Value Betting – What The Bookies Don’t Want You To Know

Straight from the horses mouth, amazing tips that sting the bookies.

Actually, we are telling a bit of a fib there, after all, horses don’t talk, do they?

I mean come on, if the horse was talking you’d not bother racing it, you’d have it on Britains Got Talent.

What Defines Value Betting?

Getting value for money, moving away from the 1/5 shot in a 4 horse jumps race. Do you really want to put £50 to make £10 profit and hope that one of the other horses doesn’t bring your very short priced favourite down?

Back to the serious stuff though. If the big money is on at Cheltenham for the National Hunt season and at Royal Ascot for the flat, where is the smart money going? Think of the Class 3, 4 & 5 races being held week in, week out at the minor meetings. Tracks that only serious race fans even know how to get to. You know what I’m saying here. This is the real insider info.

I’ll tell you a little story here about getting top quality info straight from the yard or the owners. An example of this was a horse called Dinkum Diamond. I was given the horse on a Friday, told it was running next week at Salisbury. I was advised to lump on this, as soon as the bookies had a price and take the best odds guaranteed price. The word I was given was ‘ this is one of the best horses Henry Candy has ever worked with’.
This horse went out to Salisbury and won easily. It was then revealed to me it was already entered into Group races for the future. I then got a call advising me of the second outing and again to take the best price. Second time out, second win.  You get my drift here?

This is advice from people who know their stuff, make their money from horse racing.



Value Betting Is Profitable

Value Betting Is Profitable

Anyway, I’ve found this group of people who are former owners and very, very well connected. Last season April – October 2018, to give you an idea of this service,  they achieved just shy of £4000 from around 5 or 6 bets per week. Imagine turning £1k to £10k twice in the last 3 years!

That’s not too shabby as anyone with half a brain would agree. Want more information? Then this is the link for you.


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner


Actually, with these types of returns, forget chicken and go for steak. As I’m writing this at 10am 16th June 2019, I’ve got to show you this;

Poet’s Dawn wins….BOG @ 9/1 at York in the 16.40 Ice Co Supporting Macmillan Handicap race, yesterday. Members on this service were given one piece of advice, 1 tip and that was to get on this horse

Their words were;  “Now a maturing 4yo, he should be competitive again of this mark and the choice of stable jock David Allan.


There’s a best 9/1 with Betfair and FOUR PAYING SLOTS this morning.”


Now winning by 2 lengths, beating the favourite into third, with a 15/2 starting price isn’t a bad result. Obviously, the early birds who took the 9/1 were even happier.


Now, let’s use some common sense here. These are not going to be the horses that win every race, as with all tipping services there will be losers. What we see here is the bigger odds mean that you get a better return. Had you had a £50 win bet and taken the 9/1, just think how many £50 bets at evens or 6/4 you’d need to be placing to get the same profits.



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