatened by armed bad guys, it’s dangerous enough. Yet the whistle blower does not want the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct team to bring in the FBI or local police in case they too are involved, then this is a harder case to investigate. Irrespective of this, the whistle blower is determined to get justice served on the judge and assciates.

is set in the Sunshine State, which has a small team of investigators and this case was picked up by Lacy Stoltz, an investigator with 9 years on the job. Generally she’s found most of her cases are more than often incompetence by the judge in question as opposed to corruption.

So when this case starts to unfold, Lacy is suddenly looking at the once in a lifetime major case that can make or break people. The Whistler John Grisham book is great, especially if you’re flying across to Florida on holiday.
As the book says; dangerous is one thing, deadly is another. Order here for swift delivery.

This book was hard to put down it enthralled me throughout. The down to earth investigators, very normal people who were tracking down jetset lifestyle criminals, but in a believable story. Yes I am a fan of Grisham and his legal based novels. I was reading his books long before the movies were made.

Camino Island Next On The Reading List

So after I finished The Whistler, there was a taster of Camino Island. Like a sucker I sat with my coffee and started reading that.

Needless to say Camino Island grabbed my attention straight off. Yes it started off slowly and then picked up the pace. When you are looking at art theft, murder, double cross and this is just in the taster, then you know it’s going to be good.

You can order Camino Island by clicking this link and sit back and wait for it to be delivered to you.

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