Top 5 Airfood Recipe Ideas

An Introduction To Airfood Recipe Ideas

In honour of National Airfood Day, we have compiled a list of our five favourite airfood recipes previously found on the Whisker Menu. Here we’ve put together suggestions for food ideas for you.

In Reverse Order:

5) Bacon Wrapped Asparagus: There is something about wrapping a vegetable in bacon that just makes you feel good inside. It takes the bitter, earthy flavour out of asparagus and adds a nice salty balance to sweet little spears. This recipe couldn’t be simpler; simply wrap fresh asparagus with thin cut bacon (or pancetta), season lightly and roast in the oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

4) Chicken Caesar Salad: We can’t think of anything more classic than chicken caesar salad, but what if you infused it into an entirely different dish? With this recipe, you take a chicken salad and sandwich it between two pieces of toast to create a meal worthy of any Caesar himself.

3) Mini Lobster Rolls: What’s better than a classic lobster roll? How about a mini one? Placed on top of a hot dog bun or Texas Toast, these bites are the perfect way to celebrate National Airfood Day. Just make sure you have plenty of napkins handy because drippy lobster juices can get everywhere!

2) Tuna Sushi Cupcakes: Finally, even cupcakes have made their mark as an airfood. These little treats are baked with seaweed mixed into the batter to give them that “sushi” taste without all the sticky rice. Once baked simply frost with your favourite “sushi” frosting, add a cherry on top and enjoy.

1) Pecan Pie Airfoods: We couldn’t have made up our minds so here’s a tie for first place! These little guys are the perfect bite size pecan pie without any of the hassles. Simply mix together the ingredients for the recipe, roll out the dough and cut into small squares. Place a few pecan halves on each mini pie before baking for an excellent holiday treat.

What Is Airfood?

Airfood, also known as ‘cloud food’ or ‘air cake’, is an alternative to cooking. An airfood dish is one that contains no actual food but instead uses dry ice to create the illusion of a dish. Airfood Chefs all around the world are attempting to expand these new culinary phenomena into new and exciting dishes every day; some of which you can find on Whisker Menu!

What started off as a joke became a delicious reality when Micah Melton (the creator behind Micah’s Epic Cloud Eggs) decided he had enough with eggs for breakfast. One fateful morning Micah decided not to make eggs over easy- instead, the inventor whipped up the first batch of cloud eggs whisking egg whites until they were stiff enough to hold the yolks. Micah then spooned the yolk mixture into his meringue and let it sit until he had created beautiful little shapes which were virtually indistinguishable from real eggs. The inventor says, “you’d never know unless I told you” that they were anything other than eggs.

What Should You Do About Safety?

Restaurants hopefully warn all of their diners to NEVER put dry ice in your mouth; it can cause serious internal damage if ingested! Always use tongs when handling dry ice and make sure to seek medical attention right away if you think you have swallowed any pieces.

How Is Airfood Different From Other Trends or Fads?

Much like cupcakes, there is no one person who created airfood. It was not started by any one individual but instead snowballed into something that has taken the world of food by storm. Many chefs are now experimenting with this new medium and have started to develop their own unique dishes for national or international culinary competitions.

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Other  Airfood Recipe Ideas

 Lobster Bites: Forget the lobster bib and all of those pesky utensils; when you bite into one of these it will feel like you are dining in an upscale restaurant. These little guys aren’t made from any actual lobster, but instead from popcorn (which is dyed to give it that “lobster food” color). Add a touch of powdered sugar to mimic sand and your dish is complete!

Pepperoni Airbread: This tasty treat combines the crunchiness of bread with the gooeyness of pepperoni in what can only be described as orgasm. The process for making this culinary creation is simple enough- cut out bread dough in the shape of pepperoni and wrap around some fresh mozzarella cheese before baking.

Bubble Wrap Cheese: Who wouldn’t want to eat bubble wrap? Our final dish is simultaneously simple but fun. Grab a block of cheddar cheese, remove all of the bubbles then bake until golden brown! Add powdered sugar for that “bubble wrapped” look and enjoy!


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