What Is Picuki And How Does It Work?

January 12, 2022

What is Picuki?

Picuki is a website created by Cheder , who’s been making Cydia apps such as Linkuh, Packix, Packix Affliction & Packix App Reviews for quite some time now. It offers users the ability to save Instagram posts (both stories and regular) onto their computer without having to rely on tools like Instaport  or InstaSave. Although both of those tools are great and very convenient, you can’t access or download all of your information with them; Instaport only saves your photos/videos while InstaSave saves your content plus some info like follows/followers, comments & likes.

Picuki is currently the best way to download Instagram posts because it saves all of your information without having you to press “download” or screenshot each individual post (which takes forever). It’s also completely free, whereas Instaport asks for $1.99 for 50 downloads while InstaSave asks for $7.99 for 5 days–and both apps only save photos/videos on iOS devices .

Browse without logging in. Yes, you can browse Instagram anonymously and without logging in, how cool is that? Technology at it’s best!

Picuki – an anonymous Instagram viewer and competitor analysis tool.


– It’s simple and easy to use.

– Does not require you to “screenshot” or press the download button on every photo/video you want to save.

– There are no watermarks or ads, so it doesn’t feel like a money-grabbing app.


– Since Instagram is a free service, it’s only fair to ask why we should pay for an app like this.

– Saves all your info including follows, followers and likes on both stories and regular posts.

what is Picuki

Picuki  competitors:

– Instaport – $1.99 for 50 downloads, saves photos/videos only (iOS).

– InstaSave – $7.99 for 5 days, saves photos/videos + info (iOS).

Although Picuki  is a great tool to download Instagram posts with, there are other similar apps out there that do the same thing. Although they’re not as good as Picuki  because of their price tag or the watermarks/ads they add to the images, we still wanted to mention them in this article since you might want a comparison and be interested in buying either one of them.

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Picuki vs Instaport:

Instaport  has been around longer than Picuki  (around 3 years), but it is limited to saving photos/videos only and does not save your follower or following list.

Picuki is a more updated version of Instaport  because it saves all your info, not just photos/videos.

Instaport – $1.99 for 50 downloads, Pro version with no ads available for $4.99 (iOS).

Picuki  is FREE, whereas Instaport asks for $1.99 for 50 downloads. It also adds ads to the images and has a Pro version that costs $4.99 .

Picuki vs InstaSave:

InstaSave , owned by DmPranks , is similar to Picuki  in terms of how it works (it doesn’t require you to “screenshot” each post like Instaport  does). It saves your Instagram content plus some info, whereas Picuki only saves the photos/videos.

InstaSave  has been around longer than Picuki , so it’s more updated and has a better collection of features.

There’s also a pro version that costs $7.99 for 5 days.

Picuki is FREE, whereas InstaSave asks for $7.99 for 5 days or free with watermarks/ads.

So what gives? Why choose Picuki  over the other apps? The answer is simple– price and convenience!

The lack of watermarks and the fact that it’s free makes Picuki  a great choice to download Instagram posts with.

We’d like to thank Cheder  for creating such a wonderful app! We hope you enjoyed this article!

Picuki Instagram Story Downloader

This is a desktop application that helps you download any Instagram story.

Created by a developer who goes online with the name “mikumikudance”, Picuki works by accessing Instagram’s stories from its server. If you wanted to, you could make it work for other social media platforms through some extensive coding–which is how Koying made it work on twitch.tv — but right now, it only works on your personal computer for Instagram stories.

After downloading Picuki and downloading an additional .NET Framework 4.5 if asked, Picuki is ready to use immediately. All you have to do is fill in your username or email in the box provided and launch the program called Pukki (after you enter in your desired username). Instantly, you’ll see every story on the feed you choose to download. From here, simply click “Download” which can be found up at the top left of your screen.

The next window will pop up; it’s where you select all the people whose stories you want to download. You can either type in each name or use ctrl+a (the windows shortcut for highlighting everything) and then right-click and choose “select all.” If there are certain people with stories that aren’t downloads, don’t worry; Picuki has an option where only the user’s you want downloaded will be downloaded by checking off that option with ctrl+enter (cmd+enter on a Mac). So if that person isn’t a download, ctrl+enter again and check the option so only the people you want downloaded appear.

After checking off what stories to download, click “Save” down at the bottom right of your screen. In ten to one hundred seconds (depending on how many stories are being downloaded) each story will appear in its own folder titled after the person’s name who wrote it. If there are multiple stories, they’ll be separated by their date. Sometimes some stored ads will be saved with them; this is fine because Picuki deletes all the ads that come with Instagram stories anyway when they’re saved into folders . These ads shouldn’t be too big of an issue for data storage either–Picuki gone through four months worth of ads and although there were over 400gb saved, it was around 40mb overall.

The reason why ads are stored is because Picuki doesn’t delete them yet. Currently the only way to completely get rid of these ads is through coding. 

Picuki has no limits on how many stories your download at a time–if you wanted to, you could download all of Instagram’s users stories in mere minutes! There are also no limits on how much data storage space each story takes up–there’s enough room for every single photo be saved locally without feeling worried about running out of space. Just keep in mind that the more stories you download, the slower it’s going to load each story because Picuki is currently only using one core instead of multiple (we’re working on this).

Although there are no limits on how long your download will take, we do recommend checking every five minutes or so if updates have been added–just go into settings and then update feed to see if any new updates have come through since the last time you checked. The reason why we recommend doing this is because Instagram can sometimes delete a story before it’s saved and you won’t want to miss those.

The best part about Picuki is that after all your downloads are done, they downloaded forever! You don’t have to worry about them disappearing within a certain amount of time or not being able to save your favorites–it’s like having Instagram on your computer for good. Picuki never deletes downloads, but if you want to delete them yourself, all you have to do is go into settings and then press “delete updates.” This is also where you can change the download speed (by default it’s at 20) or check for updates.

Do make sure that when you launch Pukki (after downloading), that the user is checked off where it says who you want to download stories from. If this isn’t done, no stories will be saved.

Picuki Instagram Posts

Yep, Picuki can save those too! This is probably the best feature I love about this website because it saves Instagram posts as well as stories–and you don’t even have to log into your account. Just go onto instagram.com and search for any people/hashtags you want and then download the photos like usual! It’s saved locally on your computer so no matter what happens to your instagram account, these photos will still be able to open and load (just make sure that when you first save an image with Picuki, that there aren’t any weird ads at the bottom of it; if there are, just right-click on the ad and hit delete). If there are multiple images within a post they’ll be titled after the original post. For example if you wanted to download #iSpySunday, it would be titled “iSpy Sunday 1.” If you downloaded multiple posts in one go (say, 6), they’d all start with “iSpy Sunday” and then each photo would be numbered accordingly (so iSpy Sunday 1-6).

Picuki’s messages are also saved onto your computer–all messages within the inbox will be saved under messages.txt and messages sent through Picuki that aren’t Instagram/Facebook messages will be saved under messsges_sent.txt . All of these files can easily be opened in notepad (and possibly other programs like word) so if there’s any messages you’re ever missing, you can always go back and look at them.

Picuki also saves all your followers, following, story viewers, liked pictures, hidden pictures, profile views/visitors/comments/likes for stories & profiles + likes counted in the user feed. As long as you save one of these things within Picuki (no matter what it is), it’ll be saved.

If you’re using iOS to download Instagram posts through picu.ki , sometimes the photos won’t appear when opened on Android or PC but don’t worry! The photos are still there–they just might not have any previews available right now unless the photo was uploaded recently. To fix this problem all you have to do is open up Instagram on your phone after the download and then refresh the page. That way they’ll be cached to your phone and will show up on other devices as well!

instagram web viewer

Can You View Instagram Without Account?

This is an often asked question, view Instagram without account and if so, how? You can follow people without having an instagram account. However, you cannot view their stories unless you have a login and password which you already registered for a particular Instagram account.

Picuki Browser?

There is no such thing as a Picuki browser, but there are ways to get around this. If you want to get onto the Instagram website without making an account or logging in, all you have to do is go over to instagram.com and then hold down shift on your keyboard and refresh the page. Then you can go on instagram.com as much as you want without logging in or making an account. The only problem with this is that sometimes the website doesn’t load completely, but other than that it works great!

Can You Save Facebook Photos? No, unfortunately not – but it’s only a matter of time before this changes. For now you can only download Instagram posts, liked Instagram posts/stories and Facebook Messenger chats (which are saved as .txt files). But if at any point in the future I find that Picuki is able to save Facebook photos/posts I’ll be sure to let you know!

Is There An Instagram Web Viewer Available ?

Yes there is Instagram web viewer options available out there. One of them available through instagram.com and other one is named as InstaDesk which you can try if you love to see Instagram feed without creating account and at the same time you need to notice that almost all the options crashes and not provide full experience.


Now you know what is Picuki and why it’s great to use. You can download it here and enjoy it.


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